My present

I am currently sitting on my couch, typing this post straight from my new toy, the hot-off-the-press brand new iPad mini. Now, we are not made of money, and I am caught between wanting to kill my husband for spending this money and being really happy. I imagine I could live very simply. I don’t need the latest gadgets, fashions, etc. That has never been me. But it is my husband, and nothing brings him more glee than to give these sorts of gifts. So, when I got home today, he had dinner cooking and this very expensive, very thoughtful gift sitting on the table. I made him promise not to get me anything much for Christmas and now that I have gotten that off my shoulders, I can enjoy this frivolous gift without too much guilt. The pictures are so…big! Your blogs are so much easier to read! And typing blog posts on the go just got simple. So yeah, this thing is awesome, though completely unnecessary and not practical in the slightest. But very cool.

What meant the most, though, was the card from my husband that came with it. It said something like, “I appreciate you going through all this nonsense for us to start a family.” And I have always known he appreciates it and has been nothing but supportive, but the card still meant a lot. In conclusion, I am so lucky to have an amazing husband. 🙂

In IVF news, it’s almost that time again. I went in for scan a few days ago and my ovaries are back to “normal” again, as in, small. The doctor was surprised how quickly they went back to the way they were before IVF, and I am going in for my baseline on Tuesday, starting shots that night. So IVF round 2 it is, except this time I am hoping to complete the cycle, without canceling a few days before retrieval.

To prepare for this, as I had told you in my last post, I bought new pants. I finally had to admit that with bloating from drugs and pretty bad portion control, I am not the size I used to be. But dammit, I will be someday. So until then, I made a game day decision and bought – maternity pants. 3 pairs of them. And holy crap, they are soooo comfy! They don’t fit, obviously. Especially since I have been on the pill and my bloating went down. So yesterday I had to keep hiking them up, but at least they were comfortable! And by doing this, I know I am totally jinxing myself, but I am telling myself that maybe, just maybe, I might be able to use those pants for the right reason soon, and therefore, this purchase might not have been in vain. In other words, I have allowed for some hope. Stupid, probably, but God..something just has to happen soon.

Never met someone else who bought maternity pants before being pregnant. Time will tell if I made the right move.


2 thoughts on “My present

  1. roribeat says:

    Enjoy your present! after our failed IVF cycle my husband booked a holiday for both of us which I disagreed at first (because of the cost). Well every once in a while we should just let our men spoil us :p
    I nearly bought a maternity pants for myself (even after BFN) coz I was still bloated, changed my mind a week later as I started losing the weight. Wishing you have the baby bump to fit the pants soon! 🙂

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