Cluck, cluck.

I am such an idiot. More on that in a few minutes.

Thank you for all of the comments and thoughts regarding my funky “maybe” ovulation stick. Unfortunately, I did not have any more digital tests to use, and I was not able to poas that afternoon to be sure.

Then, yesterday morning, this happened:

That is a beautiful sight, is it not? One of my closest friends uses these cheaper, non-digital sticks, and she once told me, “When it’s’ll know.” She was right. The test line, on the right, showed up before the control line. It literally popped out within 10 seconds. As you can see, the test line is darker than the control line. Hell’s yes.

Also, yesterday, my temp jumped, from 96.9 to 97.5. In addition, I had cramps like NO OTHER. Seriously, it was unreal. It was horribly painful. Let’s talk about this ovulation pain for a minute. No doubt about it – it’s the best pain I’ve felt in a long time. That’s a happy pain, right there. When the pains first started, on Saturday, it was some dull cramping on my right side. “Yes,” I thought, “I’m ovulating!”. Then, Sunday, the cramping continued, becoming slightly more intense. I realized it hadn’t happened yet, and I had that almost-positive stick, which I showed you in the last post. Then, yesterday, after that beautiful stick, a temp jump, and a trip to the doctor’s to get my blood done, I was excited to get this voicemail after work. “Today’s the day!” the nurse said, “You are surging right now.” And my cramping became unreal. It turned into a sharp, stabbing pain, mostly on my right side, but then later, on my left.

So, I was a hot mess yesterday. Anxious, excited, beside myself, basically. I couldn’t even write a post about it. I know I seriously need to chill when I lay an egg, but see, it’s only my second time dropping one, and it’s so exciting!! And I didn’t want to blow the opportunity.

I did not tell N. He did ask if the nurse called, and I said, “Yes, but I thought you didn’t want to know.” He was hemming and hawing and I decided I did not want him to know when exactly I am ovulating, because last time that caused some nerves that I would rather avoid this time around. I said, “What I’ll tell you is that I am going to ovulate this cycle, but I’m not telling you when. I hope you can hold out for the long haul.” I’m a horrible liar and I’m not sure if he saw right through it. But I made him believe I will be ovulating later in the week when, really, it was last night. That said, we’re going to follow the nurse’s orders and try tonight too, but then I’m going to tell him the truth.

So why am I an idiot? Okay, correct me if I’m wrong ladies, and I obviously must be, but I have read in about 5,000 places in the last year that once your temp jumps, you have already ovulated. It doesn’t hurt to try that day, but it’s most likely over. This is why they say charting your BBT is not the best way to pinpoint when you are going to ovulate, but it’s great at telling you after the fact. You know, because once your temp jumps, it’s after the fact. Has anyone else read this besides me? Boy, was I dead wrong. I mean, totally, completely wrong. Here’s the truth (which you all may already know):the day your temp jumps is the day you ovulate. How did I not know that? I thought it was the day before your temp jumps. But no, because I got my positive stick on temp jump day, and the nurse said I was surging on temp jump day, and that’s when I could literally feel my ovary(ies?) burst and release that sucker – that’s the day to do it, people! So, last time I ovulated, I completely missed the boat. I really did.

I have to thank my ovaries (and, no doubt, this double dosage of Clomid) for letting me know days in advance, through cramping, that I was going to ovulate. Without the pain indicators, I might have missed it. Therefore, we tried ever since I had my pain….and the night before that (coincidence). Because I thought I might be ovulating when I first felt the pain, we kept going straight through. So….Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and today. The timing seems exactly right, but I am a little concerned that by having it work out like that, the sperm count may have depleted a bit. He has a healthy count, so hopefully that is not a problem. We definitely covered our bases, I think. I keep over-analyzing it in my head, the timing, but I’m going to just say other than maybe having it too much, the timing looks just right.

My mind has occasionally wandered to that pain in my left ovary. Is it possible I laid two eggs? While all I really want is a healthy pregnancy, the thought of two eggs dropping, and meeting up with two sperms, makes my head spin. Holy crap. I got this idea in my head, besides from the pain, because of a blogger’s post I recently read. (I really want to give this person credit right now, but I clearly read too many blogs, and I can’t remember whose it was! Help?) This blogger was also on Clomid and was being monitored by ultrasound by her RE. Her RE found she had four dominant follicles forming on CD 10, and the RE told her she might want to consider skipping this cycle, because of a high risk of multiples. She was on the fence about it. This left me with a thought. My RE doesn’t do ultrasound check-ups for someone not having an IUI, and said the blood test is good enough. Who knows how many eggs I just dropped? Probably one, maybe two, but what if it was more than that? Double dose of Clomid, double the pain…who knows? I wasn’t monitored. And after that pain in the other ovary I started to wonder. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me, and I’ll find out eventually if I am actually pregnant.

