17 weeks, pears and prunes

I have had so many random pregnancy-related thoughts rolling around recently that I decided it must be time for a new post. First, an update:

We had our normal OB checkup yesterday, which I was a bit anxious to have, because the last check-in I did was at 12.5 weeks, and here I am today at 17. Still had two heartbeats, though the doctor didn’t look at the bpm (just curious….as we’ve been following a pattern of one at 170 and the other at 140 this whole time!). This time, the heartbeats sounded much closer together in speed. I normally don’t buy old wives’ tales, but this one about the heart rates has stuck with me. We shall see – only 2.5 more weeks until the big appointment!

Otherwise, the check-up yesterday was again, pretty pointless. Tell me this – is that the point of these appointments? Just for you to read off your list of probably common questions, the doctor says something basic, like “drink more water” or, “keep doing what you’re doing” and you’re out the door? Because I mentioned the constipation, again. I rattled off what I’m currently doing: Miralax daily (not a full dose, it gives me pains), 4 Colace a day, 8ish prunes a day, lots of water, veggies and fruits, 2 probiotics a day…I think that covers it. And I had to do a third enema last week.

I’m just going to say – I don’t really mind enemas. I don’t use a whole bottle, first of all. But the act of having one is not an issue. Cleaning out the pipes is well worth examining the dog hair on our bathroom rug for a few minutes (we really should vacuum more). The rest of the night, though, I feel pretty crappy (pun intended). Funny story – after this last enema, I didn’t think I was – done, so I used a bit more. And nothing happened. Because I was, in fact, done. So, at the dinner table I found out what happens when you put in more water than you need. Let’s just say I had an emergency run to the bathroom, not in time, and my husband had a good laugh. And the trash was taken out. I’ve learned my lesson.

I’m not saying that the enema is the answer, because I know it’s not, and the doctors aren’t satisfied with that being my “solution”. However, I have tried everything they have suggested, and as someone who has IBS, I’m not exactly surprised I have an issue. The doctor yesterday suggested I maybe check out a gastro doctor. I’m not sure it’s necessary, but if it continues, I guess I may have to go that route. What will they do for me? There’s no magic solution, or I would’ve had it already. So the poop woes continue.

I almost wrote a post the other night and then decided to see what happens. I think, for two nights in a row, I experienced heartburn. Or acid reflux. What’s the difference? See, I’ve never had either one. But they both were after dinner, a little while after as I sat on the reclined couch. A big lump in my throat, a heaviness in my chest…it didn’t burn exactly. It felt like when you go running outside in the winter. You come back inside and your lungs hurt. That’s what it felt like. It was pretty miserable. I think that is what it was, and to avoid it, I’ve taken to not sitting on the couch after dinner. I’m trying to walk off the meal. And Tums and Zantac. But it was weird.

And I could probably go on and on, thinking up every little ache and pain I’ve experienced lately, more because I keep wanting to know, “Is this normal?” But I’m not going to do that. I imagine being pregnant a second time is a lot less worrisome and stressful, because you’ve felt the weird pains before and you know what’s what. Now, I just never know.

One thing I do know is that my chest has taken up a mind of its own. I was always an A cup size, and now…not so much. But I don’t exactly know what size I am, or how much bigger I will get, so I borrowed a friend’s bra, and this is how she had it for me the next day:


(No, the kids hadn’t arrived yet.) It’s a C-cup and it was a little big. So I guess I’m not there yet. But goodness.

Speaking of school, it seems everyone I work with now knows, as I sort of let the rumor float around, rather than make a big announcement. I’m still happy with the way that went down. The weird things now are the people who come up to me to “confirm” the rumor who aren’t – happy for me. Well, they might be, but they are the people who want to know for gossip’s sake, and luckily I managed to hold them off so they were the last to know. You can totally tell the difference between someone who’s happy for you and someone who’s judging you. I don’t mind, it’s kind of funny. But one in particular seemed upset she was the last to know, even though I didn’t personally tell many people at all. She wasn’t even happy for me! She just wanted in on the gossip. Yuck. And the weird questions have started, and this one (from a relative!) – “Are you drinking?” Um, no. “Well I wasn’t sure, because you came in (to the party) carrying a bottle of wine. So I thought you might be drinking it.” I believe I said, “I’m not stupid, you know.” Nope – just carrying the bottle because my husband’s hands were full! I should’ve said, “Yes, I drink a bottle a night. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?”

I’ve been cranking on the registry and very happy with the choices I’ve made. My decisions start with research from the “Baby Bargains” book, and then for big ticket items, I further research them on Consumer Reports, and then check Amazon, as my registry is on there. So far, most big decisions have been made, including car seats, the stroller, high chairs, cribs, and that sort of thing. I do start to panic when I see these prices for 2. I’m not getting everything doubled, and after the shower I’ll try to buy used off ebay and Craigslist for the things I didn’t get – but not everything should be used. Many of those big expensive items should be new. I hate to be selfish but I hope I have a big shower.

One of my coworkers told me to eat “anything that starts with a ‘p'” to ward off digestion issues. So it’s time for my afternoon “pear and prune” snack.


2 thoughts on “17 weeks, pears and prunes

  1. Kate says:

    You’re right… First pregnancies are scarier since you have no clue what to expect, not expect, etc… Not to mention the added stress of how we got here! Reflux and heartburn both suck… As do many other pregnancy symptoms. Eating smaller more frequent meals and not sitting or lying down too soon should help. But the bigger you get, the more digestive “fun” you may have. Good plan to focus on the positive stuff, the nursery, etc.
    I’m sitting here with my 2 week old propped on my knees, about to nurse her, and knowing I’d go through it all and worse all over again in a heartbeat!

  2. arbrefleur says:

    I have prunes and pears on my shopping list, too! Ug! I hope things clear up for you soon, or you find something that works well. I’ve heard the prunes themselves are better than the prune juice, but the prune juice works for me. (Well, it works every other day. Which is better than nothing! 😉 ) Good luck!

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