A senior moment

I just can’t stay away from these daily prompts, even though I just got home from school (an ice cream social fundraiser) and have one million things to do. This is more fun.

October 3: What is your most embarrassing moment?

I tell my students all the time – whatever comes to your mind first, is probably what you have the most to say about. This worked for me too, and my most embarrassing moment immediately came to mind. I tried to think if there was anything worse, but nothing stands out without further thinking, so this is the one.

High school graduation. A stressful night as it was, what with the actual graduating, not to mention I was singing the national anthem with a few other girls, and Nate had my car keys, which he dropped in the parking lot and we were racing around trying to find.

But right before it was time to walk out, the entire class (about 300 of us) met in the auditorium with the school principal, who was giving out the cords. There were cords for honors, certain clubs, etc. I received two cords, I think, but the first one I received was class musician. When I was called to the stage, the entire class was sitting there, watching me. My principal had already given out a few cords, and was putting them around the students’ necks. Well, I forgot this fact, and when I went up there, I looked up at him and he started to put the cords around my neck. I didn’t realize what he was doing, and wasn’t thinking clearly, and thought he was reaching out for a hug – and so I threw my arms around him and gave him a huge bear hug.

The class burst out laughing, and a small part of me died that day.

Now, I laugh. Wow, I hugged my principal in front of my entire class. Me, the slightly nerdy, quiet, band geek. How totally uncool. But at the time, I could’ve crawled in a hole. And I still had to go out and sing the national anthem! It has taken many years since for me to remember that moment without that same feeling of unimaginable embarrassment. Now, I’m over it, but it still sticks out. Thanks, Jenn, for bringing it back!

An update – even with two more Provera pills to take, I got my period today. Day 1. Going in for my baseline ultrasound in the morning (and missing my staff picture!), and starting follistim tomorrow night. Haven’t even unpacked the meds box yet. Let the IVF games begin.


2 thoughts on “A senior moment

  1. Jenn says:

    I, for one, am so glad that I could help you remember that story. I think I was blushing on your behalf just reading it!

    In the games of IVF, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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