My gut is so large.

Let me first say: I had to stop for a second before beginning this post and remind myself how lucky I am. This was an infertility blog, and I loved the support I got from you other infertiles. I knew I could blog about whatever was on my mind and whatever questions I had. Now that this has become a pregnancy blog, I know that nothing has changed, and I appreciate it. When I have a question (which seems to be daily now) I don’t even give it a second thought – other bloggers will know! So I am very grateful that this is still a space for me to write my thoughts, worries and questions and you guys will probably have the answers! It’s a cool thing.

So that said, I wanted to take to this blog for the third time in a few days to voice my questions and one giant realization.

The other day it was round ligament pain. Now that I know what that feels like, I have no worries. It’s no big deal. And that’s what seems to happen with every pain and discomfort I feel. I apparently feel a lot better once I find out it’s normal. Yesterday it wasn’t the round ligament pain – it was something new. Dizziness that lasted the entire morning. I turned my head and it took a few seconds for my eyes to catch up. And it just went on. Then, a headache. A bad one. And first of all, I’m not a headache person – I’m not prone to them. I’m prone to stomachaches instead. But anyway, this headache lasted all day long and was located on the right side, specifically behind my right eye. By the evening I had to just shut my eyes, and then I finally gave in and took Tylenol, and it did help. But what was with that?

And now, today: I’m struggling to explain this one. So when I eat a meal, I’m really not eating that much. Certainly less than I used to eat, but I would still consider it an average portion. But it’s not a ton. But after I eat, I feel unbelievably – full. Like it was Thanksgiving dinner and I over-ate. You know that feeling? You want to undo your pants, lay down and moan. As someone who in the past was quite able to consume a lot, I’ve felt that feeling (and cursed myself) many times. But that is the feeling I’m getting now. I feel like I need to lay down after my meal and hold my gut. It’s hard as a rock, tight, and seemingly so full. I couldn’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. But now I’m starting to wonder – does this have nothing to do with food? Is this what a growing stomach feels like?

Which leads to my realization – after a little research and checking out a few bumps, my “bump” is the size of someone with one baby at say – 20 weeks. Or more. I mean, it’s large. I’m an 140 pound person, no little stick or anything. This stomach is big. And I’m about 13 and a half weeks, people. Soooo not 20. Or anything close.

So as I’m realizing how large I apparently am, I’m now questioning that “full” feeling. Is this from food (and it also involves shortness of breath and a desire to sleep) or is this my stomach growing at some astronomical speed? Sleeping on my back is no longer going well because I feel like I’m being stretched.

What it comes down to is this – why am I so uncomfortable? Where’s that period of a “glowing” pregnant woman? I just feel weighed down and tight. I assume it’s because there are two in there? Can anyone relate?

And by the way, I’m not complaining. I will happily accept every little symptom thrown my way. It’s more confusion – and because this is my first pregnancy, and one with twins, I just have no idea what to expect. Does a growing stomach cause discomfort?


3 thoughts on “My gut is so large.

  1. ozifrog says:

    I remember that full feeling…oh it was awful!!! For me this was at 20 something weeks, after a friends wedding, and i thought my skin would just burst open…lbut you are carrying two, so I’m not that surprised. You’ll feel that for a while, then somehow your body adjusts, you go long fine for a while, then it comes back. I think a huge part of it is where the babies are positioned too.

  2. robin says:

    Your uterus and babies are smushing your stomach now. You’ll probably have to just eat more frequently but in smaller amounts. I think when I was pregnant I basically ate all day throughout the day. It may go away and sometimes you might be ravenous but in general it’s probably just going to be hard to eat a lot at a time for a while.

    BUT. Just to clarify… You’re saying your belly is hard as a rock? You are having a feeling of tightness in your belly – not a feeling of fullness like being “done” eating but actually feeling like you are tight? Does it come and go? If you lie on your side does it go away? If you said yes to the last three questions you should tell your doctor. I started getting Braxton Hicks early on so I started taking it easy at probably 16 weeks and later and also making sure I drank a loooot of water. Anyway, I don’t think it is BH, it’s probably normal pregnancy stuff, but if you are concerned then it’s worth telling your doctor because you are carrying twins, which is higher risk than a single baby and worth being a little neurotic about (in my opinion anyway!).

  3. arbrefleur says:

    I’ve never done this before so I don’t know if anything is normal ;), but we are at the exact same stage (to the day) and I absolutely get this fullness/tightness feeling. And I only have one! I am also not eating as much as I used to (the nausea and food aversions (to ALL food!) keep me from wanting to eat), but when I go more than 2 hours without eating, I have an unbearable full-body hunger that sometimes causes me to eat a bunch at once and then….ug! Soooooo much discomfort! Def want to hold my belly and moan. The pants straight-up come OFF! 🙂 I think you’re doing great and everything is fine! But as a carrier of twins, you’re entitled to twice as many Qs to your OB whenever something concerns you!

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