Spoke too soon!

Quick update:  I spoke too soon, in my last post. That’s always the way. My ovaries finally responded, and I’ve got 3 follicles waiting in the wings, at 18, 17, and 15 mm. I’m supposed to trigger tonight, and my IUI is Sunday. 🙂

There are two little issues that are keeping my optimism from spinning wildly out of control, however. The first one is that I’ve got, I think, another yeast infection. It’s been 3 weeks since my last one. I tried to get an appointment at the gyno two days ago, but they won’t give me meds until they see me and see if it’s yeast or bacterial or what. Problem is, they don’t have an opening until next week. Now that I know my IUI is Sunday, I’m not sure going into the IUI with an untreated possible yeast infection is such a good idea. So I asked my RE today, and they said as long as I wasn’t planning to use the cream to treat it, it wouldn’t hurt the IUI. That said, they gave me a prescription for Diflucan, which is already in my stomach. I have to say, I’d take spending $4 on one single pill over $20 on stupid messy Monistat any day. And I’m hoping the infection, whatever it is, clears up by Sunday morning.

The other minor logistical issue with this second IUI is that my husband isn’t home! Talk about bad timing. This weekend, he is competing in his first full Ironman triathlon. For those who aren’t sure what this is, it’s a 2.4 mile swim, an 112 mile bike ride, followed by a full marathon (26.2 miles of running). He’s had this on his calendar for over a year and has been training for a long time, not to mention the fact that signing up cost hundreds of dollars. What are the odds that the day of my first IUI from injectables falls on the day he is racing? So he won’t be around. Luckily, we managed to score an appointment yesterday for him to go in, you know, and have the sperm frozen. So I can have the IUI, which is good. However, the nurse gave him a paper, which he took home to me, explaining that the success rates from frozen sperm are half of what they are for fresh. Half – that’s really awful. So what was a 20% chance of success has now dropped to 10%. And what can I do? I am disappointed, but there isn’t any other way. It’s just…what has happened. And after Sunday’s IUI I’m getting in the car and driving 4.5 hours to see N finish the race. I want to be there. Hopefully sitting down for many hours helps things out. Now I’m just wishfully thinking.

I’m hoping the yeast infection and frozen sperm don’t ruin this. We’ve got three eggs, most likely, coming out, and it would be nice if one of them actually met up with a thawed sperm. I’m not getting any hopes up in the slightest. I’m already thinking ahead to next cycle – another IUI with injectables, or move to IVF?


13 thoughts on “Spoke too soon!

  1. 35life says:

    Well, first kudos to your husband for triathalon! wow! But how frustrating for the timing. I thought that kind of stuff only happened to me and my husband. LOL! But my advice would be not to rush to IVF just yet. Chances are if you need to try another IUI, there won’t be another triathalon in the way. We only did two IUI’s but we figured that was enough for us due to our circumstances. Some people might do 4-6 and eventually it works. Good luck!

  2. Kate @ Infertile First Mom says:

    The Diflucan will take care of things by tomorrow, if it’s a yeast infection. That pill is just just awesome. As for the frozen/thawed sperm and the timing of the iron man event… Boooo! But I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Your husband must be in amazing shape, so why shouldn’t his swimmers also be overachievers?!
    I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow! Crossing everything that the sperm swim as hard as the man who made them will be! 🙂

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Such a nice comment! Thank you so much. I agree about the Diflucan – it is so amazing. I can’t believe how many infections I have had in my lifetime and didn’t know about this pill, paying triple the amount of money instead for stupid Monistat. It works wonders!

  3. Emily @ablanket2keep says:

    AWESOME!!!!! I will be right behind you. Probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Glad your RE gave you diflucan. It will clear it up fast. Sorry your Hubby won’t be there, but you have his spermsicles and with 3 good follicles I think you have a great chance. I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I will be on the table with ol’ wandy probably while you are having your IUI. Oh and you should totally join Jenn’s challenge. I joined it and I am not doing anything special diet wise. I am making sure I go to the gym, but that is it. I totally just ate a bunch of zeppoles at a carnival an hour ago LOL!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Haha – I love the word “spermsicles” – like the worst dessert ever! You are getting close – I’ve been watching your blog. Good luck to you! As for Jenn’s challenge – I should do it. You’re right. I cannot find the motivation! But maybe I will soon. And what’s a zeppole?

      • Emily @ablanket2keep says:

        LOL! worst dessert ever! You are funny! Thanks hon! Good luck to you too! Join the challenge and we can all motivate each other. A zeppole is fried dough ball like a doughnut, but a little different and it’s covered in powdered sugar. It’s a carnival staple here.

  4. alleycatm says:

    Keeping everything crossed for you! I used to get them a lot as well during fertility treatments, now being pregnant I am still getting it so I would not worry to much and pretty sure your RE gave you just want you needed.

    Good luck!!

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