My new obsession with blood tests….

Seriously, this “little journey” I thought I’d be on is turning into a a long-term pain in the butt. I’ve decided to use nice language on a public blog. Still don’t have my new TSH number yet, should be any day now.

So, today I decided to give my endocrinologist a call to ask for more blood tests. Currently, I just had it taken a week ago, and then she didn’t give me another test until January. I was hoping to have it done once a month. She didn’t know, at the time, we were planning on a baby in the near future, but I wasn’t sure that if had she known, she would have given me the blood tests more frequently. And I certainly can’t just sit around and wait until January, having no idea if my TSH level is going up or down or what. I can’t live like that – I would literally lose my mind. So, I called. Got her secretary, who told me she can’t just order more blood tests (she can’t?…) and that I’d have to call my insurance company to find out if more frequent tests are covered. That was my first call. Of course, I know that more frequent tests are covered, because in the past I’ve had them every 3 months. Then, knowing that this doctor is kind of lacking in the sympathy and compassion department, I decided to call my primary physician instead, hoping she could get me the blood tests. Why I did this next instead of calling my insurance company, I’m not sure. Because I also forgot that my primary doctor is also lacking in the sympathy and compassion department. I left her a message, and she called me back, letting me know that there’s a reason my thyroid doc picked the duration of time that she did (except, there’s not, because she didn’t know about my desire for pregnancy…). At first I was like, okay, not going to cry on the phone, I’m basically hearing I have to wait until January. She also said that having my blood taken once a month is “excessive” and there’s no need. However, she said that she thinks having ONE blood test prior to January might be doable, especially since I’d be TTC as soon as my numbers are good. But she also said I need to call my insurance company, and that it may not be covered.

I’m certainly a bit overly sensitive about this whole thing, and I realize that, but I’m simply looking for a little compassion from a doctor! I’m just shy of 27, I’m supposed to be a healthy person here, and I can’t just wait around!!….Then, I called my insurance company. She said that my blood tests are covered 100% and they are unlimited, which is great news….ONLY if done out of medical necessity. She specifically said, “I’m sure no one does this, but you can’t just have a blood test done…just because.” So now here’s my fun for tomorrow: Convince slightly cold Dr’s. #1 and/or #2 that they should send me more blood tests out of medical necessity. Is it a necessity? Well, to me it is. But medically, it’s probably not. I already know that my up-ed dose of Synthroid is going to take 2 to 3 months to fully kick in. But it’s for my piece of mind – I need to see that number dropping, however small, to know that this super-healthy diet I’ve been attempting and my shallow levels of patience I’m forcing upon myself are worth it. I did tell Dr. #2 that, and it didn’t seem to matter. I’ll leave a message for the thyroid Dr. again tomorrow, and hope that she can understand a patient’s “need to know”. I just need to know. It’s that simple.


2 thoughts on “My new obsession with blood tests….

  1. futuresoccermom says:

    I actually asked my OB-GYN about a month ago, when all of this first went down. I was looking for some sympathy and she definitely gave it – she’s wonderful. But she also agreed that I can’t TTC right now, and that since I’m not yet pregnant, she would feel as though she were “stepping on the shoes” of my doctors by giving me blood tests. She said that they don’t really treat, or do blood tests, for people that aren’t official patients. So, she kindly said no. But she said, at the time, to try explaining the situation, and my commitment to TTC, to both of my other doctors, and hopefully they’d understand enough to help me. She was also wonderfully helpful in telling me that once my numbers are good, I can go ahead and start trying, rather than wait around for a few months to make sure they stay normal, like my endocrinologist said. So, one doctor explained to today, hopefully the other one tomorrow, and we’ll hope she goes with it. My gut feeling as of now is that the endocrinologist will agree to ONE more blood test, and that’s the best I’m going to get. But that’s a really good idea, Krista..I was hoping she’d say “Sure, no problem!” but it didn’t end up happening that way.

    My other thought is switching doctors, and I’m sure people are thinking this. But I’m hesitant to do that because…they’re probably right. It probably doesn’t make a difference to do the blood test in a month, and I really do need to make sure I don’t get pregnant until my numbers are in the clear. I’m frustrated with them – but really, I’m more frustrated with myself, and I’m probably taking it out on them. It wouldn’t hurt them to be slightly sympathetic, but I don’t know if it’s worth the hassle of finding new doctors over this.

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