Fun with contact paper!

Yesterday was a weekend snow day. We were all trapped in the house – together! To manage the craziness of two bouncy toddlers, two hyper dogs and two tired parents in a small house, we had to break out the sensory activities. The twins are officially on one nap now, which gives them a lot of free time during the day (yawn for Mommy and Daddy), so more than one activity was needed! I’ll put them in separate posts. All were easy to set up, easy to clean, and best of all – super cheap!

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The first activity the toddlers did involved contact paper. I bought the clear kind on Amazon and then discovered the chalkboard version. I’m so excited to use that one in the future!

I got this idea from the awesome blog, Allison’s No Time for Flash Cards – the “Pom-pom Sticky Window”.

I must be contact paper challenged, because after cutting it to the size I wanted, it took me a minute a few minutes to get it on my sliding glass door. I left the sticky side out and taped up the edges with painter’s tape. Perhaps having two toddlers climbing all over me while I was trying to do this didn’t help. Prepare your area ahead of time! 🙂

I already had some Valentine’s Day colored pom-poms that I purchased from the Dollar Store and threw them in a bucket. I wished I had two packages.The more pom-poms the better! Stock up!

As soon as I stepped away from the set-up, the twins were all over it. B dumped out the bucket immediately and they both scrambled to push the little fluffy dots onto the paper.

DSC_0231 DSC_0253 DSC_0267

I wasn’t exactly sure what they would do with this activity or how long it would last. Pleasantly, they were sufficiently interested for about 15 minutes before the pom-poms started to fall off a bit. I don’t know why – perhaps all my finagling with the contact paper took some of the stick off. I thought for sure the activity was done.

But after a few minutes, it sprung new life. B found their new little brooms I have stationed next to the sliding glass door, and I asked him to help me sweep up the pom-poms in order to put them back in the bucket. Well, a few good sweeps sent those pom-poms flying and a new activity was born.

DSC_0345 DSC_0330 DSC_0359

The broom made a fun, scratchy sound as it smashed the pom-poms off the paper! We reviewed colors and textures (“sticky” is a fun toddler word!) and I sang the clean-up song which for now, works every time. I’m sure there’ll come a day when it won’t! A good half hour/45 minutes went by. So simple and so worth the little effort it took to set it up! Mess factor on a scale of 1-10: 2.

Now that I’m getting more and more into these sensory, DIY activities, I’m always amazed how just when you think the activity is over, kids will find a new way to use the equipment. There’s so much more that can be done that I would never even think of! We did two more sensory activities yesterday to round out the snow day, and as I said earlier, I’ll post them separately. Now, there’s a massive blizzard coming our way in a few days. We could be stuck inside for days. I’m on the lookout for our next activity!


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