23 weeks!

I’ve been doing such a good job at not being paranoid and not reading Google – until now. But first, a new picture. I feel that during this past week, while on school vacation, I “popped”. Granted, I had already grown a nice goose egg up until this point, as can be seen in the first picture, taken at 21.5 weeks. A week and a half later, and woah – that is a belly.


So that was a week and a half ago. Today, I’ve got this:


Yes, I’ve grown. And since I didn’t feel any differently otherwise upon waking up, today I did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and went to CVS, the grocery store, and Target. Mind you, none of this was done all at once. It was spread out throughout the day. But still, my couch time was basically non-existent. After my last errand, when I realized how exhausted I was, and how heavy my stomach was, I finally sat on the couch, only to notice my stomach harden (like it does alllll the time), but for a minute at a time and then lessen up. Many times. While doing nothing. So cue slight paranoia.

Of course, this also happened at the same time I was reading the book “Juggling Twins” – where I read, and not for the first time, that the two things I can do that are in my control to push away preterm labor are eat more, and do less. More rest. Cue guilt.

Now that I’ve eaten dinner and chugged some water, the hardening seems to have stopped. Therefore, I am coming to the conclusion that they were Braxton Hicks. It’s so hard to tell! My stomach is hard all time and has been for weeks. It is very rarely squishy. That said, I could see that the tightening kept coming and going, which worried me. I started getting worried about preterm labor, which is a worry never far from the front of my brain. But I have no other symptoms. So I’m going to keep chugging water and try not to worry. Obviously if something else happens, I’ll call the doctor on duty. I do think I overdid it today, and it caused the BH.

The thing is, and I’ve talked about this before – I don’t know how to do less. I say this because I thought I WAS doing less! I don’t exercise a lick, I do basic cleaning rather than real cleaning, I don’t make dinner, when I sit I do put my feet up, and I go to bed early.

And what’s my husband doing? He is completely redoing our entire house. As it is, he cooks all my meals, walks the dogs, vacuums, etc. But prior to being pregnant, we started redoing everything – every room in this house is or has gotten new paint, new moulding, new doors, new wood floors, new carpet…you get the idea. And now that we are kind of in a time crunch, he spends all his free time working on these projects. I can’t ask him to do literally everything else too.

And I’m not worried about letting some major chores go. But dishes in the sink do need to be taken care of. Dogs need to be fed. I don’t know. I keep reminding myself to do less and sit more, and then I legitimately forget. Like I said, it’s not like I go to the gym. These are basics. Should I put a chair in the shower, for Pete’s sake?

Anyway, I do want to rest. I truly do. I just can’t seem to tell when I’ve done too much until it’s too late. And now that I’m going back to school on Monday, I REALLY need to learn this lesson. Keeping the babies cooking is my number one priority, and sometimes I forget that it’s different with twins. It’s a higher risk. Just slow down already!!

I’ll try again tomorrow. I’ve got three more loads of laundry on my list – comforter, sheets, and dog blankets. Maybe I’ll just look past the inches of dog fur…


4 thoughts on “23 weeks!

  1. AJ says:

    Wow 23 weeks already! Your baby bump is so cute. Sounds like those were Braxton Hicks contractions. Just keep drinking plenty of water!! When I was pregnant I really took it easy between 20 and 32 weeks…and them I was pretty active until I delivered at 38 weeks. Hang in there! I’m so excited for you!

  2. arbrefleur says:

    Awesome bump! I feel in the same boat. Very hard to “do less”, but I hope you can reach a balance! And I’m sure your hubs understand that you are working a very difficult full-time job of growing twins! Let him (and maybe friends and family) help you out 🙂 for now while you need it. They want to help! Good luck!

  3. robin says:

    I had a hard time sitting down while pregnant, too. But people kept reminding me – is doing that load of laundry worth it? Is going to CVS worth it? Instead of sitting down, lie down on your left side, and keep drinking water. Spend as much time lying down on your left as you can. Remember that every day you keep the babies in is another day (or more!) that they aren’t in the NICU, that the longer they are in the healthier they will be.

    Maybe some of those major projects won’t get done before the babies are born so your husband can focus on the day-to-day stuff like feeding the dogs and doing the laundry. People had to keep reminding me of things like this too. I was also going on walks in 90 degree weather because I felt fine. And thankfully our babies came out without major medical issues. But it is really risky and TOTALLY not worth it!

    It sucks, I totally felt like an invalid. But making babies is a loooot of work and my body didn’t have much energy for anything else. Even with spending all of my time lying down and drinking gallons of water from 30 weeks on, I had the babies at 34 weeks.

    Good luck!!!!!!

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