A New Routine

Since my last post, I’ve dug deep to find some extra patience. I don’t want to follow my kids around the house all day saying “no” to everything. I’m learning to pick my battles on some issues where I just need to draw the line and other times when I might just give in to save my sanity, and that’s okay.

My job is still kicking my butt, and for the second time since I’ve graduated from college and started working, I’ve found myself daydreaming about other careers. I do like what I do, but I don’t particularly love it right now. This doesn’t have too much to do with the babies – my dream career is not a stay at home mom. I did that for a year. It’s rewarding, but unbelievably exhausting and lonely in its own way. No, my dream career would be either a baby photographer, a professional blogger (like Mommy Shorts), a novelist, or some combo of all three. That really just sounds awesome. And now that I think about it, I guess all three of those jobs allow me to work at my own pace, on my own schedule, as my own boss. I guess that sounds good right now. Oh well.

The reason for this post is my sigh of relief at our new nighttime routine. Where before they bathed, B got dressed and went off to do bottle and bed, and C got dressed and went with me for bottle and bed, and they had to be separate and B had to be asleep before we could bring C in – ugh. It was exhausting and required the two of us at all times.

Then we cut out the bedtime bottles which was wonderful – and now: They both bathe together. My husband does B’s PJs, I do C’s PJs, we brush teeth and have a sip of water, sit on the couch and read two books, the last of which is always “Goodnight Moon”. And then we each carry a baby up the stairs at the same time, kiss them goodnight, put them in their cribs and walk out the door. If one of us can’t be there that night, one person can now do it all alone. It’s not always pretty (picture pee on the floor and naked toddlers running around screaming), but it’s possible. Where before, it almost wasn’t.

And so now, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shut that bedroom door after laying them down at night and breathe a heavy sigh of relief. Relief that they’re in bed, relief that we all survived the day, relief that I can begin the unwinding process.

There are a lot of things I miss about having babies that aren’t mobile and aren’t yet toddlers – but the bath/bottle nighttime routine isn’t one of them.

DSC_0001 IMG_9391 IMG_9396


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