Going home!!

Thank you everyone for the nice comments! I’m so excited to be going home I can’t even tell you. Obviously I would have stayed if that’s what needed to happen but my husband wouldn’t be able to stay and it would just really suck.

Long story short – the magnesium sulfate did work. I have had some contractions today but they are not regular and don’t hurt. In other words, normal. And because of that, combined with the fact that there is currently nothing else wrong – no ruptured membranes, leakage, blood, etc. there’s no reason to keep me here. Thank goodness.

So I’m to continue bed rest at home and keep monitoring like I have been. If I have another day like Friday, I go back in. They would try the Procardia and if that worked they’d send me home with it. But I wouldn’t be on the mag drip again, at least not for long at all.

I wish I was going home with Procardia, as it does make me a little nervous to have nothing, but they would want to see if it even helps first. So if I do have to go back in, I can plan on another night or two.

Right now I’m totally disgusting and really, really appreciative of my amazing husband who has stayed with me since Friday night. I want a shower, new clothes, tasty food and my dogs. I’ll keep that pad of paper handy and keep writing those contractions down.

And I’ve hit 29 weeks today 🙂


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