“I’m thankful for…”

Today is a perfect day to write my first Thankful Thursday post. It’s not because I’m having the best day and am generally feeling optimistic, with rainbows and butterflies. No, it’s because I’m the exact opposite. Blame it on the Clomid?

I can think of 10 negative thoughts at this moment. At least. But since this is a Thankful Thursday post, I’m forced into being positive. It’s probably a good thing I’m doing this, because I have to dig a bit deep to find some material here.

Here we go. (I feel like I’m sitting at the Thanksgiving dinner table.) “I’m thankful for…”

My family, each for different reasons. My mother lets me dump all my thoughts, good or bad, and helps me sort them out logically. My sister is 7 years younger than I am, so she brings out a younger side of me. I like feeling like a teenager again when I’m with her. She’s my exact opposite, but clearly my sister, and I’m lucky to have her. My father is supportive, and also knows everything going on with my fertility. My husband is funny and sweet, and holds on tight to me in the kitchen when I thrash around to get my cranky energy out. I obviously have many more family members, but I’ll save them for another Thursday.

Hmm. Well, tomorrow’s Friday, right? There’s always that. I’m seeing some old work colleagues tomorrow afternoon and I’m excited about that.

As much as I complain about it, I’m thankful for my house. We bought it from my mother a few years ago, and it’s my childhood home. My old bedroom upstairs was virtually untouched and I like that.

I got a new “Real Simple” magazine in the mail! (I can’t figure out how to italicize on my phone.)

Okay, that’ll be all. CD 8, with one more Clomid pill tomorrow. Happy Friday!


9 thoughts on ““I’m thankful for…”

  1. Lori Di says:

    It’s good you are grateful for those who support you. When I went through infertility, no one supported me, except my wonderful husband. I had to find perfect strangers on an infertility msg board online to get support. Hug those loved ones tight, and may you soon be blessed even further.

  2. alleycatm says:

    Yay it is Friday!! Don’t know if I maybe missed it but just wanted to ask if you going for a scan to see if you have follies after taking the comid??

    Good luck with the rest of the cycle and hope you have a awesome weekend

    • futuresoccermom says:

      I’m so glad you asked me that. No, I’m not going for a scan. I’d like to be, but I wasn’t told to do so. In fact, the Dr. has never even mentioned it! As far as I know, they just want me to try with the Clomid like normal, and that’s it.

      • alleycatm says:

        hmmm I would advise anybody to rather see a fertility specialist when taking clomid as my fertility specialist said it is always better with proper monitoring. Think about it

        Good luck!!

    • Emily @ablanket2keep says:

      When we were trying on our own it was every other day. We never did clomid without an IUI. Our instructions for the IUI are to abstain for 2 or 3 days before he gives his sample that morning. I get the IUI and then she tells us to horizontal polka (as I like to call it) that night or the next morning for some extra luck. I think it all depends on your Hubby’s spermies. If he has no issues then every day is no prob. If he is low then every other.

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