The lightbulb has really gone off this time…

It’s almost my bedtime on this school night, but my brain is on overload! I hate when that happens – you get all worked up and then can’t sleep. So I’ll attempt to vent my thoughts in order to help me eliminate them when I crawl into bed….

First of all, I do want to say thank you. This constant venting of mine is definitely therapeutic for me, but I can’t imagine it’s all that fun to read. But you do it anyway, and then let me know you’re my little support system. I never thought I’d ever need a support system for anything, but it does feel nice to have my thoughts understood by others. So, thanks. 🙂

So, today I got my other book I’ve been waiting for in the mail. Again, I HIGHLY recommend it, especially for those who think they may have, or have already been diagnosed with, a thyroid issue. It’s called “Living Well with Hypothyroidism”, by Mary Shomon. I read amazing reviews about it everywhere, and so far, I’m so glad I purchased it.

I haven’t actually read it. Like I said, I just got it today. But, just to see what it might have in store for me, I opened up to a random page. There, in bold print, were three headings with short paragraphs underneath, from the chapter, “Are you at risk for hypothyroidism?” Here were the three headings:

Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance

Infertility/Frequent Miscarriage

Skin Problems

I basically jumped out of my skin. Then, after that, I quickly looked for the chapter on pregnancy. By skimming, it confirmed what I already know: long cycles, short LP, anovulatory cycles, etc.

Here’s my question: WHY did I have to do all the research I have done only to find out something I should have found out literally 4 years ago???

All my health problems are related. My food issues: bloating, IBS. My “infertility” (not, but at this point, messed up fertility) – anovulatory cycles, low BBT, long cycles. And my skin problems – chronic uticaria.

It’s like this rush of adrenaline (hence my need to post on a Monday night). I can’t believe it – all my questions are answered. After all this time. And stress. And research. It really does all come back to the thyroid. And my thyroid is still messed up, even though my TSH is a 2.

I haven’t fully read it yet, but I did see a part in the book saying anything above a 2 is too high. So, my 2.03…is probably not good enough. I think I need a new endocrinologist.

I had a little bit of candy tonight, and now I have a lip hive. So, I’m going to go out on a limb and say a small amount of sugar is okay, but too much gives me lip hives. Wheat is just a no-no.

Here’s my last piece of venting: There are so many people with thyroid problems, my father included. Unless you really do your research, you wouldn’t realize how many other symptoms and problems are connected to this disease. If you think you have any of this, you must check it out. Apparently doctors are just looking at the numbers instead of you. So, I feel like a walking billboard, but definitely get a blood test. I can tell you what exactly to look for, to ask the doctor to check. And I’ll save the rest of my preaching for a future post.

Thanks for listening 🙂 Someday this will all be humorous…


2 thoughts on “The lightbulb has really gone off this time…

  1. Kim says:

    Meg. Isn’t it amazing what your son or daughter has already taught you! You might never have learned any of these things about yourself except for wanting him or her so badly. I can see they have also taught you to slow down a little and let things unfold as they may…a hard lesson for all of us!
    This is one lucky baby to have you and Nate as parents!!

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