“Get Healthy, Get Pregnant” – Day 1

Well, Day 1 of the “Get Healthy, Get Pregnant” project (not a really accurate name, but it’s clever, right?) has begun, and the Halloween candy bowl is staring at me. I know I’ve got to get rid of it, so I’ll be passing it off to my sister, or bringing it to work, where it will easily be consumed by lunch. I would never have had any of this candy in the first place if there were trick-or-treaters! Thanks to Winter Storm Alfred, all the candy was left for me.

Now, I’m an “all or nothing” kind of person when it comes to all things sugar. I would not be completely opposed to eating one piece of Halloween candy if I knew I could walk away. But I can’t – I’d had to have 3 or 4, and then I’d feel fat and guilty. So, I will not be having any candy today, or ever again.

I said I needed to lose about 15 pounds the other day. According to the scale, that is still accurate. However, just so we all know, I’m not obsessive about the number. In fact, when I gain some muscle (hopefully) that might hinder the drop in numbers on the scale. That’s fine – my major indicator of weight loss will be fitting into my pants comfortably. See, my weight has fluctuated 15 or so pounds a couple of times in the last few years. I can only think of one time where I actually went out and bought a few pairs of pants a size bigger so I could actually fit in them. That’s different now, and has been for a while. I refuse to buy a new wardrobe with pants that fit a lot better – that’s like accepting how I’ve let myself go. Plus, every morning getting dressed will be a reminder of where I need to be. So if I keep the same pants year after year, I have something to judge myself by.

Just to show my weight fluctuations, I have a pair of Express dress pants I wear all the time. I love those pants, and I’ve had them a good 3 or 4 years. They hold up well. At my skinniest, I needed to wear a belt with those pants, and I buckled the belt on the second or third hole. At my heaviest (only a few pounds more than where I am right now) I flat out could not wear those pants at all, because they wouldn’t button. That’s a major difference. Currently, I can wear them, but it’s pushing it. Obviously no belt is needed. They aren’t very comfortable and definitely aren’t the right size for me at this time. But again, I’m not buying new pants!

Exercise is always the easy part for me, and so far this healthy initiative is no exception. I did a spin class yesterday as my exercise routine of choice after not exercising at all for a good week because of the weather. Today I ran 4 miles at the gym and then did some work on my stomach and arms. Tomorrow morning is my cardio pump class, and so on. As much as I am not a fan of exercising, I love how I feel after I’m done. I feel fit and sweaty. Good times.

Food is my demon. To be more specific, portion sizes are my demon. I always eat more than I should. So far today, I had one serving size of gluten-free cereal (which is only 3/4 of a cup, yuck) to get me going for the gym. After the gym, I had a Greek yogurt. For lunch, I just ate a huge salad, with fresh mozzarella cheese and sliced black olives, topped with yesterday’s leftover taco meat. Then I had a small cup filled with sugar-free tapioca pudding my husband made yesterday.

I’ve already eaten too much! The cereal – pointless carbs, but whatever. The yogurt, good. That lunch…I can eat as many fresh veggies as I would like, so that’s not the problem. That cheese, plus olives, plus beef taco meat – fattening! I do eat a salad every day for lunch (well, I will be now!) and I always put some meat on top for protein. It’s usually chicken. We didn’t have any made today but we did have that leftover taco meat. Definitely not good for me. When I finished it, I was comfortable! But did I stop? No, I had to have some of that pudding. So my portion sizes for lunch were too much. That is the way I tend to work. I’m not going to harp on it though, just back to the grind for dinner.

Dinner tends to be my weakest spot for eating large portions. I have less energy around dinnertime and less motivation. But I need to eat a smaller portion. How to tell it’s small enough? The best way, really, is to eat until comfortable, and not “hungry”. Never eat until full. Unfortunately, I have a hard time identifying when that point comes. I’ll try to eat slower tonight. Usually, I don’t talk and shovel it in like it’s been weeks since my last meal. My dessert after dinner will be 3 calcium gummies – those things are delish!

So, for my Day 1 wrap-up, at least I exercised and ate some veggies? My lunch portion was too big and too fatty. However, I have the chance to make it up at dinner! I’ll have a late afternoon snack of a weight watchers cheese stick, maybe an apple, or a few nuts. Then, I must have a small dinner portion, and stop when comfortable. After dinner – if I’m absolutely dying, I can have a cup of raspberry tea. Otherwise, gum should do the trick. I’ll go to bed dreaming of breakfast, and wake up ready to do this all over again.

At least, that’s the plan anyway.


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