Finding Willpower…

And then there’s my other set of thoughts – my diet. I have been doing some serious internet searching, and there are a large amount of people out there with Hashimoto’s and Celiac’s disease, or at least some gluten intolerance.

I knew this, so I got tested for it, and am currently awaiting the results. But I have a feeling I will test negative for Celiac’s. My allergist said that the disease is on a spectrum. I believe I had a ton of stomach discomfort, bloating, constipation, etc. from it, but that might not be enough to show up on a blood test. But, he said, and he’s right, why eat it if it makes you feel badly? I have been doing great with no gluten. It’s so crazy how 99% of the time, I don’t even miss it. What I hate is being the lone one out at parties, or out to dinner. When I go out to dinner I’m good as long as there is at least salads. But at parties, not so much. Twice recently I’ve gone to events where they only served pizza. One of the times, I brought my own subway salad (yuck) and the other time I just starved. I kept some nuts in my purse. That is when it really sucks. And if someone that doesn’t know you that well says, “Why aren’t you eating?” you don’t really want to take the 5 minutes to explain in detail the issues you are having. You might just say, “Oh, I can’t. I’m allergic.” Or, “It upsets my stomach”. But even that is TMI for most people. And so many out there do not understand Celiac’s disease at all.

Here’s the fascinating thing I’ve learned a few times over lately: Gluten intolerance, or Celiac’s, can CAUSE Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Especially if it goes on a number of years without you knowing it. How? Well, little specks of gluten can’t be digested properly in your system, and they exit the stomach and get into your VEINS, which is crazy. If that happens long enough, your body sees it as a disease and attacks, giving you an auto-immune problem. Even if I don’t have full-blown Celiac’s, what if for the last 15 years I’ve had an issue with gluten and never even knew, causing my own Hashimoto’s?

This would all be so easy and everything if I felt great. Unfortunately, I don’t. Getting rid of gluten did, for sure, decrease my bloating, pains, and other fun stomach things. I also don’t crave it (usually) and don’t feel like I’m going to die of fullness after meals. It’s nice.

But I still have insane hives. Especially right now. Usually, when they come back in full force, I take a ton of antihistamines and wait for them to go away. This usually takes a few months. This time, I want to see if I can control them with a more focused diet.

In the last month or two, almost every single time I have ice cream at night (it’s the last thing I eat) I have lip hives, which are the worst, within a half hour. They last all night, into the next day, make it hard to swallow, get up into my nose and make me stuffy, etc. Then, one night I didn’t have ice cream, but ate a few pieces of candy. That night, I had horrible hives in my cheeks and ears, but not lips.

Dare I say, as I’ve said before – I think gluten bothers me, dairy in large amounts, but most of all – sugar. Last night, doing research, I found a number of people “allergic” to all three. And it makes sense. At least with gluten and sugar – they are one in the same! I may not have Celiac’s, and it may not really be a true gluten intolerance, but instead a sugar intolerance. As for the dairy, I don’t know how that fits in but it does.

Getting rid of sugar is SO hard. I tried, during the summer, for like..a month. And then when I cut out gluten, I let sugar back in. I told myself I could only let go of one thing at a time. But I think I HAVE to get rid of sugar. If my hives went away, I’d know for sure. I have to find the willpower to do this. I can probably manage at home, but when I go out, that’s when it’s hard. Think of all the foods that have gluten, dairy, or sugar in them. And I have some very nice, supportive friends who want to make sure I have something to eat. While I appreciate this, I don’t also want to be that person with all the issues. I want to blend into the scenery and not make it a big deal. My friends know that it is a big deal, of course, but I hate calling attention to myself like that.

So this morning I have woken up with no hives (thanks to some meds last night). Today is experiment #1  of no sugar. Now, I can have sugar from stevia (truvia) or xylitol, thank god. But that’s it. My husband has already been cooking (starting last night) a pulled pork for tonight’s dinner, with brown sugar on it. Oops. It’s already cooked, it’s going to be delicious, I’m going to eat it. And that’ll be a test. But the rest of the day, no real sugar. My husband is also a great chef – and he’s making us a gluten-free, sugar-free apple pie. Yum? How good could that POSSIBLY be??? I’ll let you know…


4 thoughts on “Finding Willpower…

  1. Sheree says:

    Stay strong! I know this can’t be any fun. Maybe your new doctor will have some exciting news for you about all of this. Nate rocks!!

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