More writing prompts and an IVF update

I’m a few days behind on my writing prompts! But first, an IVF update.

I’ve been to the doctor’s…let’s see, tomorrow will make my fourth day in a row. I guess I should’ve expected that. I really don’t mind, and I’m especially grateful that three of those days fell on the weekend, including my day off today, so I didn’t have to rush to work. The long and short of it is that my follies are still very small, yet very numerous (like, 20+ on each side). However, my estradiol shot up very quickly, from 34 to 250, to 600 back to back. So I’ve started Ganirelix, to keep the ovulation at bay I guess, even though there are no follies big enough to release an egg. I have also bumped my follistim back a bit. I’ll be interested to see how many follies are actually growing during tomorrow’s ultrasound. The other issue is I have three cysts – two on the left and one on the right. Apparently no one is overly concerned, as I keep going with this cycle. They are small enough, I guess. But they continue to be watched, and I just hope nothing happens with them to cancel the cycle. All of a sudden, today, I feel bloated and a little crampy. Nothing much by any means, but I wonder if this means things are growing in there. Here’s hoping.

Okay, my writing prompt update:

I skipped the accent one, partly because I’m late on it, and also lazy. However, I can say that I have what I deem the “typical” accent of newscasters across the country – New England, but not too North (Bostonian or Maine) and not too South (into New York and New Jersey). I’d say there’s not much to hear when I talk, accent-wise, but then, everyone says that. When I lived in London for four months and worked with sixth graders, they used to tell me all the time that my accent was so strong, but they didn’t have any accent at all. It’s all relative.

October 5: What is your favorite book?

It’s sad that I’m struggling here. I have read a lot of good books, yet titles rarely stay with me. Here a few I’ve read multiple times:

1)      The Giver, by Lois Lowry. I actually read it aloud to my students every year, but even if I didn’t, I’d read it myself. It’s a futuristic, utopian type of story, with similar characteristics to The Hunger Games, without the competition and love story. It’s So.Good. I love the deep questions it brings up.

2)      I Know This Much Is True, by Wally Lamb. Truth be told, I haven’t read this one in years, but I loved it and read it multiple times.

It’s sad that I have to stop here. I need to read more, I think. However, I can add any Jodi Picoult book to the list, especially Nineteen Minutes and a few others.

October 6: Who is your current favorite band?

Another one I struggle with. I love music – music is a huge part of who I am. However, I typically identify with melodies, not lyrics, which lead me to love random songs, rather than specific artists. My favorite genres of music are big ballads, from the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, etc., anything acapella (I’m really into Straight No Chaser and many groups from the show The Sing Off at the moment, not to mention my all-time favorite Boys II Men), and when I’m in a certain mood, quiet guitar-type music, like from John Mayer. I also listen to country (thanks to my husband) and like Rascal Flatts and Kenny Chesney, among others. And finally, I enjoy a good pop song. If I can sing to it or if the harmonies rock, chances are, I’ll like it.

October 7: If you could sleep with any celebrity who would it be?

This one makes me laugh. Before I started fertility treatments, I was clearly lacking hormones (hence not ovulating). I thought people were good-looking, sure, but the more animal instinct of attractiveness really did not exist, for the most part. I couldn’t name one celebrity I was lusting after, when everyone else in high school and college had a list 10 miles long. And then, after the hormones were shot into my system, I figured out the hype. So, I’m simply going to put my list of Top 5 celeb crushes, which I think should do the trick.

1)      Henry Cavill

He starred on The Tudors, and seriously, I can’t even explain it. Just watch that show. Now, he’s starring in the upcoming Superman movie, and yes, I will be seeing it in theaters. Possibly multiple times. If only he was chosen for the 50 Shades movies (he was being considered).

2)      Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I’m pretty particular about him – the long hair look doesn’t work for me, and I need clean-shaven as well. I’m picky – what can I say. He doesn’t fit my type as much, but I kept him in the list.

3)      Josh Hutcherson

Yeah, I know, he’s young, and I’m 28. I’m a creeper.

4)      Zac Efron

Again, I’m creepy and I’m well-aware. They are both – well, I think he and Josh Hutcherson have both reached 20!

5)      Tying for fifth place – two Gleeks: Cory Monteith (I’ll have you know he just turned 30) and Chord Overstreet