An update that’s actually positive!

There’s nothing like finding out one small piece of good news that makes it all so much easier to handle!

I finally got my blood test back in the mail today, the one from when I went to the allergist on Columbus Day. With regards to food – I wasn’t too surprised, I tested negative for allergies to milk, wheat, gluten in general, and for good measure, onions. Onions have always bothered me, especially when raw, or, god forbid, in salad dressing. So I always just assumed I was allergic to them. As for gluten/wheat, I made the assumption I was allergic to that when I broke out in hives after eating certain things, like a big bowl of pasta, or oatmeal at night. I switched over to gluten-free for the last month and noticed some small changes in hives for a while, but then a few weeks ago, had those hives in full force at night. So I realized that it’s not the gluten that is bothering me so much. As for milk, I know that I have stomach issues when I have too much dairy at once – for example, I can’t drink a glass of milk and eat a piece of ice cream cake at the same time. Found that out the hard way.

But, like I said, negative for all of those foods. Which leads me to my last ditch thought on food issues, before I throw it all out the window and just confirm my body is weird. Sugar. At night. I did a little experiment this week. Monday night I had a plum – some lip hives that night. Tuesday night I had my husband’s gluten free, sugar free apple pie – no hives. Wednesday night I had nothing at all – no hives. Thursday night I had 4 twizzlers….and had the beginnings of hives before I took meds to shut them down. So I think that when I eat anything that is either sugar, or turns to sugar, especially at night, my body reacts unpleasantly, usually with hives. I have no idea how the nighttime thing has anything to do with it, besides maybe that it’s the last thing I eat at night. And here I thought I was going to have to go on the craziest diet ever – I was even researching the Paleo diet (if it couldn’t be hunted or picked off a bush – you can’t eat it). But I really don’t think I could do it, to that extent. And now I’m starting to think I don’t have to. All I need to control is my sugar and my carbs. Isn’t that what I said months ago when this whole thing started? Right away, I guessed sugar and carbs. If I have a piece of cake at lunch, that’s it for the day. I should try to avoid sugar at night, but if I must, no carbs that turn to sugar earlier in the day. As for dairy – just go light. So, big sigh of relief there. After all that, I definitely don’t have Celiac’s disease, but possibly a gluten intolerance that has a lot more to do with the sugar than anything else. I’ve still made a long-term switch to gluten-free pasta, bread and cereal, but even that might not last forever.

But that isn’t even the best news of all! The best news is my TSH level- and my old endo can take a hike. 1.39. It sounds crazy but I was overjoyed at that number. Since I have been getting blood tests to check my TSH 5 or 6 years ago, the number has never been this low. That is a wonderfully low number. 2.03 wasn’t bad either, but this is way better. This is near perfect, really. What it means is that I finally can start TTC without a doctor telling me to wait around for my thyroid to catch up. I am good to go.

Now, if only I had an actual cycle….yeah, I’m on Day 64. It’s crazy. I did take a pregnancy test last weekend, just to check, and of course it was negative. I called my gyno this week and told her that while I had a negative pregnancy test, I did show some signs (okay, really only one) of ovulation on Day 53ish. She said, as I guessed, that nothing would show up until maybe a week and a half to two weeks later, which is next week sometime. So, if I still don’t have my AF by after that two week mark or so, she wants to see me, where she’ll give me a blood test to confirm I’m not pregnant, and then give me something to jump start my period (Provera, maybe?) So I’m waiting a few more days on that end of things, but then it sounds like the ball will be rolling. Perhaps, with my TSH now good to go, my super long, anovulatory cycles may have another cause that my gyno can look into. As for my endo, I have an appointment with her next week, too. She’s the new one – so glad I left the old one. The old one didn’t want to even test my TSH until Thanksgiving, and not see me until January. I would’ve been waiting in the dark this whole time when my TSH was actually fine! So with this new one – I’ve got about a million questions. And I’m hoping to get the answers to them, if not through her, than through my gyno. And best of all, I’m assuming between these two doctors I will see in the next few weeks, they will give me a plan of action. Because that’s all I really need. What will be next??


4 thoughts on “An update that’s actually positive!

  1. krista says:

    Yeah! That’s such good news! Well, not about the sugar cuz I know how much you LOVE sugar…but your levels sound great. It seems like your crazy diets have led you to some answers about your body and probably helped your levels along the way! Keep it up.

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