Preparing for cancellation #2

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m here for an update, one that I thought was going to be a good one and now I’m worried it’s very bad.

I’ve been taking follistim since voting day. They started slowly this time, so my estrogen didn’t get too high too fast and then plummet, like it did last time. And everything was going so well. My follicles are numerous and huge, estrogen was rising properly…tonight’s my trigger shot. Last time I never made it to this point. My retrieval is scheduled for Saturday morning. If I go.

I’m as bloated as could be, I’m finally at this point, this is finally happening, and then I just got the call that my estrogen dropped. From 1828 two days ago to 750. This is bad. The nurse said to still take my trigger shot tonight, and then come in for bloodwork tomorrow. If it has dropped again, then they are cancelling the cycle. A day before retrieval. For the second time. And since my estrogen was the issue in IVF #1, leading to that cancellation, I just have this feeling that it’s over. And I don’t understand. What is this estrogen issue? Why would my estrogen drop when it’s supposed to rise? How do the doctors fix that? I’ve never heard of this.

And it’s upsetting. Yes, I’ll be “grateful” to find out the true cause of my problem – “undiagnosed” can only get you so far (though today’s nurse dropped the PCOS title, and I thought, “finally”.) but maybe it’s something more than PCOS. So, okay, maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten pregnant on my own, and 6 rounds of Clomid and 3 IUI’s didn’t work, and my first IVF was cancelled. And maybe my second. But what can be done about that? And here I’m frantically googling how to raise it myself, in one day. Drink a lot of water? Eat more Thanksgiving turkey? Did it drop because I did something? I was kind of sick the past few days – low fever and a cold, and only drank broth, ate bananas and pretzels. Did I miss out on a key vitamin that I could now consume mass quantities of to fix this by tomorrow morning? I just hate that this is so out of my control. I mean, I realize this whole process has been out of my control, but I’m so close. I just feel like – two IVF’s cancelled and I don’t even want to do this. I do want to do this, but not if it keeps messing me up like this. I go through all the motions and follow all the rules. I’m just pissed. And on some level I hate complaining on this blog, because I don’t want the pity vote, especially from people who know me in real life. I don’t want to be the person you feel bad for. I’m so sick of that. And since I never blog anymore, I’m not sure how many people even see this. But if you do, and you have any experience with this, do you know what the deal is?

I’m upset, I’m pissed, and now I have to go to Thanksgiving dinner pretending everything is going fine.


4 thoughts on “Preparing for cancellation #2

  1. Seagull says:

    Oh i am so sorry. I have no idea why your estrogen dropped but i’m sure it is nothing that you did wrong or right. Hopefully your RE has some answers. keeping my FX for you that you can go through the ER! GL

  2. TheStorkWhisperer says:

    I’m sorry for this. I have no idea why your estrogen dropped or how it even fits in to everything. It seems to me that if you have big follicles you’d be ready to go. I’m pretty sure you did nothing to cause it to drop, though so don’t blame yourself. I know its so hard to feel in control of a situation like this. Keep us posted and wishing you the best.

  3. thefamilyvan says:

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through this. Emotions are so high during this process, as is hope.

    This happened to me during my last IUI cycle on injectables. My doctor didn’t cancel my cycle (not as much to lose during IUI, I guess), but he told me a drop in estrogen speaks to the quality of the developing follicles. He said dropping estrogen levels suggest the follicles have stopped growing. Who knows why. He also said, though, that there are often mistakes in the blood readings so hope should not be lost!

    Thinking of you and wishing the best.

  4. JustHeather says:

    I am so sorry for even a possibility of a canceled cycle. Emotions are so much more heightened by all the hormones that it’s hard to not be majorly upset by it. I hope the blood draw today has good numbers and you’ll be able to proceed. *hugs*

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