[Still] Waiting on Clomid…

I understand that patience is not my best trait. I’m working on that. But every little setback in delaying this process is SO FRUSTRATING!

An update: A few days ago, I called on Day 28 of my cycle, like I was told to do, to ask for the pregnancy blood test. I did, but got my head nurse’s voicemail, so I left a message asking if the blood test could be faxed to the place in my town I usually go to, not all the way out to their office 40 minutes away. Well, after school I checked my phone and had a voicemail (10 minutes too late to call back…). My head nurse was out, but another nurse took the call. She misunderstood me in my voicemail and thought I said I was on Day 20. So, in her message, she said, “You’re still too early for the pregnancy test. We usually like to do it between Days 30 and 35 – call back in a few weeks.” Ahh! I frantically tried to call back to clarify but it was too late. So, I left another message.

The next day, in the middle of a meeting, I got a call, and I was able to answer it. It was my head nurse, apologizing for not being there yesterday and the miscommunication. She said sure, I could have my blood test faxed, but it wouldn’t be as quick in its results (two days, not immediate). Also, she wanted to know if it was at all possible I could be pregnant, because if so, I would be tested for progesterone levels. Nope, I’m sure. Okay, she said. She had it faxed. Then, she seemed to forget the rest of my plan, asking such questions as, “Did the Dr. say you were starting Clomid next cycle?” (Yes.) “So you’re nearing the time you will be needing it?” (Yes.) I’m not just calling for my health, here!

So that very afternoon I went and had the blood test done. No big deal – I can wait two days, as opposed to finding out immediately. The last time I had a pregnancy blood test done it took two days. I had to have my thyroid checked anyway, so going to my local lab worked out.

Today was two days later. I was supposed to call my head nurse for the results, and she would fax a prescription for Provera to get my period started. Yesterday afternoon, on my house’s answering machine (we’ve only ever talked through my cell – why would she not call that?), she left me a message that I didn’t get until 5:00 letting me know that my lab I had the test done in went ahead and tested my progesterone levels. She didn’t specify whether she asked for it on the lab, or whether the lab did it by themselves. Either way – because my progesterone was tested, and not just a pregnancy test, it will take another WEEK for the results to come in. Seriously?!

I understand it’s just a week. Really. And compared to what others have had to go through, a week is nothing. It’s just that I’m SO close to starting Clomid. So close to actually being able to start hoping for a baby. I was going to be on Clomid during my week off, on the holiday vacation. That would’ve worked out, just in case I did have any weird side effects. Now I’ll be on it the week I get back to work.

Oh well. I can deal, I don’t want to be desperate. I’m just anxious, and super excited. I cannot wait any longer!


2 thoughts on “[Still] Waiting on Clomid…

  1. Belle says:

    Oh the waiting game is harsh. I’m so sorry you are running around in circles right now. Enjoy this time and enjoy your holiday free from the Clomid mood swing monster. In fact, you might want to just consider waiting until Jan. 1 to start if possible so you can skip a moody Christmas all together 🙂 Also, doctors offices can be idiots with the voice mail. I almost wish they would just phone back rather than playing the machine game!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Thank you! By the time I actually start Clomid it will be pretty close to the first. I’ve heard about Clomid Rage so we will see what happens with that. Is that something you experienced? At this point I’m just happy something is finally happening!

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