Contractions and dehydration

I’m smirking right now because I just did a google search on how much water pregnant women need to drink a day. I posed the question because the majority of my contractions ( or BH, whatever they are) occur within the first 3 hours after waking up. I have chalked it up to being dehydrated, hungry, and having a full bladder. I also assume dehydration because once the day really gets going and I’m drinking water in full force, I have to get up and pee every hour, if not every 45-50 minutes. But in those first few hours after waking, an hour and a half can go by and I don’t need to get up.

SO, in the interest of finding out what else I can do to keep these contractions at bay, I did a google search about dehydration causing contractions. Yes, it’s a real thing and I knew that already. But what surprised me were the comments from women. “I don’t understand, I drink 64 oz a day!” Or the fact that a doctor told a woman she needed to drink 2 liters a day, and the woman was astounded.

Math is not my strong suit, so I googled how many ounces were in a liter. Answer? About 33 oz. So, a 2 liter bottle of soda has 66 oz give or take. Okay, so that’s how much one doctor recommended. I did see, in another extreme example, a doctor said drink 5 liters of water for a few days, then go down to 3.

Maybe I shouldn’t be smirking – maybe I should be concerned. I have this jug I got at CVS, and it holds 2.2 liters, or 74 oz. I am drinking 3 of them a day. 3. I have to. 74 times 3 – 222 oz a day. 3 soda bottles – 6 liters. And this doesn’t count the 2 mugs of prune juice I drink a day or the occasional juice box. (Yes, I drink Juicy Juice and color with markers – come at me.)

With all this liquid, I still have contractions. Once the day really gets going and I’m hydrated, they are once every few hours. Until I talk on the phone. Or someone comes over. Or I have to pee. I feel like I’m walking on eggshells (mentally of course) trying to keep these at bay. And when I first was smirking about these complaining women, now I’m wishing I was in their shoes and only had to drink one of these jugs. It’s hard to know if I’m doing this right.

The other bad time of day for contractions (other than with guests, etc.) is at night, an hour before bed or so. My legs get SO antsy – they have a mind of their own and start practically convulsing. It’s like they (the muscles) are dying a slow death and severely twitch to remind me that, if I let them, they’d be more than willing to run the 100 meter hurdles. It’s like I drank a big caffeinated coffee. It is quite annoying. I try to control them and of course I don’t get up, but inevitably I have a few contractions while I’m trying to stop myself from rolling around on this couch. I’ve still not had 4 or more contractions in an hour, but I continue to write down every one I have. Whoever said bed rest was “restful”? No one who has ever been on it, obviously.

Contractions are annoying, worrying about babies all day is mentally draining, and bed rest sucks and while I have other topics in my head, this’ll do for now.

At least Sadie enjoys puppy bed rest. Someone in this house needs to! (Riley has left the room and more than likely made a nest with my bed comforter, but I’m confident she also doesn’t mind.)



4 thoughts on “Contractions and dehydration

  1. Kate says:

    Wow that’s lot of water! I have a new and improved respect for bed resters now (not that I didn’t respect them before). But you’re situation and description of what it’s like has me really feeling for you and all women that have to go through that. It’s work… Both physical and emotional. But as long as its paying off, keep it up. You’re doing great. Here’s hoping the time goes by faster for you.

  2. ozifrog says:

    Oh baby I know the drill. The restless leg syndrome is something I’ve always had but was worse in pregnancy. Stretches can help, but the best thing is magnesium. Magnesium helps your muscles lay at rest, and when your body runs out it takes it out of the muscles so they twitch. It takes a few days of tablets or powder but you do get relief.

    • JustHeather says:

      I was going to suggest magnesium too, but I wasn’t sure if they would work in this situation. Glad to hear you said it ozifrog and you’ve been on bed rest. For me, I always get leg cramps at night if I don’t take magnesium and it was worse during pregnancy. I’ve also read that magnesium helps with regularity too. 😀
      Thinking of you and your baking babies!!

  3. roadtofertility says:

    That’s a load of water. I am constantly chugging away as well and haven’t felt Braxton hicks for a couple of weeks. I’m glad that there is really nothing bad to report though, I’m rooting for you!

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