No More Research!!

It’s been over a week since I had my first RE appointment, and I can’t stop thinking about Clomid! Seriously, it’s a new obsession I need to be taking a little break from. My God!

My DH (darling husband) went in for his SA (semen analysis) yesterday. Poor thing. He was great about it, as I knew he would be, but how gross. If it were me, I don’t think I could do it! Then again, guys are so different from girls in this aspect – they can tune anything out and get the job done, haha. That said, he wasn’t thrilled about going into the room right after another guy walked out. That, and the magazines provided to him were from 2007, he said. Let’s think about that for a minute – how many guys have looked at and touched those magazines since 2007?? I’m certainly doubting the nurses go in there with cleaning spray and wipe all those pages down. I’m just saying – that’s disgusting.

But he made it through, and I do appreciate him going there, without complaint, even finding it hilarious, and getting it done. One more step towards baby, hopefully.

Meanwhile, I wait. And wait. Again. All I’ve been doing since May is waiting. I waited to get AF multiple times (when my cycle was 41 days long). I waited to TTC when I was told my thyroid numbers were too high and I wasn’t allowed. That’s when I started this blog, in the summer. That took a few months. I waited when my cycle was 82 days, and could’ve gone on forever. I’ve waited for appointments – I’ve just been waiting. And I am NOT a patient person. I’ve come to that conclusion. It’s too bad, because my job tends to require patience. But when I know what I need, and know the actions that need to be taken, I cannot wait. I want it now!!

But I have no choice. I need to wait for DH’s numbers to come in, probably in the middle of next week. Then, assuming everything is normal, Clomid can be prescribed to me, but I can’t take it until the beginning of a cycle. I’m on CD12 right now, so it’s too late. I was given instructions to call for Provera, again, if I don’t have AF by CD30. I’m sure I won’t have AF by CD30, as I never have. So I’ll call, take the pills for 10 days, wait 2 more days (hopefully not more), have AF for 6 days, wait 3 or so more days, and THEN I can start taking Clomid. AHH!!

That said, my research on Clomid gives me mixed reactions, though I’m going to take it anyway. Here are the good things about Clomid: 80% of people who don’t ovulate, ovulate while on Clomid. Of those 80%, 50% get pregnant. Those are pretty good numbers. Also, if Clomid were to work, it would within 6 months. Finally, my mother had my sister on Clomid, Round 2, with no side effects to the drug and a healthy baby, at 36 years old.

Here are the questionable things about Clomid: There has been a Clomid lawsuit for the risks of birth defects. Someone I know had a preemie many years ago with birth defects while on Clomid. More people than not say they have some crazy side effects to the drug; mainly hot flashes and mood swings. Both of those sound doable to me, but I guess those mood swings aren’t, like, cranky, but more like crazy. I don’t want to be crazy. Also, it doesn’t work for a lot of people. I don’t want to waste precious months.

And then there’s the fact about Clomid that isn’t good or bad – it ups your chances for twins to 10%. I go back and forth on this one, but always conclude that it doesn’t matter – I want to have children; eventually at least 2, so if I get them both at once, that’s fine. It would be pretty special. But at this point, one will do just fine!

So, I try not to do google searches and yet stay busy when at home. No more research! Until the next thing, that is. Meanwhile my “diet” that I once again swore I was going to follow, hasn’t been followed. I’m doing great with the “no gluten” thing. But that’s the only thing I’ve been able to commit to. It’s all about portions – no weight will be lost without smaller portions! Kind of disgusted with myself on that front but I’ll keep plugging along. Thanksgiving is Thursday – that’s basically National Pig-Out Day! I’ll do my best but I make no promises.


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