A big thank you to Space Monkey Twins and Tales of a Twin Mombie for these two blog awards!






The nicest thing that the awards come with is the ability to check out other people’s blogs – there are so many of us out there, it’s a great way and a perfect time to find other blogs with similar interests as yours. Which is why I’m loving reading these blogs, if you haven’t already checked them out:

Tales of a Twin Mombie

Space Monkey Twins

Chasing a Daredevil and Twins

After the Finish Line

Scrambled Eggs

The Elusive Second Line

Journey to the Finish Line

Random Squeaks

My Cheap Version of Therapy

We Have Twins

Twin Mom Life: A Parenthood Journey

My Cheap Version of Therapy

Timeless Mama

I’m Polycystic Inside

Three Cherubs and a Pooch – the newest member of the blogging community, she’s a good friend with two newborn twin girls and an older son. And a dog too, of course.

If you haven’t been already, you are all nominated for these awards – both or you can just pick one!








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