Schedules and cabin fever

It has taken me 7 months, but I finally have a case of…cabin fever. I thought I’d be “bored” long before this, but I honestly haven’t had the time to even think about being bored. I assume it’s like this for all parents but 0-3 months are a complete BLUR. I never could have imagined what “blur” meant and used to think, “There’s no way I’ll forget this” but I seriously couldn’t even think straight. It’s a good thing I wasn’t driving much. I felt like I was sleep walking half the time and just – surviving. Loving it, but surviving. Living in 3 hour loops 24/7. And then 3-5 months are much more doable, my head cleared up, I started taking pictures and seeing little personalities develop. But I still felt like we couldn’t leave the house much, we couldn’t do..much at all. And now months 5-7 are really much easier. Not only do I have the ability to “enjoy every moment” when I didn’t feel that way in the beginning, I can even stray from the plan, because I know now what will happen afterwards and can prepare for it.

So today, for the first time ever, I took both babies out to a store, alone. We went to Target.

I loaded up the double stroller, packed the diaper bag, waited until babies had napped and ate, diapers changed and clothes on, and then stuffed them into carseats and we all made it out the door. Then, in the parking lot, I undid the stroller, took the car seats out, locked the car seats into the stroller, threw the diaper bag on one handle, made my way indoors. By the way, B is like 23/24 pounds. Plus the car seat. One heavy boy. I felt like I was driving a boat. I threw a shopping basket on the other handle of the stroller. Of course, I bought more than could fit in the basket so I stacked them on top of C. Luckily she didn’t mind. Who can push a stroller and a shopping cart? Not even going to try. Navigating the aisles of Target – well it’s a good thing it was a weekday, where the majority of other shoppers were moms with young kids. When I used to grocery shop, I’d park the cart at the end of an aisle so I could just run down the aisle and get what I wanted rather than push the cart down there. That’s what I felt like doing today..but don’t worry, I didn’t. I drove the boat in the aisles. The babies were awake, alert, and silent, staring all around them. I took them out of the quiet, same-old house and threw them in the noisy world. It’s good for them. But really, I didn’t do it for them. I did it for me.

Those “centers” I’ve been rotating through every single day are getting dull, and even the babies get fussy doing them faster than they used to. It’s the same old stuff – I can’t fool them. Yesterday I took them upstairs into their nursery to play on some plush carpet, and opened some new toys. That was better, but still not enough. So today, we needed cereal. What better food product to use as an excuse to go shopping? So we went. And it passed the time.

And then they took a 10 minute power nap in the car on the way home, an hour before their normal nap time – and then they refused to take their second real nap until it was super late, because the power nap held them off. SO our naps were off today. And that would be a reason not to go shopping EVERY day, but…some days, it just has to be done.

Like Robin said, you make the schedule in order to be able to break it once in a while, and then can easily go back to it.

The schedule has always been evolving, since Day 1. In fact, at first there was no schedule that I created, I just went by what the babies wanted. But they usually “wanted” in 3 hour loops. Then we finally had a “bedtime” about 2 months in. We created a routine for that. Then we were down to 4 naps a day, and then 3, and now (mostly) 2. Feedings used to be every 2.5 hours, and then 3, and then 3.5, and now 4. There’s always a schedule, and it is very useful in helping me feel in control of our day. I can’t just “wing” it (in any aspect of my life :-p) but especially not with the babies. But it’s still good to stray from it every now and then.

Here’s some fun the babies had in exploring the floor of their nursery:







Now if only it would warm up and the snow would melt – I need to get outside!!


5 thoughts on “Schedules and cabin fever

  1. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

    Omg, they are so cute! I can totally relate to what you wrote about 0-3 months…it was the same way for me. I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water. I remember lots of tears, a complete lack of sleep, and being on survival mode. As they are getting older it has become “easier” in a sense, and I see the personalities (like you also wrote). I have been home for about six months and am getting ready to go back to work in a week. I have COMPLETE CABIN FEVER. My husband and I shared a car for all of this time, so while he was working, I was stuck at home. Sometimes I want to leave the house, but think about all of the energy it will take (diaper bags, stroller, blah blah blah) and back out. But as it warms up, I definitely plan to venture out more!! Mostly because I feel bad these babies have to stare at the same four walls every day.

    • futuresoccermom says:

      That’s right! And I was actually thinking of you when I wrote about going to Target, as I know you’ve mentioned how Target is your “getaway” location! It’s so hard getting out of the house with twins – you do it way more than I do – but it’s worth it! I’ll be taking a page out of your book!

  2. Marya says:

    I know exactly what you mean! I definitely look forward to the weekends so I can get out of the house and actually DO stuff. I haven’t really gone out with the babies on my own (only to the grocery store which is walking distance away) but oftentimes it just seems more stressful to break up the schedule than to just stay home and stick to it.

    It is still so hard at this point to do anything out of the house; there’s so little time between naps and feedings. I keep catching myself looking forward to when they’re only taking one nap a day, but I keep reminding myself to enjoy every moment we’re in! 🙂

    • futuresoccermom says:

      I feel the same way – especially feeling trapped by their nap times and feedings. I don’t know what the answer is – but I found it funny how you are wishing for that one nap a day, and just a few weeks ago, I was so wishing to go down to 2 naps a day! There’s always something to look forward to!

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