Watch out for the Paleo flu!

Just a word to the wise for those of you starting the Whole 30, or anything like it – be prepared for the Paleo flu.

Yesterday afternoon, after feeling so wonderful in the morning, I suddenly became exhausted, soon after a lunch of leftover beef tips and raw veggies. I couldn’t stop yawning – literally, every 10 seconds for an hour or two there. Later in the afternoon, I took a nap, and when I woke up, I had the worst stomach pains. Way up high. They continued all night long, coming in waves. I tried bananas, I tried Gas-Ex (does that count as caving..), but no matter what I did, stomach pains continued right up until bedtime. With that came an achy skin feeling and even being flushed, while cold, at the same time. I threw on a fleece and the thermometer said 99 degrees – though I had already taken Tylenol a half hour earlier. Also, I am in the TWW (9DPIUI…with hopefully many more) so maybe the temp is supposed to be that high? Or maybe I just simply have the flu.

I wasn’t sure if I was actually getting sick or not, and it was all I could do to keep myself from making a batch of white rice. If this was the normal Paleo diet, I would’ve done it without guilt. But I’m trying to complete a 30-day challenge, here. I can’t cave on Day 2. But those good people who invented the challenge never said anything about fighting the “flu” once you’ve gone cold-turkey.

This morning I feel… major stomach pains, but still kind of blah overall. However, I’m going to try to limit my raw veggies today, because I think that’s what put me over the edge. For breakfast I mixed some leftover spaghetti squash (it’s plain, so you can add whatever you want to it) with some ground turkey on the stove, and added a dollup of homemade mayo. It was very good. If that didn’t make me nauseous, well, I guess I’m not actually sick. It’s the damn Paleo flu.

Thank you for the tea suggestions, by the way. I’ll be heading out to the store today and buying them. I’m also purchasing some fun spices that I didn’t even know existed, but that show up in a few recipes I’ll be making.

And now, a new question for you: If you’ve done any sort of diet like this one before, how long does the “flu” last..and what can I do about it without caving and making rice?


4 thoughts on “Watch out for the Paleo flu!

  1. Ashley says:

    That’s so crazy..I was really thinking of starting Whole 30 tomorrow for August, but I really don’t want to get sick :/ I hope you feel better soon!

  2. futuresoccermom says:

    Thank you! I wouldn’t say DON’T do it…I feel a little better today. From all the research I’ve done, it’s totally normal and just lasts a few days. I’m finding the key is to limit raw veggies, and instead I’m drinking tea, and eating bananas and sweet potatoes to kind of settle the stomach. Nothing is actually happening, it just hurts on and off. I’d say still consider it, and just be prepared for a few days of feeling like crap!

  3. northwoodspaleo says:

    The flu does’t last too long and you are making all the right choices on how to lessen the symptoms. I went through what you are but because I’ve gone off sugar and flour before knew what it felt like and backed off on my veggies right away. I also went very easy on my body in regards to exercise and slept more than I normally would.

    It passes and the way you feel after is amazing.

    Good luck and keep it up. A little sick today for a long, healthy life is a great trade-off.

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