October Prompt 1: What’s Your Sign?

I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled programming of endless infertility chatter to attempt to complete Jenn‘s October writing prompts! I get very excited about free writes – as my fifth graders know. It is my favorite subject to teach, as well as participate in, hence the blog. I really enjoy writing – especially free writes. So Jenn’s prompts were made for me! I don’t know how many I will get to or how often, but we’ll see what I can do.

Today’s prompt: What is your astrological sign and do you feel it’s accurate?

I am a Virgo, with an August 29th birthday. Interestingly enough, I was supposed to be born on August 6th, and was three weeks late. Had I been born on August 6th, I would’ve been a Leo, and by definition, I am the exact opposite of a Leo.

I’ve gone from believing in this whole astrological sign thing when I was young to thinking it is utter crap, and now I’m at a place where I don’t really buy it, as I don’t buy into much, but at the same time, it’s just so true that I can’t help but follow a Virgo twitter feed and read about it occasionally, because it is right. on. target.

I know it’s a little blurry. Google images tell me these are the great things about being a Virgo. First – ha, the Virgin. I am in no way a Virgin, but I sure do act like one 😉 It is what it is, I can’t help it. I also consider myself very dedicated, extremely observant of people and the world around me, decently organized, somewhat witty, etc. I’d say the traits that I definitely agree with are observant, analytical (in a non-mathematical sense), kind, reliable, efficient (again, not in a math/science kind of way), helpful, thoughtful, and compassionate. “Sexy as hell” makes me cringe just reading it.  And being creative isn’t my strong suit. Otherwise though, they’ve got it!

As for the negative qualities, yeah, they’ve got this down, too. I can’t highlight enough how overcritical I am – both of myself and others. I come across as quite bitchy sometimes, with little patience for people’s flaws, which is really not an endearing quality. The only thing I can say about it, in apology, is that I do the same thing to myself. Constantly scrutinizing my every word, comment to others, look I might have given off, etc. Very overcritical. I’m also fussy, and good lord, can we just highlight “always worrying”, “anal retentive”, and “obsessive compulsive”? My real life friends are laughing – stop laughing at me! You try it! Everyone knows these traits are true, because I wear them on my sleeve. I don’t hide a thing. All of my good qualities and my bad ones are there for the world to judge. And I don’t know what quality this would fall under: but I have no problem highlighting all of my flaws, but oh, when someone else does it, it drives me crazy! I know my weaknesses, don’t point them out, thanks.

I could get into more but I’m nearing the bedtime preparation activities (hmm…anal retentive? Or just enjoying a schedule?)

Hey real life friends – don’t have a blog? Do this for yourself – post as a comment on this post! SS – I just know you scream “Aries”. EA – Scorpio’s traits were created with you in mind. AV – aren’t you a Leo? 😉

Astrological signs are kind of ridiculous, but yet…so true. What traits do you have that match your sign?


8 thoughts on “October Prompt 1: What’s Your Sign?

  1. Sheree Winans says:

    Just to let you know I was laughing out loud BEFORE I got to your sentence about your real life friends are probably laughing out loud.
    I’m a taurus…e10527ca08ca23e3ac470d4fb0047426.jpg (I hope the image came through. If it didn’t…know it’s the one similar to yours that you posted.) Most of it fits me to the tee…especially the “extremely good looking” phrase ha ha… and how come you didn’t guess mine? Am I not enough of an open book to figure me out? 🙂

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