All in all…

Hey, you know what: It’s been a good day.

While I compose this post that focuses on the positive, I’ll ignore the fact that my angioedema (hives in the lips, yum) is out of control right now, looking like Angelina Jolie on steroids and literally hurting and itching at the same time. It’s spread into my cheeks and up into my nasal…cavities. Every time I touch it, it gets more itchy, and therefore grows more. It takes hours to go away. And by hours, I mean it hopefully will be mostly gone by the time I go to kickboxing class tomorrow, and then on to holiday festivities. It’s a lovely reminder that my autoimmune antibodies are still screaming at me; something in my system isn’t right.

Oh wait -wasn’t this supposed to be positive? Oops. Well, here we go:

1) I’m on vacation – that’s about as positive as you can get. I made it through the week with 23 hyper 11-year olds on a constant sugar high. I still have my sanity intact.

2) It’s just about Christmas. I’ve got the Straight No Chaser holiday Pandora station going nonstop. And as much as I wish I had a pregnancy announcement to give this weekend, I always love Christmas and stuffing my face. Oh, and spending time with family.

3) I received a blog award (see my last post.) Pretty cool!

4) I got my PERIOD this morning! Yes, that’s good news. Great, actually.  I’ve been waiting about 4 months for this day. I called up my RE this afternoon, and I’m starting Clomid on Tuesday!!! We talked for over 20 minutes, going over the new plan. I’ll be taking 5 pills (50mg each) cycle days 5-9. Though my doctor is more concerned this cycle seeing if the Clomid makes me ovulate, more than trying to get pregnant, I will still be using OPK’s starting around CD 12. Towards CD 20, I’ll be getting my blood drawn to see if I did ovulate. If I did, they’ll keep me on the same dose. If not, they’ll bump me up. I can’t forget the long stretch of a miracle – getting pregnant on this first round. I HIGHLY doubt it, but we’re sure going to try.

I’ll be reporting on my supposed side effects, but for now, I’ll enjoy the rest of this night and dream away my lip hives. Goodnight!


2 thoughts on “All in all…

  1. Emily @ablanket2keep says:

    Hi! I can’t remember where I found you, but I am so happy I did. It is so nice reading about someone who is starting their first clomid cycle too! I will be starting as soon as AF shows up and I will be doing an IUI with it due to male factor IF also. I hope your hives went away before Christmas and I hope you had a great time stuffing your face!

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