You know how I know you’re pregnant?

This is going to be a fun game. Slightly embarrassing at times, but comical.

“The Lion King” is on TV right now, and I turned it on right when Mufasa was trampled and killed in front of Simba. Between the music and the – well, the hormones, okay? It’s the hormones! I may have cried a little. I mean, he was just a little cub and he thought it was his fault and it’s just SO SAD.

I am not a crier. Not at the movies, not when I hear good or bad news. I’m not a crier, even when sometimes it is appropriate for me to cry. But now, with these hormones I assume, good god.

It’s not the first cry I’ve had, either. I was sitting in my car last week, alone, in line at CVS to pick up more Zofran, when a sad Christmas song came on my Pandora station (something by Amy Grant). And I cried in my car. I had to pull myself together when my car rolled up to the pick up window. And last night, Nate and I watched “The Hangover II”, and I may have teared up when the monkey was shot. He would’ve been so scared and upset if it happened for real!! I had to squeeze my dogs a little tighter last night.

This is weird. And not like me. Who AM I???

In other news, the hardest thing at the moment is battling the all day nausea. I am finding that I feel horrible when my stomach is empty, like many of you have said, but I also feel horrible when my stomach is full. And when I eat fast (aka my normal speed). So the balance I am trying to find is impossible!

Because I’ve been on vacation, I’ve been lucky enough to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Yesterday, macaroni and cheese sounded good and I happened to have a box (gluten free of course), so I ate it, albeit slowly, for lunch and dinner. Today I wanted to expand my sickly palette and ate half a burger and some fries from Plan B (also gluten free, delicious). And Nate has cooked me whatever I have wanted. But I’m going back to work in a few days, and packing for it is going to be hard! This morning, I made my own smoothie and it was tasty, so thanks for that idea Heather! I’ve also learned to try and ignore nausea. And eat anyway, which, up until this point, I’ve only been nauseous when I’m sick, so eating was out of the question. All new rules. I’m fine with that, and nervous about keeping these little mini-babies healthy. Our ultrasound on Wednesday will hopefully provide two strong heartbeats.

Hakuna Matata.


2 thoughts on “You know how I know you’re pregnant?

  1. Kate @ Infertile First Mom says:

    The super emotions are a bit freaky, aren’t they?! Especially if you aren’t used to crying that easily:)
    Glad you seem to be managing the nausea a little better. I hope it improves quickly or just goes away so you can get to the business of enjoying your pregnancy!

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