To test or not to test?

Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s to celebrating the one day a year where seemingly everyone stuffs their face with food, which is one of my favorite pasttimes. What diet? Actually, for whatever reason I found self control over the last few days and lost a few pounds of water weight. Let’s see how long that will continue.

So the real reason I’m blogging (and from my phone at that) is because I just got a call from the head nurse of my RE. She was returning my call; I had called to get results of my husband’s SA and to see if I could get my prescription for Provera. I wasn’t planning on starting it’s only Day 15 or 16. But I didn’t want to wait until Day 30 of my cycle, only to have to wait to get the prescription, wait ten more days to take all of the pills, and then another few to actually get AF. I thought I could get the prescription early so that I could start it a little early, like maybe Day 25.

The call did not really go as planned. Well, part of it. My husband is officially out of the running to figure out why we are having problems. His numbers were “outstanding”, the nurse said. I can’t remember all of them, but one number was 73 million when they want to see at least 20 million. And the other numbers were just as good. Apparently his swimmers are fantastic! This is good news; one less thing to worry about.

So here’s the little problem. When I was at that appointment, I was asked if we wanted to do a cystic fibrosis test. The doctor didn’t know if it was covered by insurance. I politely half-declined, saying I would talk it over with my husband. Well, because I didn’t officially decline the test, apparently the office thought I was considering it. On the phone, the nurse said the doctor wouldn’t treat me until I was tested for cystic fibrosis and the results came in, which could be up to two weeks. Needless to say, I was kind of upset. If I knew this was mandatory I would have had it done weeks ago and been done with it. Now I’m halfway through my cycle and certainly don’t want to watch another one go by.

But I misunderstood. They would only not treat me if I did get the test and the results weren’t in yet. If I declined then they would proceed as planned.

Here’s the thing: the nurse would not give me the prescription for Provera. Hardly. In fact, I am to wait until at least day 28, go and get a pregnancy test done, and then they will give me Provera. Ahh!!

So here is the question I’m considering. Get a cystic fibrosis test done or not? My husband is on the fence too. After all, if we both tested positive for the gene, would we stop trying to have kids? No. we have to know? That and, if we do get tested, and day 28 comes and goes, they will not give me Provera until the results are in. More waiting. If the results for me come back positive, then my husband would have to get tested. More waiting. All for something that’s very rare and neither of us have anyone in the family with it. But I kind of feel like a bad person if I decline.

I’m sure the guilt will get to me and I’ll have it done. I’m just angry that I didn’t realize that I should have taken care of this weeks ago, and now by the time the results are back it’s cutting it really close to when my cycle should be ending.

At times, this is so ridiculously frustrating. Yet one more test, with waiting for the results. And another pregnancy test? I get that Provera can’t be given out without it but it’s like a slap in the face! No, I’m not pregnant!!! I’m attempting to try with medical assistance! Just give me the Clomid already!!

Okay, glad I got that out! I need to find patience within me, and quick.

You know what will make me feel better? Stuffing my face with Thanksgiving deliciousness. Emotional eating? Yep. It’s the one day a year I won’t feel guilty for doing so.


One thought on “To test or not to test?

  1. Krista Sullivan says:

    My thought on all the testing that gets done during pregnancy is that even if the results wouldn’t make you want an abortion or in this case to stop TTC…it’s always better to be fully informed, so you can be fully prepared. But good news is that I’m almost positive that when I went in for my first blood test last pregnancy, they tested me for the cystic fibrosis gene. So, if you don’t want to wait for the test now and you know it wouldn’t change your decision to TTC, your OB-GYN will do it once you get pregnant. Although, you may want to double check with your OB. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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