And we’ve got eggs!!

Can I first just say – it has been so long, so very long since I was happy about anything in my life related to pregnancy (or lack thereof). It has been such gloom and doom, and other than the 4 times I’ve been in the TWW (the last time was back in July) and had some hope, there has been no reason to stop and be happy about what has happened to me. I’ll never be happy that I was dealt these cards. But today, I’m thanking modern-day science and my insurance company. Not to mention my doctor.

It’s the day after retrieval. The surgery went smoothly – I was nervous right up until I went in, and then was just like, “Let’s just do this”. I had a great nap, and when I woke up I was wishing it went on for longer. I had minor cramping, really not much at all, and no bleeding. I was tired all day long, and treated myself to an afternoon nap, with unlimited amounts of Powerade zero (fighting off any OHSS that might come my way) and some tasty Cheetos. And I thought about those eggs. 21 in all. Yes, 21! My first reaction was actually “that’s it?” because I thought I had like 40 in there. But I soon realized that the more I have out, the greater risk for OHSS, not to mention possibly more pain. So I am happy with that number.

And I waited to blog my update because I wanted to hear from the nurse today. I just did.

Out of 21 taken out, 18 were mature and ICSI was done on them. Out of those 18, 15 fertilized. 15!! That’s good, right? I mean, it seems like a good start.

And now the questions. What happens to them in the next few days? They start to become multi-celled, I think? What do they need to do to become a day 5 transfer instead of a day 3?

And my other big question: what about those dreaded PIO shots? They start tonight and I am not looking forward to it. The nurse drew the circles on my butt- not very attractive. Here’s what I’m thinking so far:

-lay down on my stomach
-warm up oil beforehand (some online said they put it in hot water. Too much?)
-after the shot, massage the spot for a while
-then, apply heat to the spot for at least 10 minutes.

How off am I? Any tips? Besides dreading the shots, I’m officially excited, and I haven’t let myself feel that in a long time. It’s a very dangerous game to play, but I can’t really help it right now. Please, let there be an embryo or two to transfer in a few days. Until then, those 15 hanging out in their petri dishes will keep my mind occupied!


10 thoughts on “And we’ve got eggs!!

  1. Kate says:

    Hooray for 15 fertilized eggs! That’s a great number. Since i never made it as far as retrieval, I’ve got nothing for you in terms of useful answers. Just wanted you to know I’m gonna be hoping and praying for the best possible results at transfer, and a smooth and successful TWW.

  2. Belle says:

    21 is GREAT! So glad you finally have some hope and positive news. As for the PIO, I roll mine in a heating pad on high for about 10 minutes before my shot. It gets really warm then and the shot hurts a lot less. My doctor also says not to massage until 20 minutes after the injection to let the injection site heal over a bit. I have heard other things, though! Good luck!

  3. Seagull says:

    15 fertilized is a great #! here’s hoping for a 5-day transfer and for them to keep developing nicely. As far as PIO – i actually think the easiest is for you to bend over a bit and then stand on the leg you are NOT getting the shot (while supporting yourself on the sink/counter/etc). And beforehand warm up the area with a washcloth you ran hot water over. I’ve been doing shots for 4 weeks now and that’s the best protocol we came up with!

  4. Brave IVF Girl says:

    Great! 15 fertilized is awesome! They’ll want them at 8 cells/morula stage by Day 3, and blastocyst or expanded blastocyst by Day 5. Usually the decision to do Day 3 or Day 5 is how many are in the running – if a lot of them make it to Day 3, they’ll let them keep growing so that you have more information on which are the better quality embryos.

    PIO aren’t terrible, despite the scary looking needle. I’ve found it helpful to use one of those bean bags you can microwave to keep the area warm after the shot (helps to avoid lumps).

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