Appreciate what you have.

I’ve found a new reason to love blogging – the support! Tuesday was just not my best, and I let it all out. I really appreciate the support and comments.

I knew I would feel better the next day, and I did. I still can’t shake the negative feelings about this cycle and the Clomid I just took, however. I’m on CD 15 and I have no signs of ovulation. Either way, I’m hoping it will still happen and have been proceeding as was planned! I’m sure my husband doesn’t mind.

I can’t get out of my head the horrible news story from my state of CT. A woman lost all three of her children and both her parents in a horrible fire on Christmas morning. Ashes from the fireplace were removed and put in a container so that Santa could come down the chimney. I really can’t think of anything more devastating. It puts things in is short, and I really have it good. Appreciate what you have, and attempt not to focus too much on what you don’t have. I’ve been telling myself this today, and I guess it’s my optimistic thought of the day.

Sometimes I think my brain needs a rest from baby thoughts. I’m not sure it’s possible but I will give it a try.


11 thoughts on “Appreciate what you have.

  1. Izzy says:

    I’ve heard some pretty devastating stories recently and I couldn’t agree more. I’m focusing on what I have today, it’s not easy but I’ll keep practicing and hopefully get better some day.

  2. K says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! I’ve started working on massive house projects to keep myself busy and from obsessing about what cycle day it is. It kind of works!

  3. Jenna Belle says:

    I have been hearing many devastating stories as well, and at first it sent me into a tailspin of worrying about “what if”. But then I got some perspective too, that I need to appreciate what I have in the moment. Dealing with infertility can consume our minds and make us forget our blessings.

    • futuresoccermom says:

      I completely agree. I also go through the stage of “what-if” and sometimes I picture it happening to me, which is a bad idea. It’s all about perspective. I don’t always have it, but today I do.

  4. Sheree Winans says:

    You are sooooo right! Enjoy each day as it comes. I know this is a bump in the road and you will get through it. Try to stay positive because that will only help your situation – you don’t want stress to take its toll on you, too! Luv ya!

  5. alleycatm says:

    It is hard to take your mind off it, the more I try the less I do but work helps for me like house work. Cleaning out gardening, painting, re packing any cupboard in the house … anything I can find.

    Are you testing to see when you ovulating?

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