Here we go!

Somehow, since my last post, things have come together. Life is taking on somewhat of a schedule and we may be emerging from this 12 month sleep/behavior regression relatively unscathed. Like I was told, “it’s just a stage”.

1) We cleaned our house. It took an entire weekend, and it’s not TOTALLY done, but we did a top-to-bottom clean of the majority of the rooms, especially those that the nanny, J, would be in. And since we cleaned, we’ve maintained some organization by dividing them each night and taking on a chore list. I never thought a chore list would be something we’d have to resort to, but my husband likes it because he knows exactly what he needs to get done, so he just cranks it out and then heads for the couch. Myself – I tend to take a quick break after the babies go to bed, and then I get cracking on my chores. We’re still spending at least 2 hours a night cleaning/cooking/prepping food, but until we get in the groove of things, I don’t see how to make these chores happen faster. At least our house is clean(er).

2) B is climbing out of his Wonder Week 55 fog. Like C’s 4th month sleep/behavior regression, B’s lasted about 5 long weeks. As suddenly as it came on, he changed again. He isn’t as easily irritated. He’s eating (a few) more foods. He throws fewer fits in a days time – and when he does, it is easier to manage and he recovers quickly. And most importantly – he’s sleeping through the night again. He’s back to taking 2 naps (I’m glad we didn’t keep pushing for the one nap – it was all part of the regression and he’s not quite ready for 1 nap yet). He is re-sleep trained and if he wakes up and cries (which is now becoming rare) he will get himself back to sleep. Ahhhh. It was a long 5 weeks. 

3) We made progress on the food. I had to just sort of make the decision – either the babies would eat what we eat and learn to like different kinds of foods, or they would eat extremely healthy, but only rotate between like 10 things. So we chose the first option – mostly for dinner. We have made friends again with the crock pot and use it every. single. day. (This is part of what takes so long for those nightly chores – making dinner!) When the babies eat dinner at 6:00, we eat with them. And now that we’re throwing all these new food combinations at them, I’m not expecting them to like or eat all of it – so I do have backup veggies and cheese and that sort of thing. But I’m at least getting them to try the dinner – and some they’ve loved, some they hate. It’s an interesting game for us as parents – figuring out what they hate. It’s not that I’ll never make it again, but I want to make sure they have something they like at least every other dinner. And so far, they really love anything with cheese or pasta. So whenever we have meat, if they won’t eat it by itself, I tuck some into a whole wheat wrap with cheddar cheese and make it a quesadilla. I’ve put ground turkey, ground beef, chicken, and pulled pork in there that way. For pasta – they absolutely gobbled up minestrone soup, whole wheat gnocchi…etc. And the soup was great because there were veggies and beans in there, and they didn’t even notice. They just dug in. Two meals they have hated were beef stew and shepherd’s pie. I assumed they would love shepherd’s pie, with the potatoes, cheese and veggies, but I’m coming to the conclusion that they do not like the flavor of beef. So the beef stock that was in both of those meals was a no go for them. It’s this daily challenge, but hopefully we’ll continue to expand their palates. I’m not giving them pasta more than a few times a week. We’ll just have to try new things.

4) Finally, and this is a big one, our nanny, J, started with us. After 13 months with these babies, I’m going back to work. I spent all last week setting up my classroom, and this week and next week we’re back for real. The first day was all adrenaline. The second day, I have to admit I was sad, but not devastatingly so. And that might be because J is awesome. She’s young, she has fresh ideas – she does a different sensory activity with them daily. She has found her groove quickly and the babies took to her right away. She’s even good with the dogs. She sends me pictures and doesn’t mind me asking questions. So I really can’t complain. The transition was as smooth as it could possibly be. 

So progress is being made!

IMG_7855 IMG_7856


12 thoughts on “Here we go!

  1. thefamilyvan says:

    So glad to hear you’ve re-found your groove! Also VERY happy to hear that this sleep nightmare we’re currently in might just be the 12-month regression (meaning there is a light at the end of the tunnel).

    Very interested to hear how you approached feeding “real” food. Did you make dinners made up of foods the babes had already had, or do you not need to worry about that so much after 12 months? I feel like we’re going to be eating purees forever…

    Those little faces are just too much! Thanks for the update!

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Hello!!! Sorry for the delay in response. YES – the 12 month sleep regression is a thing and B is now out of it. Hooray! It lasted 5 weeks for us. Hang in there.

      As I just wrote in my newest post…feeding them “real” food is definitely a struggle for us right now. For us, they went from purees to finger foods – just basic items like bananas, avocados, peas, cheese, etc. Then from there we started on “table” foods – like our meals with spices and whatnot. And yeah – now a days they sometimes eat things they’ve never had before and I no longer wait the 4 days to introduce something new UNLESS It’s a highly allergenic food. I waited after giving them eggs, and I will do the same again for strawberries, honey, peanut butter, etc. But everything else, at this point I just go for. They’ve had no reaction to anything thus far luckily.

  2. randomsqueaks says:

    Sooo glad to hear everything is better! I’m scared to hit that age now but hopefully expecting it will help. I applaud you for going back to work. I never worked full time as a teacher. But with the start of school here, I find myself a little sad that I won’t be substituting this year. I hope you have a wonderful year!

  3. sparrow says:

    That all sounds great! Funny how everything really does go in stages, and can change so quickly. They look so much bigger in the pictures (and as cute as ever)!

  4. JustHeather says:

    So great to hear you’ve got a great nanny and that it is working so well with her already. Keep a tight hold on her. 🙂

    It’s great to hear you’ve having a good experience and fun with food. Know that as with everything else, what they might not like now, they might like later and vice versa. It’s a stage. Hahah. Paxlet will eat most things, there they are things that he did like, that he won’t touch now. I think they are texture issues. We still put a piece of what he doesn’t like on his play (mushroom, sometimes zucchini, etc) on his plate and ask him to try it, but if he doesn’t, next time.

    • futuresoccermom says:

      Right – I agree about the textures. And they remember from meal to meal. B loves all things orange so he’ll try new foods if they’re orange with no issue. What a hassle! Hope you’re feeling well!

  5. Tales of a Twin Mombie says:

    Hooray for progress! We are not quite there but I can’t wait until we are! They are so cute! I’m happy you’re back at work and your nanny is working out so well! Awesome!

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