After tonight, the waiting really begins. I’m already breaking all of the rules, by being so.freaking.excited. I think the timing was right, I definitely “super” ovulated…I did all I could. I will not google anything..yet. I’m good right now. I can wait. Meanwhile, I will go to bed crossing all of my fingers and toes that this will actually turn into something for me. Talk about getting your hopes up too soon. What am I doing?? But I can’t help it. I’m clearly still beside myself. Stupid body. I do not release eggs on my own. That really sucks. But Clomid helps (though apparently only every other cycle..) I am counting on Clomid to get me pregnant. Soon.

I’m too excited to even think much about the photo challenge. Tomorrow, when it’s all over, I’ll be back to it.  Besides, yesterday and today was “commute” and “challenge”. I don’t have much for a commute (10 minutes, suckas!) but I’ll give you a challenge. This picture, above, was a challenge. That stick was challenging me to attempt to make a baby. We faced the challenge head on. Here’s hoping for a miracle.


15 thoughts on “Cluck, cluck.

  1. K.Smitty says:

    Where exactly did you hear that the day of your temp spike was the day you ovulated? if that’s true then I know about a dozen websites that are wrong. I’m still thinking it’s the day before. After you ovulate is when the corpus luteum starts to release progesterone, which causes the temp spike. I have read that a temp spike could possibly occur on your ovulation day if you happen to ovulate early in the morning before you temp. Very curious to know other peoples opinions on this!
    Regardless, you should also know that there is a small chance to still get pregnant on the day after ovulation because the egg can live for about a day on its own before it dies if it’s not fertilized.
    Either way, I’m glad to hear that, despite the date, you did ovulate and had good timing! Good luck this month!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Hi! Well – I guess I didn’t hear it outright. But my positive OPK was the day of my temp jump, plus my nurse said that the day of my temp jump was the day I was “surging”. When she said, “Today’s the Day”, I took that to mean the day of ovulation, given the surge. That all happened yesterday, and that was the day of my temp jump.

      I totally agree with you – I’m confused. But what I do know is that I ovulated yesterday, and yesterday was the day of my temp jump. I suppose it doesn’t necessarily mean that will happen with everyone, but it looks as if it did happen that way with me. It is really baffling, and I’m glad to know I hadn’t read it wrong all these months! Thank you!!

      • K.Smitty says:

        Oh well that completely changes everything. Just remember that OPKS cannot tell you when you ovulated–they only tell you that ovulation is highly likely as it is actually perfectly possible to have a positive OPK and actually never ovulate. I had a few months where my OPKs were very weird. I had a cycle back in September where the same thing happened to me…+opk after temp spike. Even so, Fertility Friend said I ovulated the day before my temp spike. You can see it if you want. I have a ticker on my side bar that links to my charts. But according to most docs, if you’re doing both like you should, OPKs are “less scientific” than BBT. Everything I’ve read still says BBT triumphs over OPKs every time. You can see from my own charts, my LH surge acts differently EVERY month but temps are the most consistent, as long as other variables are being accounted for (like room temp and whether or not I had alcohol the night before and how long I slept and stuff like that.) Not getting a positive OPK until you have a temp spike IS baffling, I agree. But as frustrating as it is, what I had to remember, when it happened to me, was that we got busy enough where the exact date I ovulated shouldn’t matter anyway. Obviously it wasn’t my month then, but I hope this is YOUR month!

  2. FamilyVan says:

    Woo hoo! Way to lay those eggs, sister! I had NO idea that you have the whole day after seeing a temperature raise! This whole time, I thought that was game over day.

    Today I learned something. Thanks!

    Crossing everything for you!

  3. Ess says:

    Awesome news!!! So happy that this stair stepping (am I even getting that right?!) business worked out. If this cycle is bust for me I’m going to suggest it to my doc. Seems like a winner!

  4. Hope says:

    That’s great news! I really hope this is your cycle to get preggo.

    And also, I agree with K.Smitty, above, everything I’ve read says that temps are more predictable than OPKs, and that your temp goes up because your body starts producing progesterone after ovulation.

    But regardless, it sounds like you had really good timing this cycle!!!!

  5. gurleyam says:

    Hi there,
    Just found your blog on ICLW and I am on 150 clomid this round. I took my last pills today (3-7) and hope to have half the chart it seems you have! My fingers are crossed for you!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you found me. I hope you have a successful ovulation! I didn’t on my second round, and my doctor had me “stair step” the Clomid, continuing it without a period. Who knows if that will be helpful or not. Good luck!!!

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