Are they teeth yet?

Phew. I’m glad this week is over.

I’m of the belief that some people tend to exaggerate experiences that have happened to them or their children because what they’re really looking for is some comradery – for someone else to validate what’s happened to them. By stretching the truth just a hair, it extends the experience so that odds are, more people can relate to it.  And that makes them feel better.  And sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have no doubt I’ve done it myself.

But when it comes to babies, especially for new moms, I think we’re all so confused – it’s all such a shot in the dark. When we pass on an experience we’ve had, it might seem like the craziest thing ever, but experienced moms won’t even bat an eye. That’s why, when I read baby forums for advice on [name your baby ailment] I deep-read each word, while at the same time taking it all in with a boulder of salt.

Where am I going with this? Oh, teething. Teething is this foreign concept to me as a first time mom. I assumed a baby would be “teething” when there were – you know, teeth. Some moms claim their babies had a terrible fever for days, crazy diarrhea, they needed many different toys and gadgets and jewelry and potions to get the poor babies through it. Other moms (like my own) said teeth just came in with a whole bunch of drool and that was that.

Because I’ve never done this before, I don’t know what to expect.

But I have a hunch that what I’m experiencing with my twins would fall under the category of “teething”. Fussiness may or may not be related to teething, but this past week, there was plenty of that to go around. I still can’t determine the cause. Mr. B, Mr. “easy baby” spent his week grouchy 90% of the time. There was less laughter, less smiling, more fits thrown. Yes, I didn’t know a 7 month old could throw a fit, but when he wasn’t placed in the position he wanted to be in, he threw back his head and screamed, but it was an angry cry without tears. (BTW – both babies scream bloody murder when I change their diapers all of a sudden – what’s with that?) I, of course, moved him around right away because I want a happy baby. Most of the time this past week, his preferred position was sitting, which he has all of a sudden learned how to do and do well.

IMG_3465He loves him some Sadie puppy.


But in addition to his new trick, he has been trying to bite my shoulder. And washcloths. And he sticks his finger in his mouth and shakes his head really quickly, so the finger will run along his gums. That seems like teething to me. Unfortunately, there’s no white specks under the gums and not enough drool to even warrant a bib – so I’m afraid we’re not there yet. I wish this would happen soon, because he is a miserable little man!

He also suddenly has the worst diaper rash I’ve ever seen. I’ll spare you the picture (of course I took one, to consult the interwebs) but it’s very dark red. So then Dr. Google said that perhaps it could be acidic teething poop.

Adding to the list for B, he’s trying to flip over in his crib and gets stuck about halfway there, on his side. That’s when he realizes his lovey has escaped from his hands and he sees it, but it’s not within reach. So he stretches and screams…and can’t get ahold of it. This little guy is not happy.


Blah, Mom.

So what am I doing about it? I’m sort of just going with it – his nighttime sleep isn’t affected yet, which is another reason I’m thinking those teeth aren’t ready to show up yet. So nighttime Tylenol isn’t needed. But during the day, I give both babies Sophie the giraffe to chew on, wet washcloths, and the mesh feeders filled with ice. B just sucks up the water.

And other than that, I’m not sure what I can do, besides give some extra snuggles. His naps have been TERRIBLE (25 minutes long every 3 hours) and he just wants to hang out on my shoulder, which I can’t complain about, even though he’s a really heavy 23 pounds.


Lil C has some of those same “teething” characteristics, but she’s been MUCH more pleasant than B. She still takes good naps and she smiles and squeals constantly. She knows when I take out my camera and say “cheese” that I want her to be still and smile – she’s great for the camera. She is also practicing her sitting, and is getting much better. Though nothing is sadder than a baby who is learning to sit who then falls backwards – that moment of fear on their face! So sad!


So this is how you sit! As long as she can reach her toes, she’s happy. She also has suddenly developed a fascination in our adult foods. B still doesn’t seem to care, but she’s eyeing that sandwich and wondering where her bite is.



She’s hoping for some cereal crumbs. We started trying little bits of banana – she can’t get it into her mouth herself, but when we help out, she seems to really enjoy the change from purees.

