March Photo Challenge!

Happy Friday! Here’s the truth – I couldn’t wait to come home today and blog. I think I want to make blogging my new full-time job. More on that later. My blog has a new look, and I can’t tell you how much I like it. It’s so much better than before! Glad I did it. Changing themes on WordPress is really quite simple, luckily. So that’s that.

I am doing something new with my blog for the month of March. I got this idea from Belle, the creator. Many other bloggers have jumped on the bandwagon, and I think I’m going to give it a try. Here’s what it entails.

Here are the rules:

  1. Challenge begins Thursday, March 1, 2012 and ends on March 31. (But you can join in whenever you want!)
  2. Take a daily photo inspired by that days prompt. You don’t need a fancy camera for this.
  3. Post your photos, either daily or every couple of days, to your blog with a note as to what the prompt was.

I do not know exactly how this will play out for me, but I’ll give it a try. What I love about the photo prompts is that they are open to interpretation, so all of the participants’ pictures will be so different. I can also say that I may not take a new picture every day. More likely, I will dig through my vault of pictures that I’ve collected the last few years and use something from there. I have a great, fancy, expensive camera that I rarely use (oops, iphones are so much quicker), and I’ve taken many pictures with it that are worth sharing.

So here we go. Yesterday’s picture prompt was “self-portrait”, and today’s is “feet”.

After a few minutes of hemming and hawing, I decided to go with this one for my self-portrait. The quality is crap, because it was a scanned picture. It was taken 10 years ago, when I was 17. That is my husband and I, at our senior prom. Someone else snapped the picture and was kind enough to print it and give it to me a few days later, and I absolutely loved it. It was my favorite picture of us up until that point. While I’ve got plenty of better quality, newer pictures of us, there will be plenty of time to post them. This one I’m proud of.

Go ahead and mentally add about 15-20 pounds to each of us, straighten my hair, and add a few years to my husband’s face, and that’s how we look now. I honestly do not look any different, facially, than in this picture. Hence why my ID is always being checked at restaurants. That’s another story for another post, though.

Okay, now “feet”. Let me first say this. I hate feet. Hate them. Other than baby feet, of course. While I won’t comment on the feet of other people, I do not show my feet, ever, unless it’s so hot during the summer that I just can’t handle socks anymore. My feet belong in socks, and slippers, or fake Uggs. Now, they aren’t that bad. They are pretty big, but they are soft from years of not going barefoot. I just don’t like feet. And I really don’t like toes. They’re so….weird. I don’t even like the word “toes”. My feet are properly secured at the moment in socks and black fake Uggs. They will soon make the switch to cozy slippers for the rest of the night. This is why I am not going to upload a picture of my feet. It would basically have to be over my dead body that I would show off my bare feet to the world. Yuck. Disgusting. Sorry, it’s just not happening. Instead, I’m going to show you a super cute picture of feet.

Sadie Feet! She always crosses her paws like a little lady, though that’s about the only thing she does that could be considered “ladylike”. Either way, cute little paws are way better than size 9 1/2 grown woman feet. GROSS.

So the March Photo Challenge is underway. Thanks, Belle!

Meanwhile, the world continues to turn. I’m CD 16, still nothing worth noting by way of ovulation, but I will be getting my blood taken on Monday, CD 19, to see how my eggs stand. I’m excited to find out if this cycle is actually going to happen or not, though I do not expect to ovulate before Monday.

My Fitness Pal can suck it, but man, does it work. I’ve lost about 2 pounds in the last week and half or so, using it. That said, I’m starting to slack on recording everything and that is not good, so I will try again tomorrow.

I’m so happy to have the weekend here, and I’m hoping to fill it (after cleaning, grocery shopping, gym, etc.) with blogging, reading Redbook Magazine, and catching up on my tv shows. Yum.


6 thoughts on “March Photo Challenge!

  1. krista says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have a blog to upload pics to, but I’m curious how it works. Who comes up with the prompts? Does everyone follow the same prompts? Love the pic of you and the hubby! I’ve never seen your hair that curly before. It looks great!

  2. futuresoccermom says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the comment. Belle, at came up with these prompts. I have seen other photo challenges before in the past, but this one was all Belle. Everyone who wants to participate does so, using her prompts for the month of March. So far she’s gotten quite a few people participating, probably around 20 or so. It’s cool to get to know the bloggers a little more than we already do, and with pictures that aren’t related to infertility. And thanks! That was my hair being curled for prom, and it took many hours for the hairdresser to get it like that, as it’s so unnatural. I like the look, too, it just takes way too long and needs way too much product! Hey, feel free to start up a blog anytime!! 🙂

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Oh, and when I sent out the original email, the image of the March prompts wasn’t working correctly, so I’m guessing you couldn’t see it! I can’t resend out the email, but it’s fixed correctly on my blog page, with all the prompts for the month.

    • Krista says:

      I get it now! I usually read your blog from my phone and the list of prompts never showed up on it. But I can see it now that I’m on my computer. Very cool idea 🙂

  3. K says:

    I feel the exact same way about feet! My cat’s feet are one thing, looking at people feet, especially the toes, is something completely different.

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