4 Month Sleep Regression

…is the WORST. It has brought me out of blog-hiding just to announce that it is worse than the chaos that comes with a newborn. Or two. The WORST.

Some people say that there’s no such thing as a sleep regression but explain that to Lil C, who has just about hit the sleep “rock bottom”, and this all started a good month ago. And Mr. B isn’t much better, he’s slowing losing it too. It’s awful. But what it does bring are new and cool things my kids can do. B is a few weeks ahead developmentally, but even he is starting to sit better, though still with help. And he’s grabbing toys and putting them in his mouth. C, she’s just starting to love standing on her feet, touching toys, and paying more attention to her little world. They try to sit up in the Rock n Play (a sure sign it’s gotta go soon, but that’s another story), they shove their hands in their mouths, talk non-stop and they’re growing. B is in 6 month clothes, just about 18 pounds, and he’s only 20 weeks. C is 14 pounds, in 3-6 month clothes.

So those are the good things. But the bad things just keep coming – naps have completely gone to hell, just completely. They aren’t sleep trained and C can’t put herself to sleep. She wants to be held and that’s the ONLY way she’ll sleep – which is great and all except I have another baby who also needs my attention during naps, if he wakes up. I spent 45 minutes today with my lips pressed to her forehead, bent over the crib. My legs went numb. And it worked – until I lifted my head. And bedtime is just mad – we’ve tried a later time, an earlier time, and no matter what, they pass out only to wake 45 minutes later, or in C’s case tonight, about 5 more times and she’s only been in bed for 4 hours. Like I said, they can’t put themselves back to sleep, especially C, so I’m bent over the rock n play, one hand on her head, one hand holding the paci in her mouth, rocking the thing with my elbows with my eyes shut, every hour for a half an hour each time. This is crazy!

And the newest, worst part of all? C (my big crier) will only stop crying for me. Not for my husband, not for anyone else. I’m trapped in this house. I’m running on no sleep. She wants my arms, my hand on her head and won’t tolerate anyone else’s. And if she doesn’t get that (like if I’m not home) she will cry until she throws up, which I really don’t want her to do. Since when do 4 month olds have separation anxiety? Ugh.

I keep scouring the internet, looking for some answer to this problem that I haven’t read yet, but it seems there aren’t any. If your kid was sleep trained before this, congrats, it won’t be that bad or last that long. If not, you’re stuck because you can’t sleep train them now, not until it’s over.

And I’m not going to be able to do CIO (cry it out) with C, she can’t calm herself down. She gets beyond hysterical REALLY quick. And they aren’t in cribs yet, they still get swaddled and she loves her pacifier. I am DOOMED when it comes time to sleep train. B – he’s  little easier but he’s outgrowing the rock n play quick, and the swaddle is the biggest size they make.

I just have this terrible feeling that the sleep issues will get worse before they get better and I am really sleepy and ready for a change, please.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. I feel better when the internet tells of people’s stories going through this hellish time. Like I said, worse than the unpredictable chaos of a newborn.

But they’re so darn cute. 🙂





3 thoughts on “4 Month Sleep Regression

  1. Erin Lynch says:

    I’m a mom of 5 month old twin boys and we found the Magic Merlin Sleepsuits really help our boys sleep through the night in their cribs. They aren’t cheap ($40 on Amazon) but worth the money if they work! Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

  2. Lala says:

    I’ve got 13 month old twins and we used the Halo swaddle sleepsacks until they started busting out of them. They very much helped and are cheaper than the Magic ones, although I’ve read awesome things about those. You’re doing great and it will pass. I never thought it would when I was in the thick of things and I laughed when people said it would get better. But it truly does get better and they get even more awesome and fun and it’ll all be a distant memory, despite how vivid and awful it is now.

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