A Typical Meal

The twins are making some progress, finally! We’re still not quite there, but they are on the cusp of some very exciting milestones – what looks like walking for B and crawling for C, and a much deeper understanding for both of them. I love reading all the other twin blog updates, so I’ll have my own shortly. Tonight though, it’s all about mealtime.

Right now, mealtimes are one of my least favorite parts of the day with the babies. C has figured out how to feed herself (yay!) but B is a NIGHTMARE, both because he’s restrained in straps that he hates and because he’s constantly starving and I can’t feed him fast enough. This is typical B during meals:


This is how it goes, three times a day:

B screams when I strap him in. If I can’t get his milk heated up fast enough (i.e. any amount of time period) he screams while that’s happening. I do try to heat it up beforehand but it doesn’t always happen. I give him the cup; I have to hold it for him. He drinks the 8 ounces in less than a minute, sometimes in about 30 seconds. He doesn’t stop to breathe and screams when I take it out of his mouth for a second to catch his breath. When the straw has sucked up the last drop, he screams. I one-hand grab his straw cup of water, to hold him over while I’m feeding C with my other hand. He takes a few sips and realizes it isn’t milk. He calms for about 30 seconds.

B starts screaming again, because he wants his solids. Sometimes I manage to give him some, but otherwise I give him a toy. He throws it, and proceeds to scream. Once C is done with her bottle that I have to hold, which takes her 5,000 years to drink, I put their solids on their tray. B will eat anything and everything, as long as it’s edible. And maybe even if it’s not. He doesn’t dislike any food, though he doesn’t show a preference for anything either. Today, and many days, I put peas, cut up string cheese, and black beans on their trays. C happily puts one piece in her mouth at a time and she’s gotten very good at this over the past week. I shove food in B’s screaming mouth. He immediately calms and hums to himself, happy as a little clam.

But then B swallows and I’m not quick enough, and he screams again. I put more pieces in his mouth, off of his tray. He plays with his food, but he shows as much interest in feeding himself the solids as he does his straw cup of milk – none. He screams in between bites, but laughs and giggles while actually eating. When he’s finally full, he calms for a few minutes.

Then, when he realizes he’s still strapped in his chair, he screams again, until I take him out. Sigh.

Who ever said “it gets easier” with twins? And why can’t my babies hold their own bottles/cups?

And I’m seriously hoping that this isn’t B’s true, extremely demanding personality. He was the EASIEST, calmest baby and now he is so challenging. I just hope this has something to do with the milestones he’s near to reaching and not a sign of the next 18 years of our lives.

*C has found a regular sippy cup with handles that she likes and she drinks water from it. She even tilts it back, so that’s great. Problem is, she won’t drink milk out of it, so meals are out of the question. Only water.

After the scream fest, snuggles with his sister:



More on the good stuff soon!


12 thoughts on “A Typical Meal

  1. sparrow says:

    What a hungry boy!! Sounds like a challenge. I guess mine are a bit more patient with the eating. I agree I love when they feed themselves, though it can still be a challenge to get the next food ready quick enough. Anyway, cuties!

  2. Not-So-Fertile Girl says:

    Mine won’t hold their bottles either! I thought they would have done that by now… They turned one yesterday, but were 7 weeks preemie, so they are only in the 10 month range developmentally. They do like the sippy cups with two handles, but we’ve only tried them with water. They HATE finger foods, though, unless it’s “puffs.” They won’t eat any “real” finger foods. Although, they seemed jut fine with the icing on their bday cake today!

      • Not-So-Fertile Girl says:

        My blog posts died quietly with my return to work when the girls were 4 months. However, it’s summer, and I’m at my in-laws for a month! This comes with it’s own special set of challenges, but the benefit is 4 pairs of hands to take care of the girls, so my pair has a little time for typing. I posted yesterday – it only took me 8 months. 😛

        Eating has been…trying to say the least. We are behind the curve because we have to go by their due date instead of the birthday. So, they are 12 months, but actually in the 10-11 month range developmentally. Plus we are behind on the finger foods curve just because…well, we are.

