Working on Step 1…allergies.

It’s been a while since I last spilled my guts to the public 😛 After re-reading my last post, I noticed I really meant that the light bulb went ON, not off. That’s how crazy I was feeling that night – I probably wasn’t even making sense. When you’re dealing with health problems, you get a little obsessive about wanting to be okay. Or, at least, I do. I imagine others do as well. That last post was when it all came together for me.

It’s so odd, how I originally created this blog just to talk about pregnancy, because it was a topic I was very interested in. What has happened since is an unraveling of my health issues and concerns, and then, piece by piece, slowly putting them all together. Through writing. Gotta love this self-therapy!

I’m slightly calmer now. Slightly. I get it, seemingly, and now I’m just waiting for it to be solved.

Without new thoughts from doctors, here is my current hunch:

First, I will find out that I do, in fact, have an intolerance to gluten, dairy, and sugar. Limiting these things from my diet will make me physically feel better, lessen my hives, and even help my thyroid. Then, after taking care of that problem, I will also ask (and receive) a higher dose of Synthroid, and target my TSH to between 0-1 (prime baby-making numbers…). Even when all of those things are fixed, I will still have irregular cycles and other fun things, and will need progesterone (in cream or pill form) to lengthen my LP. Hopefully that does the trick. If I’m not ovulating, I’ll probably end up on Clomid – the fertility drug.

Maybe luck will be on my side and I’ll take care of step 1, maybe step 2, and I’ll be good to go. But I’m mentally prepared for the whole deal. I’ve already started on Step 1.

I finally had an appointment with a doctor. I met with my allergist yesterday. He’s great, but he really can’t help me with the fertility things, or even the thyroid, to an extent. He sent me for blood work to test for an allergy to gluten, cow’s milk and onions. I asked him to throw in TSH, for the heck of it, and he agreed. Remember when I was flipping out because I was told to wait for my next TSH reading? And I knew that was going to be a long time? Now that it’s here, I’m not even excited about having it done! And that’s because I’m on Day 55 of my cycle that started in August. Who cares what my TSH level is – unless it’s very high and that’s the cause of my current cycle issues, it could be a 0 for all I know and it wouldn’t matter – I’m clearly all messed up. Without being graphic, I’m showing signs of ovulation right now, on Day 55. I just assumed this whole time it was an anovulatory cycle, but I may ovulate after all. Just extremely late. Too late, really, for anything good to come out of it. So, great TSH level of not, my body isn’t having it. Anyway, at least I’ll find out what my allergies are.

Though, my allergist did warn me that it seemed like I’m on the lower end of the intolerance spectrum. It may not show up in a blood test. But if I feel better when not eating gluten and dairy mixed with sugar (aka, ice cream), why would I continue to eat those foods? Unfortunately, those are my favorite foods. Ugh. The past two nights I’ve had ice cream immediately followed by lip hives, the worst kind. You’d think I’d learn! For the record, I can have ice cream midday with no problems. Only at night causes the lip hives. Probably because it’s the last thing I eat. Tonight I’ll drag myself away from the local, creamy pumpkin ice cream I’ve been downing, and see how my lips do.

I expect the results back from the allergist in about a week. Maybe I’ll find out about my allergies, and I will definitely find out my TSH. Then, I have an appointment with my new endocrinologist at the end of October. Did I mention I’m dumping my old endo? She was not warm and receptive towards my pregnancy issues. And I need warm and receptive right now. So, my new one has young children of her own. I’m hoping for the best.  By next month I will hopefully have an increased dosage of Synthroid. Hopefully, by Christmas, I’ll know if it worked or if I need to talk drugs with my gyno. And on it goes.

I think this was a bit scattered. My brain is a bit scattered! I just try to remind myself that this is going to happen, someday. Until then, I say it’s a good thing I’ve been doing my research!

Thanks for reading, listening, and being supportive 🙂


One thought on “Working on Step 1…allergies.

  1. Krista Sullivan says:

    Sounds like things are starting to come together. It will be interesting to see what your test results say. Just a little side note…I recently became friends with a girl who worked as a nurse at a fertility clinic. She also went through different types of fertility treatments while trying to get pregnant. She said that many OBs will prescribe Clomid before sending you to a fertility clinic, but the problem is that they do not monitor you while you are on it, which can be a problem. At clinics, you are monitored closely while taking the drug. I don’t remember all of the details of the conversation, but that part stuck out to me. So, just thought I’d pass it on to those who are maybe considering taking it! Good luck with everything!

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