My last IUI…

…is tomorrow. Yes, I’m actually ovulating, and although it took about three weeks to get there, I’m happy that the day is finally here. It is only one egg, in the end. There was a second one, it grew to 15 mm..and stopped. I went into the fertility office four days in a row last week for both the blood test and the ultrasound. In the end, they even gave me an extra day to see if the second one would cook anymore. It didn’t. So one it is. And I mean, really? Three weeks of daily shots and my body produces one freakin’ egg? Last time I had three! At the time of triggering, my one follie grew to 18 mm, and the doctor seemed pleased with that. So we’ll see.

One thing I am not going to do in this TWW is get excited, based on “symptoms”. There are no symptoms from this – what I’ll feel the first 10 days is nothing but my progesterone cream talking. And I will not temp, not even once, because as I now know, Crinone raises your temps, too. And lastly, as I found out the hard way, you don’t get your period while you’re still taking Crinone. So when 14 DPO comes around and I’m wondering where my period is – it’s not coming! I will be relying on the pregnancy test and the blood test 17 DPO to tell me the truth.

And not that I’m being pessimistic or anything….but I’ve started planning for the next cycle. The next cycle being my first IVF cycle. I’ve signed up for the class I need to take, which actually occurs during the TWW, when I won’t even know if I’m pregnant or not, but no matter. And I’ve made an appointment in mid-September to meet with the doctor and get the ball rolling. I do not know at this point whether I’d need to wait another month after that appointment, since my period will have already come and mostly gone by then, and it might be too late to start shots, but we’ll see. Hopefully it will work out to begin in September, but I suppose I could say, what’s another month?

I am still a bit scared about IVF. However, I met with a nurse at some point last week, who took a look a my growing follie among the 40+ others hanging out in there, and she declared that I have “young, super-ovaries” and I “really should do IVF”. I agree! Everything looks good in there, and I know I’ll make lots of eggs. I just need to bite the bullet and do it. And I will.

But one step at a time.

Meanwhile, I will focus on school. Our meetings start up next week, and the kids come in the second half of my TWW. I spent all last week setting up the room, and it has taken my mind off of things. It’s looking good, too! Check out my new teaching blog here to see before and after pictures of my classroom. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My last IUI…

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Hi bloggie friend 🙂 I am hanging in, waiting out the last few days of the tww. Sorry I have been a bit mia lately, the start of school has me very busy and I have just felt quiet for some reason. However, I went to an ivf class tonight and had a little therapy session so I will be blogging soon! Thank you for thinking of me! I am currently trying to answer your prompt of a celeb look alike 🙂

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