12w3d and I’m still counting

I was very happy to hit 12 weeks this past weekend. And then I remembered, nothing has changed! I’ll be happy for 13, and every week after that. This is requiring so.much.patience. But what I really can’t wait for is Wednesday. And Thursday. Wednesday is the NT scan, Thursday is our monthly checkup where I’m assuming we will get to hear heartbeats. I think I’ve said this before, but it seems like ages ago we had our last ultrasound, and in fact, it was 5 weeks ago, with the fertility specialist. I’m just dying to make sure everything is okay in there.

I don’t know how you girls manage it when you have a scare. I give you a lot of credit. Today, this can’t even count as a scare, but it still put a damper on my day: there was…some coloration. Let’s put it that way. Everything has always been clear or close to it, and today, it wasn’t. There was some minor….color. Cue me going to the bathroom 5000 times and attempting to read about it online while in the bathroom. And finding nothing. And it has not been around since so I’m not overly panicking, it’s just – unnerving. You know, it’s the worst time to be a teacher, when you’re pregnant. The kids didn’t have P.E. until 2:30 this afternoon. So with the exception of lunch at 12:30, I had those 24 kids straight from 8:30-2:30 with no break. Ugh. It has been so long since I met with any doctor that time goes by where you question if this is even happening. And you start to doubt your symptoms.

That said, I can’t deny the fact that I still feel like crap most of the day. Now, though, the nausea is directly food-related. I’m nauseous when I’m hungry, nauseous when I eat too much, nauseous..all the time. I need round-the-clock food – but I keep making the mistake of eating too much in one sitting. The severity is better, however, and I’ve made it down to 2 Zofran pills in a 24 hour period, instead of the original 4. So there is progress there.

My gut is large and in charge. I still think some of it is bloating, but it’s all day, morning and night, and it’s extremely obvious. I haven’t announced it at work still and people are now looking at my stomach when talking to me instead of my eyes. It is a large belly, I think.

And there’s other things too, but really, I just need it to be Wednesday, and I need to know those little zygotes have grown and look good.

Twin pregnant friends – my next ultrasound after this 12 week NT scan isn’t until about 20 weeks – are any of you being monitored more often when you don’t have any complications? This just seems like a long space of time in between.

And finally, I took someone’s advice and started putting my emotional energy into baby products rather than symptoms and fears. Belle, I’m taking your advice and reading Baby Bargains cover to cover. I plan to look for the best deals. I’ll be damned if these twins break my bank. So far, we’ve made two decisions and I’ll tell you, it feels good to make a decision.

Now I’m not saying I won’t change my mind or that I won’t later be like, what was I thinking? But right now, having these decisions made makes me smile. One less thing right now, you know?

So, product-wise, we’ve decided on a crib (well, cribs) and I’m pleased with the ratings and price, and we decided on what to use at night those first few weeks in our bedroom, since there isn’t room for a crib and we aren’t trekking up the stairs a million times. After doing some research, it seems the twin pack n play with bassinets isn’t a good purchase, and I don’t think I want the co-sleeper. So, two rock n plays it is! I know about the risk for flat heads and hope to have them nap during the day in their cribs. The rock n plays would be for night, or I’ll just – I don’t know, rotate how they are positioned in there. But the reviews are great, and this seems like the best option. Do you think we could buy those gently used?

By the way, when I say “plan”…I’m not saying everything has to go this way or else. Believe me, I’m not that naive. But having a tentative “plan” right now gets me geared up and makes me feel just slightly more prepared.

Progress is happening on the outside, for sure. I just hope it’s also happening on the inside! Two more sleeps!


8 thoughts on “12w3d and I’m still counting

  1. robin says:

    I don’t think we got any scans from 12-20 weeks. After that I started getting them more regularly.

    Do you have room in your room for one crib? We put the babies in one crib until they were 4 months old, no problem. We finally moved them after then because they started rotating in the crib and were hitting their heads and stuff. Now they still move around but there is more space for them!

  2. thefamilyvan says:

    I totally understand the anxiety upon finding…something…during bathroom trips. Even when you know it’s not anything, there is a lot of stress involved in seeing something that shouldn’t be there. Try not to stress it–there’s some crazy stuff (good stuff!) going on in your body right now.

    Our NT scan is next Tuesday. I’m excited to hear about yours so I can prepare myself. I’m proud of you for making some executive decisions–this twin thing is not easy! As soon as I think I’ve decided on a stroller, I find something wrong with it. The best I’ve found is the Bugaboo Donkey, but it’s huge and requires a second mortgage. Ugh.

    Looking forward to hearing great results from Wednesday’s scan!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Haha – the stroller thing completely overwhelms me, and I haven’t even gone there yet. Any stroller we get now we will need a new one in a year! And the cost is insane. Good luck at your scan, can’t wait to see how it goes!

  3. JustHeather says:

    We were a singleton, but because of where I live, we only got u/s at 12, 20 and maybe one more (can’t remember), plus the one at the RE to determine pregnancy at 7 weeks. It is definitely hard to wait between appointments, u/s or not!

    For baby stuff, I have bought most everything used from second-hand stores, FB baby-stuff selling groups, friend and such. I think it is very doable to buy most everything used, even with twins, if you don’t mind things not matching exactly. Baby stuff is expensive!! and a lot of it (esp clothes) are only used a short time and really don’t get worn out.

    Good luck and can’t wait to hear about Wednesday’s appointment.

  4. Jessica says:

    The rock and play was the best baby purchase ever, in our opinion. The flat head thing was the older version, I believe; I saw the newer ones at Target last week and they have A LOT more padding than the one we had (2011).

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