It has to come out: A Poop Post

Warning: This post is about poop. I was really not going to go there, mostly because there are people who read this who know me in real life and that could be just plain awkward. But I’m desperate. So, I’m telling you now, if you don’t want to hear the details of my poop life or wouldn’t be able to look at me the same way again, I will not be offended if you just press “delete” right now. Seriously.

Still with me? I’m writing out of pain, misery and desperation. And you guys might have the answers. Help!

So let’s back up. In my last post I complained of a very tight and hard stomach. I thought it was just a growing gut. In fact, I looked more pregnant that day than I have yet. That was the day my staff figured out I was pregnant. No, they were not Braxton Hicks, though thank you for that comment, Robin! It wasn’t coming and going, just a permanent feeling of fullness and a hard stomach.

Well. That night, right before dinner, all of a sudden I thought I might have to go to the bathroom. Up until this point, going to the bathroom was never pretty, just a little bit here and there and very hard (sorry for the TMI, this is just the beginning). I was considering anything a success. To cut to the chase, I ended up sitting there with the most excruciating pain I’ve felt in – maybe years. It was all right there and it wouldn’t come out. I started feeling super nauseous, got the shakes, my hands got tingly – I was going to pass out from the pain. I did the most disgusting thing in the world, I had to go in and physically remove the pieces that were right there that hurt so bad. That’s freaking nasty. So then when I knew I wouldn’t pass out anymore, I went to the couch. I had a fleet enema on hand (a staple in everyone’s bathroom, right?) and after calling the doctor on call, used it. She recommended a Dulcolax suppository first as it is more gentle, but I had the enema in my house and decided to go for it. 20 minutes later, and weeks’ worth of backup was – helped. Gross. The pain was so bad that night I never ate dinner. The doctor on call was the same doctor who told me at my last appointment to drink lots of water to fix the problem. She was not helpful, but the enema was the right move that night. It was the worst.

The next day I called the office looking for some actual advice. The nurse I spoke to was more helpful – she told me to try stopping my fiber pills (6 psyllium husks a day) and to take more stool softeners (from one 3 times a day to two twice a day). She said after 3-4 days if I still hadn’t gone (like really gone) to take a Dulcolax pill and that should help.

Now it’s today, Saturday. I’ve stopped all fiber pills since Tuesday, taken two colace stool softeners twice a day, and since I hadn’t gone, took a Dulcolax last night. Today, I woke up with pains, lots of them as I imagine things were moving around in there, but nothing would come out. I had to do the enema, again. Now I’m flushed out, again, and frustrated. This is no way to live!

I will call the doctor again on Tuesday, but first I thought I’d ask you guys if you had any suggestions. First though, let me tell you what I’ve already tried:

-I have IBS (which is no doubt contributing to this), of which the old solution was psyllium husks (which comes in either pill form or is the same thing as Metamucil. Doesn’t work anymore.
-Miralax doesn’t work for me with the IBS, so that’s out. I used to try it often before being pregnant.
-I drink an insane amount of water. If that doctor tells me to drink more water one more time I’m going to pop her in the face. Bottle after bottle, all day long. It’s all I drink.
-Truth be told, I have not been consuming a ton of fruits and veggies lately, as the nausea wasn’t liking that. That said, I’ve been bringing it back, and with IBS, there’s a lot of pain and things moving around but that’s it.
-The stool softeners. Lots of them.
-Now the Dulcolax. Movement in there, nothing but pain comes out.
-tried a little caffeine in a little coffee. Nope.
-Hot tea
-lots of walking
-I’m about to try prunes but I’m thinking it won’t be a miracle worker.
– I already take probiotics.
-I don’t take the prenatal (doctor approved as long as I take folic acid), so it’s not iron.

I guess what it comes down to is this – in my opinion, this isn’t an ordinary case of constipation. It’s in my genes (my mother had Diverticulitis due to years of constipation and even now with very little colon left, she still has constipation), I have IBS, and I’m pregnant. The normal water and fruits and vegetables trick doesn’t make me satisfied. I need something more, something that helps this pain it causes. My mother tells me that when she was pregnant she did a hot water enema once a week the whole time. The doctor said the hot water wouldn’t work (I asked). As long as the enemas are safe, I guess I don’t mind. But it’s already been twice in less than a week, and in between those times, my stomach is hard, full, and in pain. Plus, enemas clean you out, but they don’t solve the problem. Yes, I suppose I’m officially complaining. But it is, for sure, the most painful side effect of being pregnant yet. Oh, happy second trimester to me! The best present would be….poop.

Any suggestions?


6 thoughts on “It has to come out: A Poop Post

  1. Belle says:

    AHHHH! I was right there with you yesterday! Finally, after two doses of Miralax I had a massive poo this morning – and now feel tremendously hung over. It’s rough and I, too, and searching for solutions. I already drink very close to a gallon of water a day, eat high fiber and lots of beans and blah blah blah. Anyways, I’m not help to you but want you to know that you are not alone in your pooping pain. ((big hugs))

  2. Psycholovista says:

    It sounds like the week-long nightmare my pregnant friend was going through! It ended up being a side effect of the anti-nausea meds she was taking, as she was throwing up 7-8 times a day….ultimately she chose vomiting over the constipation! I hope you find some relief soon!

  3. Kate says:

    Oh man I’m so sorry you are going through this! I’ve been relatively lucky this pregnancy, but had a similar nightmare 14 years ago with my first. Back then I was too scared and stubborn to do an enima and so just white knuckled it thru the pain. Dumb. I’d be all about the enimas now, and whatever else works. I really don’t have a whole lot of valuable advice- your list of what has/has not worked is very thorough! I would try to add some things to your diet, just in case, since that’s relatively easy to do. Prunes, breakfast cereals, black beans and sweet potatoes, etc. But, not to scare you, but do try to figure out some solutions now, cause things move even slower in the 3rd trimester, as I’m sure you know. It really sucks. Feel free to vent your pooping woes here anytime! What are we all here for, if not to commiserate!? Good luck!

  4. thefamilyvan says:

    I have no advice to offer, but I wanted you to know that you are not the first person I’ve heard of who’s had to “pull it out”. Not sure if that provides any relief (no pun intended), but I’m here and will listen to your poop talk whenever you need to let it out (slight pin intended)!

  5. Jessica says:

    Lots of stool softeners. By the time I hit my third tri I was obsessing and never felt “good” unless I went that day. After the birth you’ll be lucky to notice if you have spitup in your hair, never mind whether you had a daily BM or not. It will get better!

  6. fotochikyo says:

    I realize I am late in the game on this but I have had constipation issues my whole life until I started taking cod liver oil everyday. About a tablespoon. I trust the barleans brand. It comes in lemonade flavor and it’s really not bad. Liquid form is best because you are supposed to swish it around in your mouth for a minute before swallowing to prepare your body for absorption and digestion. Check local health food stores or buy online. It’s in the refrigerated section at stores. Here’s a link

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