11 weeks and counting

11 weeks (plus a few days)….we’re getting there, slowly but surely! Our next appointments are next week, which includes the NT scan at 12.5 weeks and the monthly checkup the next day. I’m really looking forward to the ultrasound.

And I wouldn’t be lying if I said I’m a little nervous about it as well. Our last ultrasound was at 7.5 weeks – which feels like ages ago. 5 weeks later and I do worry just a little. I remind myself that I haven’t had any reason otherwise to think something could be wrong, but still. It’s been a long time. I’m composing my questions for my check-up: everything I read says multiple pregnancies need more frequent monitoring, including ultrasounds. So why hasn’t anyone said anything about that to me yet? I’m with a good practice – I’m hoping the doctor gives me some insight. I’ll be asking her about digestion issues as well – I know it’s common, but 6 fiber pills and 2-3 colace a day aren’t touching it. I think drastic measures might be needed. And what pains are normal, and what are not? And why don’t I already have this info? Dr. Google is never a smart plan and I regret it every time.

In other news, I am struggling to find good info online for twin products. I need a reference for what I need to know for twins. For example, I’ve been reading about breastfeeding, cloth diapers, and strollers. But for one baby. How do these things change with two infants?

I know it’s early, but we really need to plan financially, to see how much time off from work we can afford for me to take. What I’ve read about cloth diapers is that if you wash them yourself, it’s the cheapest option. Disposable diapers or cloth with a diaper service are more expensive. Okay, fine. We want to go cloth, with disposables still used at night, for travel, and at daycare. But with twins, just how many should we buy? How much laundry will I be doing?

With the strollers – I want a travel system. I want the car seats to be able to slide right into a stroller. And I heard that side-by-side strollers don’t fit through doors often, so I’m looking for a front to back. We used to want a jogging stroller…not for when they are little, but does that mean we will need a second stroller? Car seats – we need 2 carriers, 4 bases. Is there such a thing that is compatible with a double stroller?

And this is just the beginning. No worries, just questions. I guess the biggest question of all is, where can I find all this information? I thought there’s no better place to turn than here.

I’m excited, finally. Along with some minor worries, I feel like this is really happening. Now to get to next week!


10 thoughts on “11 weeks and counting

  1. Belle says:

    11 weeks already?! Yippee! I’m so glad to know that you are doing well! I know the need to plan: we do too and only have a singleton baking. Twins would be a whole new game. I’m afraid I have no answers, but do want to encourage you to shop for some items used. I’ve already picked up some steals on Craigslist and e-Bay. Totatlly worth 15 minutes of checking each morning and evening to hunt for a good find. Keeps us posted on your next ultrasound!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Thanks for the great ideas – I’m a Craigslist and eBay newbie, but it’s probably time I learned. How did you know that what they were selling were brands you wanted? Had you already done your research on products you wanted?

      • Belle says:

        I do know exactly what I want. I read the book Baby Bargains cover-to-cover to research products and choose things that fit my budget and have high safety ratings. I then organized it all into a spreadsheet and now know exactly what I’m looking for. For example: I wanted a Kelty hiking pack so I hunted aroudn and scored one for $50 on Craigslist, a $250 savings! Craigslist and e-Bay and I go way back. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot me an email!

  2. Krista says:

    Don’t know much about twin products, but I will tell you to buy a stroller with real tires. Most travel system strollers have those plastic wheels and so yes you will have to then buy a separate jogging stroller. We bought one stroller, paid a little bit more for it, but we were able to buy an attachment so our car seat could snap in and because it has 3 real tires, we could use it as a jogging stroller when the baby was older. I would suggest going to USA baby in ct. They are very knowledgeable on baby products and can help you make the best decisions for the least money. Also, you may want to consider only two bases and to then switch cars when needed. The bases are only good for infant carriers and those are only good until about one year old. Some babies grow out of them even sooner.

    • futuresoccermom says:

      You made some seriously good points! I have already told Nate about them. I never thought about the 4 bases being useless after a year and that is silly. So two bases it is. As for the stroller, do you mind me asking what you went with? I can see if they have a double model.

      • krista says:

        Ours is a Phil and Ted. I don’t believe they have a stroller for twins, but check it out in case. They have an attachment to make it a double for 1infant and 1 toddler, but dont think you can do 2 infants. The people at USA baby told us about it tho. We were in the same boat…very confused about having to buy multiple strollers for different purposes/ages/number of kids. They helped us pick this one and we’ve only had the one, even now that Connor is here. It was nice to talk to a person rather than just read reviews.

  3. thefamilyvan says:

    I’ve traded my incessant symptom checking on google with googling for twin stuff. I’ve found a couple of good reviews of twin strollers: Baby Jogger ranks high, but it’s a side-by-side, and like you, I’m worried about the width. The Promenade from Phil and Ted’s looks the best to me, though the reviews are mixed. The Bugaboo Donkey is GINORMOUS, and also a side-by-side (but so pretty…).

    My next challenge is cribs. Mixed messages on whether the babies can or should be sleeping together. I’ll let you know if I find anything else.

    I did a bunch of reading on cloth diapers, with a really extensive rating system of 25+ cloth diaper manufacturers. It’s written by a Canadian, but may be of interest to you. I’ll send the link. It’s based on a singleton mum, but may give you a starting point of what to look for.

    Everything is going to be great with your ultrasound. I always get so freaked out before them, then everything is great. You’re going to be shocked by how much those babies have grown in 5 weeks!

    I’m very eager to hear how the NT scan goes. I have mine on the 12th, and don’t know anything about it. Keep me posted!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      I think you’re on to something there with googling twin products instead of symptoms. I think I’ll start doing that. Yes I would love the link about the diapers as well. Hopefully we can find some good info soon. I know we would need two cribs eventually, I’m just not sure if I want to get them both right away or not.

  4. Sunny says:

    Im not sure if you follow Robin at polycysticinside.wordpress.com but her twins are a few months old now and her blog is a treasure trove of info on what has helped her get through. I believe she even did an entry recently on some of her must have items for twins. Worth checking out!

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