Thankful Thursday, with a song

Okay. Yes, I am thankful. I will look at the glass half-full for the time being, ignore my crappy day, and focus on the positive. Here’s why.

1) I have not had angioedema in, oh, at least a week. Maybe a week and a half. You know why? I stopped eating sugar. As I’ve mentioned before, I do have it in my cereal in the morning, coffee creamer, and yogurt after school. Besides that, I gave it up. What a difference. I’ve put my body through a few tests, too. I got a container of this gluten-free, sugar-free ice cream:

Oh. My. Goodness. It’s delicious. I haven’t had ice cream in a very long time, and I miss it. This isn’t…exactly the same. But it is sooo good. I had that with no lip hives. I also put my body through one more major test:

I seriously can’t describe to you how delicious these are. They are gluten-free, sugar-free almond joy bars. Get the recipe here. My husband made them for the Superbowl, and I can’t believe how amazing they are. I took a picture of ours, but of course it didn’t look anything like this. Either way, the taste is amazing. Sugar-free doesn’t mean sweet-free. It has Stevia in it, which has never bothered me. The texture of the chocolate is like fudge…and with the sweet coconut on top, seriously. Best of all – no lip hives! I can’t believe it. So that’s really quite nice. Whip me up some sugar-free desserts, people. I can eat them with little guilt.

I’ll keep this post short, as I am doubling up today. I do have another reason to be thankful.

2) My husband and I have a song. We have had a few songs, over the years. The big “our song” has been Tim McGraw’s “My Best Friend”. My husband had that one picked out for us when we were teenagers, just dating, and he had introduced me to country music. It was our wedding song in 2009. It’s still my top pick, for sure. The other day, though, a song came on the radio and my husband said, “This is us, babe. This is our new song.” I thought – oh geez. He’s a prankster, who knows what it’s going to be. But here’s what it was, not so bad after all:

Lee Brice’s “A Woman Like You.” It’s a good song! And it was very sweet. I can’t help but think of it when I hear that song, my husband picked that one out. A song where he thinks of me. I’m very thankful for my husband!

Now off to trying for that baby…



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