Starting a new diet in the summer = bad idea

I made it through the weekend, but just barely. We went to a wedding at the Cape, and I love the Cape, and its food. Sitting in a ton of traffic meant we were starving for lunch, and wanted seafood, but also had a wedding to get to in a few hours, so there really wasn’t time to drive all over the place for a healthy lunch. I still managed to make a decent choice – broiled shrimp, instead of its signature fried seafood. And I got rice instead of fries, and I barely ate the rice at all. Even with my better choices, though, I got halfway through the shrimp (which was covered in butter) and felt pretty disgusting. After only one week of this new diet, I was surprised how my body rejected anything that wasn’t good for me. At the wedding, I happily ate a protein-filled dinner, but instead of wedding cake, they did gourmet cupcakes – and I can’t turn down a cupcake. Especially this one. So I ate it, and I really didn’t feel all that guilty. There was a lot of sugar in it, obviously, but I felt okay.

Yesterday I managed to find us a healthy breakfast burrito place, (The Corner Store in Chatham, if you’re wondering) and had a nice veggie and egg burrito. I also was able to have a big salad for lunch. Then, my biggest downfall – after hours of traffic and what felt like the longest drive of my life, we got home after dinnertime last night, without having had dinner. I wanted nothing more than to lay on the couch, so making a salad from scratch was out of the question. We didn’t have any meat defrosted, either. So I decided, just this one time, to have an easy meal – a bowl of whole wheat pasta with jarred sauce. This morning, I’m paying for it. After everything that was off my new diet this weekend, it was the pasta that made me feel the worst.

So I learned that lesson. I also realized something else, one week after starting this low-sugar, low-carb diet: my cravings for food are gone. It may be because the food I’m eating isn’t crave-worthy in my opinion, but I also think it’s because of what’s in the food I’m eating. For the first time in my memory, when I’m eating a protein-filled meal with veggies and I get full, I stop. Easily. And leave food on the plate. That’s, like, unheard of for me. I always used to eat so much I’d feel sick. But there were always carbs on the plate. Likewise, when having rice the other day, I wanted to keep eating it, even after I was full. It’s like there’s this pull towards carbs, and my cravings go nuts. But when I’m barely eating them, they aren’t there towards other food. I also lost almost 2 pounds just last week. And I had more energy. Oh, and my signature bloating after big meals (I always look a couple months pregnant after eating dinner) has also disappeared. I look just the same after I eat as I did before, and I point to carbs as the culprit. Seriously, this was a good idea.

But the fact that I had to start it in the summer was poorly planned, though I guess I didn’t have a choice. This summer is the busiest summer my husband and I have probably ever had, with a fun trip of some sort every single weekend, filled with promises of carbs and sugar. Tomorrow I’m going up to Maine for a few days to visit my grandparents, which is like torture for someone on this kind of a diet. I’ll have to make my choices carefully, remembering how last night’s pasta is making me feel this morning. If I don’t, my body will let me know.



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