Mommy’s still going a bit stir crazy – it’s this WEATHER. This cold air has been going on for MONTHS. I just want warm air and a pack n play in the front yard. So I joined a gym, ran/walked a bit, and tomorrow I may even take the babies to (gasp) Costco. In the stroller. Hey, I need formula.

Here are a few other pics to round out our week:

IMG_3502There was some double mesh feeder action going on.

IMG_3511A little wrestling..

IMG_3530Some kitchen utensil fun, babies-were-fussy-and-Mom-needed-creativity (Mom, this spoon sucks..)

IMG_3494A little lot of grumping,

IMG_3553And some time upstairs.

I’m hoping this week brings a happier boy, less diaper rash, and maybe a tooth or two.




8 thoughts on “Are they teeth yet?

  1. thefamilyvan says:

    Oh my goodness, those sweet little faces are too much!

    I hope Mr. B gets back to his normal, happy self soon. Cutting a tooth must be a really miserable affair, especially the first one when you don’t really know what’s going on. Poor little loves…

    I am so impressed with his sitting and his HAIR! There is just so much of it!

    Good luck, mama!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Thank you! So glad you’re back! I hope the sleep training is going well. B does have a lot of hair – and you’re not the first person to comment on it! People wonder if I’ve had it cut – nope, it just grew in that way!

  2. sparrow says:

    Oh my gosh they are out of control cute 🙂 I don’t know about teething . Mine have been drooling for months and I was sure it was teething, but they’re nine ninths now and still no teeth. I guess it’s different for everyone.

  3. Krista says:

    Love the pictures!! I found with my boys that teething fussiness happens the most as the teeth move down, well before you can see anything. This makes it difficult to diagnose, but once you see the teeth, you’ll suddenly realize what those miserable weeks were all about. Never used Tylenol for teeth, but did apply tiny amount of numbing gel when they were breaking through and gums were red and swollen. There’s a lot of cautionary tales about the gel, but as long as you’re responsible, use a tiny amount and only when needed, it’s fine. Diaper rash- baby powder is great! You can’t use on infants, but I think at 7 months it should be ok. I use it with every changing so that their bums dry out. It’ll help keep diaper rash away. When they had a rash, I used extra strength diaper cream with powder on top. Hope to see you guys soon!!!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      You always have the best advice! The fussiness makes me feel better – like you said, I can’t see anything but hopefully this is the worst of it! I will keep the gel in mind! I haven’t needed to use anything so far but will if need be. And thank you for the baby powder tip – haven’t used that before either! Hope to see you soon!!

  4. JustHeather says:

    OOoohhhh teething sucks! Especially when you have no experience of it except for what you are going through right now, just like we learned as my guy started teething and continues to do so. I think we finally have all the teeth he’s going to get for a while (16 teeth) as soon as the canines come in the rest of the way.

    Paxlet has had the softest poo for months now! Thankfully it isn’t generally diarrhea quality, but soft enough it sucks anyway! I have found that instead of using wipes, gently wipe off what I can first with TP and then washing his bottom (in the sink or shower) and towel drying it helps. Also, lanolin cream (Lansinoh) works wonders for sore bottoms!!! I know it is sold for sore nippes, but my MIL (retired mid-wife) told me to use it on my boy’s bottom and it works amazingly. By his next diaper change there would be no or very very little red.

    And you don’t really want you little ones to get teeth quickly. The longer it takes for them to get them, the less you have to worry about brushing and cavities. 🙂
    But on the other hand, all the fussing and pain isn’t fun times.

    Teething gel isn’t used here, so I would only give paracetamol when we were quite sure it was tooth pain, mostly at night. My mom would give me frozen carrots to gnaw on (I just did fridge cold and the entire carrot, non chocking hazard) and also frozen wash clothes and/or frozen teething toys (with the gel/liquid in them). Even if not cold, it gives them something to chew on besides their hands (which can get so dried out by the constant slobber). Good luck *2!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Great ideas!! I agree with you on the TP and then the quick wash – that really would be the most basic but probably best way to clean them. I do it occasionally when it’s really bad but should probably do it more often. And I’ll try the lanolin cream as well – so far I’ve used that on B’s chapped lips. It obviously has many uses! And I love the frozen carrots idea!! Thank you!

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