The IVF miracle(s)

First, thanks to everyone for your thoughtful comments and suggestions over the last few posts. It became apparent that this new, sickly version of myself was normal, and I’ve wondered how you all have managed it. You guys must be superheroes!

Well, my “real” ultrasound isn’t until next week, but my doctor did want to do one before he left for vacation. It was early, a day shy of 6 weeks, but I knew we would find out something very important. And we did. There were 2 black blobs, 2 little circles, 2 “fetal poles”. Lord, at least right now I can honestly say – I’m having twins!!!

No wonder I feel like crap.

I was afraid to share this here at first because it is so early. What if we go to our ultrasound next week (I’ll be 7 and a half weeks) and one black blob is empty? It happens and I am trying to prepare myself for it. But I guess I’m just thinking, for the time being, there are two little mini-babies in there. My doctor, who tries not to get you pregnant with multiples, might be kicking himself. He was the one who recommended two to be put in, after all. I guarantee that if he thought they both were going to take, he never would’ve put them both in. But we wanted to anyway. We are a couple of happy individuals.

It has taken me a few days, as I am still working through the shock and denial of being pregnant at all, not to mention with twins, and I’m still not even close to imagining two babies in our house, but I can say that I’m finally excited. Really, really excited. Holy crap!!! When did this all happen? It’s just crazy-town. I can’t believe it.

I had always thought that to some extent, the degree of morning sickness you have is genetic. My mother barely had anything, so I was looking forward to feeling good most of the time. But the game all changes when there’s more than one being in there. So yeah, this around-the-clock nausea was no joke.

I jinxed myself, too. Not 10 minutes after my last post I went and threw up. And while my stomach felt better, I was a sweaty, weak mess. And that is no fun. Over the course of about five days, I lost about six pounds. I called the nurse and worried aloud what to do about the fact that I could not eat. Like, anything. Just couldn’t do it. And when I did force food, I actually felt worse. But I also didn’t want to land myself in the hospital. And the nurse said, “If you can’t eat, don’t. You’ll survive without food for a few days.” To keep myself out of the hospital, I needed to drink.

Fast forward to today. Zofran is a million-dollar miracle, worth every penny I spend on it, not covered by insurance. And by that I mean $55 for 10 pills, and I took 4 a day. But I went from being bed-ridden, sucking down ice chips and shaking uncontrollably, to finally being able to eat, though not much at a time. I will be able to go to work. I can deal with all day mild nausea. I just was able to drop my middle-of-the-night dose, because I feel great when I’m sleeping. So now it’s 3 pills a day. Hopefully, as time goes by, I’ll be off of it entirely. But until then, it has allowed me to function like a person again. A person who is pregnant with twins, at least for today.


17 thoughts on “The IVF miracle(s)

  1. Kate @ Infertile First Mom says:

    Hooray for twins, and for Zofran! Congrats!

    Since it may be easier to drink than eat still, I forgot to suggest vitamin packed smoothies, like the ones by boathouse farms. Super yummy. I lived on them in my first, rather sickly trimester.

  2. Not-So-Fertile Girl says:

    Yay!!! We can be twin buddies! That is the exact same timing that we saw our little black circles – a day shy of 6 weeks. The sickness has been nearly debilitating, but Zofran is helping. Are you on a tablet you swallow or dissolve in your mouth? I have the dissolving tablet, and it’s DISGUSTING! I dread taking it because it makes me almost throw up. We are getting used to the idea of two now. It does increase the joy, but also the worry. Praying for the best of luck with both of yours! 🙂

    • futuresoccermom says:

      I have been thinking of you and watching your blog closely. I have a lot of questions!!! It is nice to have a twin buddy 🙂 so I’m glad to know someone else out there is on Zofran. Mine is the dissolving tablet and I agree – it’s disgusting. I have to have some sort of juice or soda at the same time. I’ve dropped to 3 doses a day…does your insurance cover it? I remember how sick you were!

      • Not-So-Fertile Girl says:

        I’ve worked out a system now too. I put it under my tongue to dissolve. It takes a tiny bit longer, but it’s not right on my taste buds, so it’s not quite as bad. That way, I can also take small sips of something to wash the taste down without swallowing the rest of the pill. I also found out (by accident and desperation!) that if I eat 1-2 tortilla chips as soon as I finish dissolving the tablet, the salty taste overpowers the Zofran aftertaste really well.

        I’m finding with the sickness, I either have a completely good or completely bad day – no inbetween, even with the meds. I either keep everything down or nothing. Dr. C. said it would peak at 10 weeks, and damn if it wasn’t right on time. I had 2 whole days with no throwing up, and yesterday I turned 10 weeks, and threw up all day and night! Today was pretty much the same. Maybe that means it’s actually PEAKING, which means it might eventually GO AWAY! 😛

        Feel free to ask any questions. I probably don’t know too much more than you yet, but I might be able to help some. Good luck!

      • Not-So-Fertile Girl says:

        I forgot also – my insurance does cover it, thankfully. I’m also on the generic for Phenegran. I’m not really sure what it’s supposed to do that Zofran doesn’t, but I’m taking what I can get at this point!

  3. robin says:

    People do *not* believe me sometimes when I say morning sickness for twin moms is horrendous. I have never experienced singleton morning sickness but holy crap it is 24/7 nausea. It is THE WORST. I tried everything except I didn’t get a prescription because I was able to keep food down, as little as it was. Most important is to try to never let your blood sugar get low, at least for me that was a huge trigger in nausea. I always had jolly ranchers or saltines or something to keep my sugar high so I could help prevent / deal with nausea. But when it came down to it, I was just nauseous, and I just had to wait it out. 😦

    Good luck!!!!!!

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