Circle + Bloom and going “green”

All right, people. My brain is buzzing with excitement over my appointment with my new ND on Thursday. Through the ICLW, I’ve “met” a few new bloggers who have been nothing but helpful! I appreciate all of your comments, by the way, and a lot of you know so much more than I do, and I’m eager to come to you with questions.

Therefore, I have a few more.

1) Can someone kindly explain what Circle + Bloom is? I gather that it’s a series of audio tapes, but after that I’m lost. I have heard so many people rave about them, and again, I’m just beginning to embrace the idea of natural remedies for health and fertility issues, so I definitely need a bit of convincing. I’m guessing this costs a lot of money. But like I said, people rave about it. Given that stress runs decently highly in my life (especially in the form of health and wellness issues), I’m curious. Should I look into this further?

2) I have done it. I have signed up to follow the journey of a blogger who has a child. There are a few of you out there who have one child already but are struggling with the second, but this is the first blog I have followed where she predominantly writes about issues related to already having a baby. I suppose in doing this, I am subconsciously telling myself that I will be pregnant soon. Not necessarily this cycle, but soon. Soon enough that I am excited about reading posts related to raising a baby. I don’t intend to follow a lot of baby blogs, yet, because I suppose after a while I’ll find myself depressed. But this blogger is very cool. Check out Cotton Bottom Mama if you’re interested – she’s a very “green” mother, which is something I hope to be eventually. She does cloth diapering, for example. We plan to go that route as well someday (of course we’ve already discussed it), though N still needs a bit of convincing. The price for diapers is enough convincing for me! Anyway, she’s got a ton of info on that topic, as well as other “green” issues. Best of all, she also suffers from Hashimoto’s, and went gluten-free and sugar-free. There aren’t many people I know of who have this. She’s doing very well, as she met with her ND and got pregnant five months later. So here’s hoping.

Anyway, this all leads me to my second question. Do you follow any bloggers who have a big focus on health and wellness? What about food allergies and autoimmune issues? I would love to find more people like Cotton Bottom Mama. It’s so nice to have a support system.

I wasn’t going to post today, so I’ll keep it nice and short. I’m grateful for the activity on my blog. I’ve written almost 100 posts, I’ve had over 5,000 views, and I’m lucky enough to have almost 60 followers. So thank you. Blogging has taken, once again, a new turn in my life, as I find myself telling friends and family about you and your stories. You’ve suddenly become very real, though we’ve never met. Just another perk of blogging about infertility!


7 thoughts on “Circle + Bloom and going “green”

  1. Hope says:

    I’m using Circle + Bloom in my cycles right now! It’s a series of audio tracks, you can get them on MP3 or CD. The MP3s cost slightly less. I don’t know what you consider a lot, but I think my set cost around $60. Considering the fact that this is not a recurring cost, and they often have deals, I found this reasonable. You get about one track for every 1-2 cycle days of a 28 day cycle. You adjust which tracks you listen to when according to your cycle. Each track is 15-20 minutes long, and you listen to it in a relaxed position with your eyes closed. I like to listed before bed, as it settles me down to sleep. The tracks include a relaxation, that varies a little from track to track, and a visualization that is specific to where you are in your cycle that day. I really enjoy them, and I think they were a really good investment.

    I think it’s great that you are feeling more optimistic, and have found a blogger who has given you sme hope, since her story is so similar to yours! Good luck with the naturopath! 🙂

  2. ErnieGirl says:

    Before I got pregnant, I didn’t follow IF bloggers that had kids already. It is just hard to relate! I have not heard of Cirlce + Bloom, but would need to hear about real success stories before I’d spend that much.

  3. Elle says:

    I wrote a post about circle and bloom- it is linked through this post, which also has a discount code:

    And thanks for this shout-out. I know it is hard to read about motherhood, but if there is anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask-especially after your ND appt. I think for me it was actually harder to be around/read about/see pregnant women moreso than families/kids when I was TTCing bc pregnancy was what I was immediately aiming for- the baby/family part was just removed enough to not be quite as hard to see. I really think the ND will be able to help you. C&B was a really great purchase for me. I think I got pregnant the first full month I used it. Good luck on Thursday! Oh, and actually, a word of advice- if you can gather any and all lab/test reports from the last 6-12 mos to bring to your appt, it will help the doc a lot and save you some time figuring out what she wants to test next. Mine didn’t tell me to bring all that to my appt, and we had to spend time afterwards gathering that.

    • futuresoccermom says:

      I can’t thank you enough! I checked out your Circle and Bloom post and I greatly appreciate the coupon code 🙂 I know I want to buy from them, but I’m already on CD 10, so not sure if I should just wait until next cycle. I have a feeling I will ask you a few questions after my meeting with the ND Thursday. And you’re right – at this point I just want to be pregnant…I just want to get that BFP. Thanks again 🙂

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