31.5 weeks

My last post was a bit of a downer. There are good days and bad days when you’re waiting to go into labor anytime over the course of many weeks. I can take the mental ups and downs – it’s the physical changes and threats of preterm labor that get to me. Anyway, today is a better day mostly, with only a couple scattered contractions. The rib pain is all Goat – I feel body parts swimming under my ribs. I spend a decent amount of my day pressing back in hopes that she will move. But with Bug in there too, and my stomach being what I would call really small for twins, I don’t believe that little girl is going anywhere. I’ve now gained about 31 pounds, and I’m 31 weeks. Here’s my gut:


But my newest ailment is this rash – what the heck?? It started on the tops of my hands, and 3 or 4 days later has spread to my arms, tops of feet, knee caps, and a few other places. The little red bumps have started on my stomach but don’t itch yet. Not to be gross, but this is the back of my arm:


It doesn’t look really bad but it does itch. My hands itch the most. I called the ob today and I was told that it doesn’t sound pregnancy related so I need to see my primary care physician. First of all, I can’t imagine how it’s NOT pregnancy related. I’ve been on this couch since the end of April. Where would it come from? Also, it’s been so long since I saw my primary care, she’s not even there anymore. The past few years, I’ve needed specialists – for infertility, my thyroid, and my autoimmune hives (no, nothing at all like this itchy rash). I’ve not needed primary care. Anyway, I did call and I am still in their system so I’ll be going this afternoon. Going out into the world is a big deal – I walk like a 95 year old and have contractions in the car. So if I’m told its just eczema – well, that’s irritating because that’s what I think it is. Then again, I’d be glad it wasn’t anything more serious. I’m just wondering what else this pregnancy has in store for me!

Last night my husband and I discussed the fact that though I’d be physically more comfortable after giving birth (well, after recovery), it’s not something we wish for. Right now, these babies are tucked in like sardines and are safe. Once they are out… they’re out. I’ll be empty and no longer their protector. And for whatever reason, that is a scary thought. Especially at this gestation.

I’m still worried about my lack of preparation. Not only do I know nothing about giving birth or breastfeeding, but we have very little clothing for the babies, very few diapers for newborns, and a nursery that currently is painted and that’s it. This is partially due to not having a shower because of bed rest. We still have to order carpet and then all the furniture is either not bought yet (the dresser) or in the garage in boxes. We are not at all ready for this. I know that if they were born now, they’d be in the NICU but if it all goes well, they could come home anytime between 35-38 weeks. And that’s not far away. This whole pregnancy has gone backwards! But the ultimate goal is healthy babies and my hopes for that are high. I may need to buy some clothes, though.

So that’s where I’m at today. I really, really want to make it to Monday. The number 32 sounds so much better than 31.

Even after being skunked, my puppies are still cute, even though Riley’s head still smells.


Riley’s little tongue sticks out when she naps.


Sadie knows exactly how to pose to get whatever it is that she wants.


4 thoughts on “31.5 weeks

  1. thefamilyvan says:

    Cute pups! I love when their tongues stick out a little. It looks so funny!

    Glad to hear you’re feeling more positive today. It must be tough, but it sounds like you’re doing a great job with keeping those babies cozy in your belly.

    Honestly, I don’t know who feels READY for babies to come home (especially when there’s two!). I think it’s probably a bit like teaching–you can do all the practice teaching you like, but nothing really prepares you for that first day in front of a class on your own. Look how that turned out, though. Now, it’s no big deal. I’m hoping it’s the same with babies!

    Anyway, good luck with your rash. You didn’t switch detergents, soap, or creams or anything, did you?

  2. Krista says:

    I had a similar rash on my legs when I was pregnant the first time. It was super itchy too. I also thought it was pregnancy related or eczema and tried several remedies to make it go away including hydrocortisone, but nothing worked. Ended up going to my dermatologist. Can’t remember what it was exactly, but they gave me a topical steriord cream and it went away quickly. I was a little nervous about using the steroids while pregnant, but they said it was low dose and since it was topical, it most likely would never reach the baby and would be fine. Hope that your situation is similar and it clears up quickly! You certainly don’t need anything other than those babies making you uncomfortable.

  3. ozifrog says:

    Wow you’re tiny!!!! Well done for keeping on going.

    I started getting eczema around the same time, and it’s hanging around with breastfeeding too. Get someone to look at it, I’d still be worried its pregnancy related???

    Re preparation, here’s what we did . 1. Get on a second hand site and buy a bulk lot of baby clothes from someone in your area, or near a relative who can go & pick then up (then wash & dry for you!). 2.Get beds / bassinettes sorted, then a change table. 3. Get some nappies(diapers) online, big stack of cheap face washers, and a pack of scented nappy sacks. The washers are great for changing new bums with warm water. The nappy sacks hook one over a corner of change table for dirties. And the nappy sack on the other corner for washing.
    4. Get sheets blankets & wraps sorted. Stretch wraps worked best for us for swaddling
    5. Buy heaps of nursing pads & maternity pads online
    6. Read some parenting books. I’d start with what to expect series, then we quite liked “baby love” and “brain rules for babies”.
    7. Think about what you want around you during / after birth. Get it sorted. If you leave it to other people you’ll spend the whole time giving instructions and not getting the things you need ! Esp music, nice toiletries for showers, big towelling gown etc

    8. Re breastfeeding, watch some YouTube videos. Be a real disciplinarian with the bubs about proper attachment…I used to stop, detach and reattach up to six times to teach jman. A little pain for twenty seconds (latching pain) is normal, more than that is not . Look for a “special K” mouth & move nipple in quick when you see it! (google special k if you don’t get it). Avoid nipple damage by being proactive. And join a support like la leche that you can ring for advice. Oh and twins??? Get a feeding cushion within a few weeks of coming home. There’s cheap foam / latex wedges around & special ones for twins. You’ll be using the football hold a lot with twins, so you may need two cushions if you feed both at once. They will feed every two hours for a long time, and they’ll often cluster feed then go without. So they feed a lot, then sleep for hours. Feeds take ages at first…45 minutes. When you set up, have a big drink, a snack, phone, tv remote all around you within two feet. At first it’s sort of like an hour on (feeding) an hour off.

    If I was you, I think it’s time to call a working bee.. Get two or three helpers for two days & pull the nursery into a usable form. Friends, relatives, local church, whatever. It’s time to be the master delegator. I think you’ll feel better if a few more things are prepared.

    This is just my take on it. If you do absolutely nothing else, it will still all be fine…remember that. But I think what you can do to avoid scrambling around for stuff with two babies at home, it would make the transition to parenting a little less scary. (Sorry if I sound like a nag, but even on bedrest these things are so much easier before babies arrive. I think you’re doing great things, and it will all be ok ).

  4. Sunny says:

    Are you super sure it isn’t PUPP? I don’t know if you follow akgriswoldfamilyblog.blogspot.com but she is 34 weeks with twins, had PUPP, and it looked exactly like this! She used something called Grandpa’s Tar Soap and it helped immensely. She just did a bunch of posts on it, so check it out!

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