        We started with rice cereal, changed to oatmeal cereal because one girl was always constipated. Then, we moved on to pureed veggies and tried to save fruits for a while so they wouldn’t get a sweet tooth. 😛 Then, we recently to savory mixes, where I’ve gone to jars to just try a new flavors before making a ton of food. They have gone in phases with the purees, but mostly do fine with that. Most of our attempts at finger foods so far have been disasters, unless it involves something with carbs (no question these girls came from me!) 😛

        After puffs, we started with mashed up banana, and they were completely not interested. We’ve tried teething biscuits, cooked diced carrot, and cheese. On the agenda for this week is peaches, pears, white potato, and possibly some scrambled egg (dr cleared). I’m also thinking I might try some un-pureed sweet potato because it has been their favorite food throughout.

        We’ve been partially slowed up by the preemie thing, partially because we were told we had to wait 5 days between new foods (which our doctor has nixed now), and MOSTLY because my husband is SO PANICKY when it comes to the girls possibly choking. He’s making it very difficult. He’s very reluctant, and they feel his tension, which makes them tense, I think.

        We started to cut back their formula last week, and have started their bottle and lunch together. Their doctor wants us to move to breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a bottle at bedtime by their due date (7/24). Also we’re starting to work on formula in sippy cups, but they aren’t really ready for that yet. That is part of our due date goal also.

        So far, for lunch we give them the bottle and food in their highchair. We have tried bottle first, bottle and food taking turns, and bottle after food. The only factor that seems to matter is the girls’ moods at that meal!

        I’ve gotten very carried away, and probably offered no help at all! Sorry! 😛 I might just copy and paste this for an eating post!

      • futuresoccermom says:

        Sorry I didn’t reply sooner – I’ve been dying to! You definitely have yourself a food post there, but I can relate to a lot so let’s see;

        We also went 4 days between new foods, and still do for the most part. We also did oatmeal to prevent constipation in one of my twins, and if your husband is the panicky one about choking, that’s me in my house. And I dice up the food myself. I’m totally paranoid about choking. I read on babycenter.com I think that the food should be about the size of a pea, if that helps. But I started using petite peas and then realized they weren’t the normal size of a pea, and one was too small. You want the babies to notice there is food in their mouths. So go with around the size of a normal pea, to start. Now that mine have been doing it for a while, super mushy things like bananas and avocados can be bigger than that…but otherwise, yeah I pretty much stick to that size. So try that and see if your husband feels better, because I totally relate. I also don’t know the heimlich and I think if I did know it, I might feel better. So I think I might take a class (do you guys live in New England? :))

        So I haven’t cut back on my formula yet so I’m interested to see how you do. However, we have been doing bottles with solids at 7, noon, and 4, and then a bedtime bottle, which sounds like what you’re heading to as well.

        The whole food thing is a shot in the dark. My son just figured out how to feed himself after all this time. Before that, he was just screaming bloody murder for me to put food in his mouth. Ugh. Post more, or let’s chat – we’re both in the same stage of craziness!

      • Not-So-Fertile Girl says:

        I am SO glad that we are going through this at the same time. (I am working my ass off trying to catch up so I can get to real-time blogs!) My husband laughs because I refer to your blog as my “ditto blog” when I’m telling him that we’re not alone in the craziness!

        Unfortunately, we don’t live in NE – we are in the South. :-/ We had to learn baby Heimlich in the NICU, although I’m not sure when you have to change to a kids’ one. I’d like to take a kids first aid/CPR class, in general I think.

        They have been doing a bit better with the finger food, but not much. I am trying to relax and let them learn it when they are ready. So far, they only have patience for finger-foods that are carb-based. THey are doing much better at the “chunky” baby food, but we are currently in a savory/veggies vs. fruit standoff. And Little Bit has started a DELIGHTFUL new game of “I can rip off my own bib now and throw it on the ground, Mama!”

  3. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

    I love this post and laughed while reading most of it…lol I know it isn’t funny for you in the moments of screaming but it’s just crazy how they have their own little personalities! My boys are similar. M berry whines and cries and throws fits if things aren’t done up to his standards or ways. Jo-Jo is the opposite. Super calm. My main issue is what exactly to feed them. I will probably post about it. And one of my boys refuses to drink out of his sippy cup now. It’s a mess. Lol

      • Not-So-Fertile Girl says:

        How do you guys decide the size of finger foods to give them? Everything I read says “not big enough to choke on, but not small enough to go into their windpipe.” Well, what the heck does that mean? I feel stuck.

  4. aspgriswold says:

    First off, they are adorable! Gosh that sweet smile! It sounds like they are doing so well! I can’t wait to read the update! B sounds similar to Nora. She has no patience when it comes to waiting for food. I’m looking forward to reading about their monthly update!! And excited to see more pics!

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