Still on the fence.

I’m still on the fence! I thought I was sure and had made up my mind, but maybe I didn’t…

I can’t decide whether to skip right to IUI this cycle or do another natural Clomid cycle. I’ve still got four more cycles of natural Clomid if I so choose to use them. And why wouldn’t I? I’ve taken Clomid three times (this is Round 4), and ovulated twice. Clomid does work for me. At the same time, there’s this sperm issue…

Like I said previously, I know I’m not allergic to sperm, just like I’m not allergic to wheat or sugar. But sometimes, when I take in any of those three things, I get hives. With the sperm, it is accompanied by swelling and burning. I imagine my insides swell up and block off the sperm from traveling. This is something I could completely avoid with IUI…..but I’ve only tried naturally twice!

I know I need to make this decision, like, now. It’s CD 10. I imagine I’ll be ovulating sometime in the next 10 days (hopefully). So, I’m listing the pros and cons to see if it helps me decide.

PROS: Slight increase in success rate (not sure how much, still want to find that out), puts the fun back in sex, and after it’s over, the nurse gives me a blood test to determine if I’m pregnant..I don’t even need to worry about testing.

CONS: Skipping over four more natural cycles means, I’m guessing, I will not be returning to them if IUI’s don’t work. Can IUI’s not work after three rounds due to the same reason people don’t get pregnant naturally after three rounds – bad luck? I’d be going right to IVF next, which is scary for me right now. I want to go to IVF if something is wrong, not because of bad luck. Also, N would have to go do his thing, again. We would both have to miss work on a certain day, no matter what was happening, like important meetings and whatnot. Finally, it takes the fun out of baby-making. Sure, sex would be less stressful I suppose, but we wouldn’t be “baby-making” at all – a nurse would do that for me. And baby-making is special.

I understand that for those of you who don’t have a choice, it’s a no-brainer, because having a child is the main goal. And I understand that, but..I don’t know. While I still have the option, should I just try to enjoy the baby-making naturally? It might be gone someday and I might miss it. I can’t make up my mind.

N wants to know exactly how much the success rate will increase. He also thinks it’s somewhat sad if we jump to that step, because we could possibly be conceiving a child without going about it the way nature intended. It’s a big step. He’s on the fence, too.

So I know I need to make the decision. I was going to wait until next cycle, but honestly, the sheer number of people around me getting pregnant is just…debilitating, and I know I can wait one more cycle, but should I?

I was hoping to talk to my new ND first, whom I’m seeing on Thursday. She might be able to (I’m hoping and assuming) change my whole diet around and try to combat these autoimmune hives herself. That might do the trick. But I really think I need my decision by the morning.

In other fertility news, I’ve been planning how to spend my next TWW, whenever that comes around. I will not make the mistakes I made last time. Never again. Instead, I need to keep very busy, with my mind on other things. So far, I plan to 1) finish the Hunger Games series with the last book…that might not make it to the TWW), 2) paint this hook thing I bought at Home Goods and hang it up, and 3) buy, and enjoy, a Circle and Bloom tape. That also might not make it to the TWW.

In addition, I’m super focused right now on the rest of my health problems, because I’ve been breaking out in hives after every meal. With no sugar, except natural from fruit. It’s out of control.

Thanks for the comments and helpful suggestions. I’ve been writing down your thoughts and I plan to share them on Thursday with my ND!



12 thoughts on “Still on the fence.

  1. Psycholovista says:

    I wonder if your endocrinologist can give you a sense of the increase in percentage of success if you were to use IUI? That number/percentage would be drastically different based on what the cause of the infertility is but for us, it boosted our chances up only to a 5-10% chance of getting pregnant in any one cycle….and overall, a 5% chance of a live birth. We are now done with IUI so I guess statistics won out for us re IUI. Boo. I’m also sorry to hear about your other health concerns — I think an ND is an excellent way to go. i’ve never used one myself but have heard so many great things from different people, especially when it comes to food-related allergies and issues.

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Thank you – I’m sorry you didn’t find success with IUI. My Dr has not told me about any percentage of increase, though you lovely bloggers have. I think all of my doctors suck, including the new ND! Oh well. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Curly Sue says:

    I don’t see any reason why you can’t back down to clomid with TIC (timed intercourse) if the IUI doesn’t work. Unless your doctor does find evidence that your reaction to sperm is prohibitive to fertilization. I did IUI this cycle, but with any subsequent cycles I will do TIC.

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Thank you so much for this – this comment was one helpful deciding factor. You’re right, why couldn’t we go back? We can’t rush going forward, I suppose, but if we wanted an IUI break and went back to natural with Clomid, I can’t see why that would be a problem. So thank you so much!

  3. jennymeg says:

    Some friends of ours tried naturally for almost 2 years without any success. They recently had their first IUI cycle (they have unexplained IF) and we are all very happy to say that it worked! Our fingers are crossed for a sticky, healthy little bean (they did have a hb @ 7 weeks!). Ultimately the decision is up to you… For us we found that BD’ing was getting so stressful that it was nearly impossible. So we were only going to try on our own for a few more cycles (no clomid either, I am fortunate to ovulate regularly) and then move on to IUI. Luckily for us things worked out in the end but… I wouldn’t have been much longer before going to IUI. It was absolutely crushing and debilitating to see all the others around us who were conceiving, it broke my heart everyday. Whatever you decide will be right for you. I wish you all the best on your journey. Take care!

  4. Jenn says:

    I was on the same exact fence last cycle. We opted to try on our own with the clomid. It didn’t work. We’re doing the IUI this month because apparently the Clomid can cause your cervical mucus to be hostile. The charts on this page are pretty much what convinced me. If I am reading it correctly, it looks like it doubles your chances (20%) than with Clomid alone (10%). I’m not a doctor though, so don’t take my word for it 🙂

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ve been looking for something like this. This was a big piece in our decision! If the odds go up at all, it’s probably worth it. I told my husband about you, opting to go it alone this cycle and wishing you hadn’t. We are going with IUI and hoping for the best. Thank you again!

  5. alleycatm says:

    I would say go over to IUI but you and DH do not sound ready yet. Maybe do another cycle natural, like you said you have options. Good luck and loving your game plan for 2WW

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Thank you! I didn’t think we were ready, but I quickly realized that I am, and now that I’ve made up my mind I’m excited! I just want this to work! Thank you for the comment!

  6. Emily @ablanket2keep says:

    Talk to our RE about the percentages. I am going to tell you what my RE told me. If you can handle waiting. Do it. I don’t know your age, but I think you are around the same as me so you are still considered “young” in the whole fertility game so why not try all you can with the cheaper less invasive procedures first. I know in my case also the more we do with the cheaper less invasive procedures first the better chances we have of our insurance covering more if we ever need IVF. Hope you two make a decision that makes you happy and give you peace of mind.

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