Home again



It looks like the dogs are really hating the couch rest, don’t you think?

Thank goodness they behave when it’s just me at home alone. Sadie paws at the door when it’s a beautiful day because she wants to lay in the sun, but otherwise what you just saw is what I get. Poor things don’t get much exercise anymore. But they are really cute.

The summary of today’s appointment is this:

I am at home on bed rest, as opposed to in the hospital, as long as my contractions stay irregular, no matter what my short cervix length is. If my cervix does get super short or nonexistent (it’s holding out at 1.3 cm), then I’ll no doubt be having regular contractions and will need to be hospitalized.

This is actually good news, especially since my cervix isn’t any shorter than it was last week, but the bad news is that I am contracting. They are still irregular overall, but I can feel them. They are now strong enough for me to have figured out what they feel like. In my non-stress test today, I had only two, but 10 minutes apart. They sent me home, but these contractions make me really nervous. And I seem to get them from talking, getting stressed out, being in the car, and eating. So I’m keeping track and praying they stay irregular. And I’m keeping still and not talking much. It just sucks.

In other news, I am also concerned that I’m not gaining enough weight. Again, I’m not petite here. My starting weight (after losing 7 pounds with first trimester nausea) was 140. But I’ve still only gained 15 pounds or so, and I’m 25 weeks with twins! Not only that, my stomach since being on couch rest has shrunk at least in half. It is the smallest bump. I could probably put on a sweatshirt and you wouldn’t know I’m pregnant. It’s such a drastic difference in two weeks and I don’t like it. 6 months pregnant with twins – I should be quite large, right? What’s up with that? Doctors aren’t concerned or even thinking about it. I just want the babies to have the healthiest weight possible when born. I never had trouble gaining tons of weight with my thyroid problem – now is not the time to all of a sudden be slim.

New and old worries – not every day is like this but today it is.


3 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Belle says:

    I only have a singleton, but have noticed days on end when my bump is significantly smaller than others. While today the bump is LARGE and a tad alarming! But last night, after dinner even, it seemed very small. I’m starting to think it has to do with how Chicken is curled up in there. How much water I’m drinking also seems to have a significant influence on bump size and swelling. The more water I drink the smaller the bump and the less swollen I am. So part of yours might be that you are not retaining much water (which is a good thing!) Hang in there and try to trust in your body. I want to find a way to send you my joyful pregnancy affirmations. Silly as the cd is, it is actually helping me after just a week to accept and trust my body as the anniversary of my miscarriage approaches. Ill see if I can burn you a copy tonight… Keep resting up and give those cute pups pats from Belle and Cats!

  2. waitingonaangel says:

    I’m glad you are back home! I’m having a lot of the same issues-short cervix-at 1.7 cm last check, lots of contractions, low weight gain. As long as your contractions aren’t regular try not to worry-you are doing everything that you can! If it makes you feel any better I’ve been having the contractions, pretty often, but not consistently, for at least 5 weeks-and I’m still hanging in. I talked to my midwife about the weight can and she said try to eat tons of protein-that’s what the babies need, but not too worry too much. If you are being regularly monitored and the doctors aren’t worried about the babies growth, then they are obviously getting what they need! There is only so much you can do to gain weight-and being on bedrest makes it harder!

  3. Not-So-Fertile Girl says:

    Are they measuring the babies’ weights at ultarsounds? I am (almost) 29 weeks and have only gained 12 pounds. (Not on purpose – I’m eating. Although, I still throw up a couple times a week, even with the Zofran.) The doctors keep telling me it’s fine b/c the babies’ measurements and weights are fine.

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