Small victory #1

I should’ve just blogged yesterday.

Yesterday’s appointment actually was one small victory, at least until next week at least. It was what I was hoping for. My cervix did shorten a little, as I had a feeling it would after only one week of bed rest. Its lowest measurement was a 1.3, rather than last week’s 1.6. At this point, I’m glad I still have a cervix.

Then it was time for the contraction machine – and that, I knew, would be the key to going home or checking in. She hooked me up for about 40 minutes, including hookups for the twins’ heartbeats. I swear both babies spent the 40 minutes just kicking the crap out of their hookups. As for the contractions, I had two. My stomach tightened as it has been, mostly in the front and right sides. I’ve been keeping track of these and I was thinking I was doomed for a hospital stay. When the nurse came to check on my results, she asked if I had felt anything, and I told her yes, I had two. “There’s nothing on your chart,” she said. Those weren’t contractions. They weren’t?? Then I throw up my hands. I thought I finally had figured out what they are. Clearly not. Right when she was taking off the monitor she said, “you might be having a small one now.” I felt nothing whatsoever. It makes it quite hard to monitor contractions at home when what you thought they were, they aren’t. And the fact that I may not even feel the real ones yet doesn’t help. So that’s irritating. I also got my first steroid shot for the babies’ lungs. The good news? I got to go home for another week of home bed rest, rather than a hospital stay. A small victory, but I’ll take it!

I say I should’ve blogged yesterday because I was in a better mood :-p Last night I started having some lower abdominal cramping, which yes, I know is yet another sign of preterm labor. However, I quickly found out that (TMI ahead) it was all poop related. I’m completely constipated, I had the impacted stool again, etc. And I’m pretty sure enemas are now out, so I spent the night tossing and turning, feeling sick, because I couldn’t go to the bathroom. So after a night of no sleep (what’s up with restless leg syndrome??) today I’m dragging. I am going for my second steroid shot soon so I will ask then about the constipation. Can I take a warm bath at least?

This all brings me to a new line of thought – I am so completely obsessed with preterm labor symptoms that I seem to be taken aback with regular pregnancy symptoms. I forget about this, because my mind is on one thing only. A couple things I have noticed recently, which I think fall under the category of regular pregnancy symptoms include: an increase of nausea and disinterest in food. What, is this the first trimester all over again? Thank goodness I still have Zofran. But food is not sounding good. Not at all. Just fruit and yogurt. And too much dairy gives me constipation, so endless ice cream is out. I’m concerned because I’m therefore not eating a whole lot and I’m only hovering around a 15 pound weight gain. At 24 weeks. With twins. What do I do? No one has said I haven’t gained enough, though a nurse commented yesterday how small I am. Listen – fellow bedresters- is this a thing?? My stomach shrank. A lot. That last picture I posted – my stomach is like half that size. Either something bad happened, or I was never that big in the first place and that was all pressure and gravity. But seriously, my stomach definitely shrank a lot. I’m not a petite person either – my body doesn’t seem the type that would be all tiny when pregnant, especially with more than one baby. Blah.

So constipation, nausea, weight gain issues – pregnancy symptoms are still here. I’m grateful for that and I’ll take it all if it means the twins stay in longer. But I like to be on top of the things I can control, since there is so much I can’t control. Any thoughts?

And finally, my brain isn’t bored on bed rest. This isn’t a comfortable, relaxing vacation. However, does anyone have any book, tv series, or movie suggestions? I’m a novel, fiction kind of girl. I’m hoping for a long stay on this couch and have access to Kindle books, HBO, Netflix, etc.

Okay, off to my next steroid shot.


9 thoughts on “Small victory #1

  1. JustHeather says:

    Yay for the good news and that you’re still in one piece AND at home! 🙂 Sorry for constipation and nausea. 😦
    As for books.. I can’t recommend enough Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. There are 7 books so far (8th will be out later this year). There isn’t a proper genre for them, but they are AMAZING! (Yes, I needed all caps.) In my opinion, the first 50 pages of the first book were the slowest, the rest.. I devoured, twice!! Seriously, this series will keep you entertained for a time.

  2. thefamilyvan says:

    Glad to hear you got to go home! That’s good news! I hear you loud and clear on the restless leg front–it’s awful!

    As for Netflix recommendations, we really liked House of Cards and The Killing. My guilty pleasure is RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s pretty much the best show on TV!

  3. AJ says:

    Yea! Glad you got to go home! I recommend “the night circus” it’s my favorite book.

    For Netflix, I recommend weeks
    White collar or one tree hill or the Gilmore girls.

  4. Kate @ Infertile First Mom says:

    So glad to hear you got good news, and all that down time is not for nothing. Definitely try to stay focused on the things you can control and not dwell on those you can’t. I’d say, from where you’re standing (or sitting:), Symptom spotting is very normal. You’re doing great, in my opinion.

    Hmmm, I have so many great books and series to recommend, but here are a few of my faves. You’ve probably seen or read some of them, but just in case… this is a must read/watch list.

    Books: Ahab’s Wife, Unbroken, Cutting for Stone (sort of dark), Wild (Cheryl Strayed)- this one will make you feel like you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to:), Defending Jacob, 11-22-63 (Steven King), State of Wonder (does have some fertility related content, but nothing too emotionally demanding, IMO- it’s not a depressing book), Suspect and Shatter (Both by Michael Robotham)

    Series: Game of Thrones, Girls, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Episodes (give it a chance- it gets hilarious, esp in the second season), Sons of Anarchy (sorta graphic, but good), Friday Night Lights, Arrested Development, Damages, Boardwalk Empire

    Hang in there, my dear. 🙂

  5. roadtofertility says:

    I’m glad that you are okay and that you at least get to stay at home. AS for the weight gain, don’t feel too bad. I am also pregnant with twins at 22 weeks and I’ve gained maybe about 12 pounds. My doctors aren’t too worried yet. I’m not a bed rester but I’m petite and started this pregnancy at about 100 pounds. My doctors said I will be gaining a lot towards the end of it all. Anyway, I ope you ave an uneventful’re in my thoughts and prayers!

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