And the new magic number is……

2.03! Yeah, I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t. And while my first reaction was happy  – really, really happy, my second reaction was skeptical. I’ve only been on the up-ed dosage of meds for one month. I had my blood taken in early July, and it was an 8.41. Mid-August, and it’s a 2.03? That’s an awfully big jump for one month. While the number is fantastic (it’s “normal”), I’m not sure there’s anything normal about jumping 6 points in one month. So, that’s where I’m at. I’m not being negative – I’m ridiculously happy; the happiness level was one similar to, I imagine, seeing a positive pregnancy test. It means my body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing, and it means that if I were to TTC right now, my thyroid would allow it to safely occur.

But still. I never expected a 2 at this point. So, here are my thoughts on the matter. First of all, (as if anyone was curious about the specifics) I’m at the beginning of my cycle. Day 7. Cycle is 41 days long, ovulation (at least last month) came on Day 32. So I’ve got a ways to go. I feel like I would like to see where my number is at again before TTC. If I have a 2 or lower again, I’d say I’m good to go. But that may not happen. The problem is this: First, I haven’t gotten a doctor to give me the papers for a blood test within the next few weeks yet. Second, even if I do, it would have to be very soon, because I’d want the results back before Day 32. Third, it took the test 10 days to get back to me. So, with a little thinking ahead here…I’d want the results back by say, Day 30, just in case, and it takes 10 days, so that would mean getting my blood taken on Day 20, and I still don’t have the papers to go take this blood test anyway. Besides, after a 6 point drop in one month, would getting a TSH level of 2 twice in a row mean I’m all set? Just like that? Who knows, it could jump back up 6 points for all I know.

However, if I wait, say, another month or so, which is more realistic medically, I’ll miss this cycle’s ovulation time. The next time (assuming it’s still Day 32) won’t be for another 73 days. And that’s a long time!

So, here’s what I’m going to do: leave it in the hands of professionals. I’m going to call my thyroid doctor, and ask for another blood test. If she gives it right away, great, if she gives it next cycle, I guess I’ll have to deal. Most likely, she will not approve giving me one in two weeks, as my primary doctor didn’t when I called the other day. Then, I’ll call the OB-GYN and ask her if she thinks one low number of 2 is good enough to start trying, or if she thinks I should wait until that next blood test comes in. Whatever she says, I’ll do. Part me of wants to just go for it, but I’d hate to have this 2 be a little fluke or something and my next test is high again – too high to be pregnant.

Of course, this whole thing has to be complicated!



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