Braxton hicks and irrational worries

It’s always something! I come here to ask my pregnancy questions because I seem to have so many! Every week, it’s something new. A lot of people I know who have been pregnant frequently say, “I never had that” symptom, so I wonder why I seem to be experiencing every single one! But I’m not complaining, as if this is just what happens, I’m good with that. The issue is more of a worry.

As an aside, worrying has been something I’ve taken to extremes in the past few weeks. I’ve always been a bit of a worrier, but found all that unnecessary anxiety drastically reduced when I stopped living with my parents and moved in with my husband, who doesn’t worry for anything. So I’m not thrilled to find this renewed and ridiculous anxiousness back in my life. Sure, random pregnancy pains and aches cause some of it – but I know I’ve lost my mind because the random worrying thoughts aren’t all pregnancy related! I find myself worrying about my husband driving to work, my dogs choking on treats, one dog in particular who has been throwing up most mornings right when she first gets up, I assume the worst. Someone doesn’t respond to my text right away – cue worry. Basically, with every little thing that happens, I’ve been blowing it up in my head as this huge disaster and worrying about it. This is not fun. This is also not normal for me. At least it hasn’t been in many years. I’m assuming these have something to do with pregnancy hormones and this is just what my brain is doing with them. Either way, I’m fully aware of how irrational the thoughts are, so there’s a lot of talking myself off the ledge.

Back to the pregnancy symptoms, because this is my first pregnancy and I’m also having twins, the renewed anxiousness doesn’t help matters. I’m working on it.

I believe I had my first Braxton Hicks in bed this morning. My stomach got super tight and hard right next to my belly button. I was feeling around and the tightness was not my whole stomach, but more like a ball. It did go away but not until getting out of bed and moving around. I know these are supposed to be normal but it still freaked me out a bit. I also know dehydration can cause them, and I hadn’t had anything to drink since last night. So that made sense. I also might be extra dehydrated because I’ve gotten my first “illness” while pregnant. Not a huge deal, but a super nasty cold and some aches and chills that come and go. Today is already a little better. Of course, there’s not much you can take while pregnant, so Tylenol has been it. Not being able to breathe through your nose, though, sucks, and I’m sure adds to dehydration. I wonder if blowing your nose too hard and too often can cause BH? :-p Finally, I’ve also officially experienced heartburn and that’s not fun either. Two nights ago I had to pace around the house for hours after eating and I really just wanted to sit down! It didn’t go away until I fell asleep. I think I ate too much, too fast. There are just so many rules! I frequently forget things like eating slower and less. Get more protein, drink more water, eat more veggies. These things are always in my head. See? Excess worrying.

In regards to a happy pregnancy symptom, I do believe I’ve felt the first flutterings in there. They are more like little popping bubbles or small taps. I always have to stop and think if they are gas related. But I think I can now tell the difference! So that’s exciting. Our big appointment is a week and a half away, and we are very excited about that as well. I’m still having these moments where I realize, again, this is actually happening, and these little pears are somehow going to exit my body and we are going to bring them home. The thought sometimes makes me feel nauseous/dizzy.

I do kind of wonder, do other pregnant people experience all these things and just don’t mention them? Or am I really that abnormal to be experiencing basically every pregnancy symptom possible?


8 thoughts on “Braxton hicks and irrational worries

  1. Kate @ Infertile First Mom says:

    First of all… The irrational worrying is totally a pregnancy symptom! I had really far fetched fears and anxiety (and my dreams were crazy because of that too!) I even went to a therapist to talk some of it out, which helped with perspective. I wish I could say all the anxiety went away after the baby came, but for me at least, the crazy worries about my husband, random home invasions, etc were just replaced by baby-centered anxieties (is she getting enough breast milk, is she pooping/peeing enough, should I clip her fingernails, is that gas or something worse?….. And on and on)

    About the possible BH… It sounds like that could’ve been a mild one, though in my experience they usually make your whole belly go hard for a few seconds or a minute. Just a localized hard spot near your belly button sounds more like one of your little ones was pushing up in that spot, causing the hardness in just that area. Either way, it’s all normal and I’m sure nothing to worry about- just bring it up at your appt next week. Very exciting!
    Take care!

  2. aj says:

    I was super anxious my whole pregnancy as well and I worried about other people too especially something bad happening to my husband. And I think with twins you are more likely to experience more symptoms. That’s awesome about the movement!!

  3. Jessica says:

    I think that infertility lends itself to an increased awareness of physical symptoms, which remains (and sometimes gets worse) after pregnancy. Chances are, “normal” pregnant women get the same symptoms you have, but most don’t notice it and if they do, they don’t blog about it. Does that makes sense?

    As far as the anxiety part, you definitely are having a lot of irrational fears. I might not be objective, as I’m a psychotherapist, but you might think about talking to one. If they do cognitive-behavioral therapy, they can really help with those thoughts.

  4. arbrefleur says:

    Well, once again, I’m astounded by how similar our experiences are. We are to the day, same phase of preggo. I have a singleton, but otherwise, I could have written this EXACT post to the letter! I was always a worrier, then my wonderful hubby helped a lot because he is the anti-worrier 😉 But now I worry about everything and everyone, including my pets! I chalk it up to brand new maternal feelings that I never really had before. At least not so intensely. But it is TOTALLY normal. I’m sure a therapist would be nice if you can afford it. (I cannot.) But just knowing that you are not alone and your experience is totally normal, should help, I hope!

    Also, I just started feeling the flutters and distinguishing them anything else. Also, my hubs and I have our big appointment in a week and half. Also I often forget all the new “rules” and just last night, I ate too much dinner in one sitting, got heartburn, and had to go for a little walk to ease the discomfort. Also had a little cold last week and tried netti pot. Maybe that would help? But anyway, glad you’re already feeling better!! I agree that the episode sounds like a little mini, early BH. And nothing to worry about. Keep up the good work – wish I could be of more help, but all I can say is I have the exact same sxs!!!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Hey, thank you!! Do you have a BLOG..because if so, how am I not following it? How cool that we are at the exact same spot. I’m still forgetting the small meal rule and I pay for it every time!

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